Robert Robertson

It was in 1948 that Robert  first decided to take up acting.  His decision led him to a weekly rep in Aylesbury where the assistant stage manager was none other than a young Ronnie Barker.  Unfortunately these were the days before acting was seen as a 'proper' profession and consequently Robert went into business.  For 12 years between 1953 and1965 he was the sales director of a brick company in Solihull.  However he never lost touch with the theatre and kept his hand in with a small theatre company.

He continued to dabble in the theatre world, with his breakthrough coming in a 1971 London production of 'Fiddler On The Roof '. He continued in the theatre world until he landed the job of Dr Andrews  in Taggart.  He soon became a familiar and popular face in the show.  Robert recalls an incident not long after he started working on Taggart:

" I was walking up to Scottish Television headquarters when one of the cleaners called over to me:' Oh Christ, another murder!'  Taken aback, I said 'What, where?''  He said 'No, you.  Whenever I see you, I know there's going to be another murder'"

Sadly in August 1993, Robert suffered a heart attack which forced him to miss the episode "Forbidden Fruit".  However he was soon back, dealing with more bodies, more murders and even more flack from Jardine and the team!

Robert's last episode was in 2001, he was the final member of the cast who had been with the show from the start in 1983.

At the age of 70 Robert suffered a further heart attack whilst on stage in Perth.  He was reading a Robert Burns poem.  He was taken to the city's Royal Infirmary but died the following morning.

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