A Good time was had by all!

Glasgow Horror Walk - (from left) Valerie, Megan (from Australia), Karen, Craig, Jackie and Gary.  We all got a bit scarred!!!

Pizza Hut - Craig, Karen and Gary
Pizza Hut - Valerie, Robert and Megan Pizza Hut - Valerie, Megan and Jackie.
The Piping Centre.  How the venue looked when we arrived on  the morning of Convention.  It didn't stay like that for long!! Valerie setting up the 'Clues' table!!

Karen tackles the balloons......................... .....with some additional puff from Craig!!!!
Robert 'on a mission' with the bunting!! Luckily the balloons weren't filled with helium!!
Boys will be boys!!!!!! So much to do, so little time, but so much fun!!
Phew!  Venue ready for action! ......not long to go now!!