Stuart's profile was written by Pammy Santangeli

Stuart was first introduced to the Taggart Team in the episode Black Orchid which sadly also showed the funeral of the beloved Jim Taggart. That was the end of an era and the beginning of a new one where Michael Jardine was in charge with Jackie Reid as sidekick and Stuart Fraser as the new boy. Stuart, at first, I didn’t like his character he was ginger, badly dressed, and appeared a bit of a nerd. He wasn’t the usual face you’d expect to see as a Taggart detective.

A few episodes later Stuart had a chance to shine as he shocked everyone when we found out he is gay. Again the character was a surprise because in the previous episodes I never would have guessed that he was gay. Angel Eyes was a brilliant Taggart episode for Stuart because he was finally a character with a personality and not just the idiot Jardine always makes him out to be. Stuart also reveals a dark past as we meet an ex-boyfriend of his Andy who is a compulsive liar, blackmailer, and one of the murder suspects in the episode. But although in Angel Eyes Stuart struggled to come out the closet it has a happy ending as he is whisked away in his fancy car with a very hunky man.

Stuart shows his abilities throughout the Taggart series. His specialty is computers, mobile phones, and all the technology side of detective work. Many times Stuart’s skills have been the key to finding the murderer.

Stuart’s relationship to the other characters is interesting because he wins people over with his attitude or actions.

I felt Jardine disliked Stuart. He thought he was a bit of an idiot and was prejudice about Stuart being gay. But they became friends and Jardine eventually respected Stuart.

Jackie was always lovely and a good friend to Stuart from the start especially in Angel Eyes where he confides in her over Andy.

When Robbie joined in the episode A Few Bad Men he and Stuart made a great onscreen duo. Robbie is dark, serious (yet rule breaking), and loves the ladies. Stuart isn’t as handsome, and still a bit of a nerd, and loves the men. But although Robbie is shocked to learn Stuart is gay and slags him for it many times they get on well and Stuart has covered up for Robbie’s ‘mistakes’ many times. They make the perfect good cop, bad cop couple.

Matt Burke is a hard boss but Stuart earned his respect along with the rest of the team.

Burke has often had a go at Stuart for messing up but no more than he has at Robbie for his shenanigans.

Stuart has a big heart also and often shows his caring side by supporting colleagues and even suspects such as in the episode A Taste of Money. In this episode we also meet another of Stuart’s ex-boyfriends called Tyler (who I thought looked a bit old for him). When Stuart visits Tyler they have an argument about drugs and Stuart appears very strongly against the use of drugs. But he does enjoy a few good pints.

Stuart is an asset to the Taggart Team and brings a good deal of comedy to the show.

However Stuart’s personal life hasn’t been focused on much in the Taggart episodes. The closest look we got was in the episode Angel Eyes. So we have to build a picture of him based on his work and snippets mentioned throughout the series.

Stuart has had a few ex-boyfriends which gives the impression that he gets around (if you know what I mean).

He mentioned he had been bullied at school for being different which if probably why he finds it easy to ignore his colleagues (mainly Robbie’s) bards at him.

He has a good sense of humour and doesn’t take too much too seriously.

He dislikes the use of drugs but drunks alcohol and goes to nightclubs.

He still cares about boyfriends he broke up with in the past and cares about people in general.

He is very good with computers and the like and prefers that side of detective work.

He’s lovable and won me over.


Marital Status – Single (But I’m sure he has another man on the go who we’ll meet later)

Children – None

Likes – Men, Computers, and his job.

Strengths – Sense of humour, technologically minded, caring.

Weaknesses – Is often pushed to the background.

Fact – He used to call a previous boyfriend “Angel Eyes”.