DI Robbie Ross


I thought this profile would be easy, I mean, I adore Robbie Ross but then it occurred to me that actually it is likely that everyone will have a different opinion of him.  Some will undoubtedly find his charms irresistible whilst others will certainly not!!

So this is Robbie from my perspective but if anyone would like to add to the profile please email me.

Robbie Ross first appeared at Maryhill Police station in the episode 'A Few Bad Men', and the viewers were treated to the first glimpse of Taggart's lovable rogue.

As any good first episode should A Few Bad Men introduced us to what makes Robbie tick - he gambles on a horse which wins and sends Stuart to buy him a pint on duty.  We also learn in this episode why Robbie has been transferred to Maryhill.  Stuart very conveniently tells Jackie that Robbie accepted a holiday from a known criminal and for a while it looked like he would be busted back to detective sergeant - instead he was sent to Maryhill.

It doesn't take long for the devilish Robbie Ross twinkle to appear either, he loves the idea that Jardine and Jackie are going to be at the same party, but neither of them know it!!

It also doesn't take long to discover that Mr Ross has an eye for the ladies.  In 'Bloodlines' he gets caught, literally with his pants down after seducing the widowed owner of a house they are using as an observation post!!  Actually, if there is a good looking woman around, then Robbie is not usually too far behind!

However it does appear that Robbie likes to do the chasing but when chased he's caught a bit off guard.  We see this in the episode 'Skin Deep' when a woman at the gym they are investigating takes a real shine to Robbie.  Admittedly on this occasion he discovers that she is an escort and turns her advances down.  However he is also propositioned in the episode 'Football Crazy' where the widow of one of the murder victims utters the immortal line "give us a cuddle Mr Ross".  He declines.

This brings me nicely to the fact that despite being Maryhill's stud he is actually pretty unlucky when it comes to relationships. In 'Fistful Of Chips' he loses one of his best mates and then starts to date his girlfriend, Francesca, who appears again in 'Fearful Lightning'.  Not exactly a relationship that is going to last when Francesca still dreams about her previous boyfriend Billy!

Things go from bad to worse in the episode 'Wavelength'.  Robbie has his eye on Abbey, but she refuses to give in to the Robbie Ross charms (is she mad??!!) and is murdered.  Robbie was actually quite cut up about it.  To add insult to injury it is in this episode that Jackie announces that she is to marry Brian Holmes.  An announcement that clearly takes the wind out of Robbie's sails. 

Find out more about Robbie's relationship with Jackie Reid here:

Anyone who saw the recent episode 'Compensation' will know that Robbie hasn't changed with his years at Maryhill.  He manages to woo a farmers daughter to bed, a bed which they break!!

I could go on for pages about Robbie and the ladies but there is more to him than that you know!!

Despite all Robbie's bravado and patter he is actually quite a sensitive soul deep down and really all he wants out of life is for someone to love him.  At times, despite his impulsiveness and lack of thought he appears as a very vulnerable soul.  I'm sure you've all heard the old adage 'needs a good woman' well I happen to think that that is exactly what Robbie needs.  It won't stop him being an incurable flirt of course!!

So what about Robbie Ross the policeman?  Well John Michie once said of him; "he's not a bent cop, but he's a cop who bends the rules...frequently".  Very true.  If Robbie's not off after some lady he's hanging about with some pretty dodgy characters!!  If there is anything dodgy going on then Robbie is usually nearby!!  However as Robbie once said to Jardine "yeah I do know where the line is now and I don't cross it" and despite being very lucky on several occasions that's invariably true.  No he didn't put a 5,000 bung in his account (Skin Deep) and yes he was right to let a murder suspect go (Watertight) in order to catch the bigger fish.  Was he right to go into a house voluntarily with a gun man (Watertight) despite being wounded in the arm? I think not - but like I mentioned before, he's just impulsive that's all!


Marital Status: Single            Children: 1 son, Jamie

Has some Italian blood in his veins

Celtic Supporter.

Smokes: Occasionally          

Likes: A pint (or two), the ladies and gambling

Strengths: Gets the job done, good looking, charming

Weaknesses: Impulsive

Mad Fact: He uses blue and white checked tea towels!! (Fearful Lightning)