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Additional Character Snippets.  Episode 22 - RING OF DECEIT


1) In this episode Jackie and Colin Crawford (Stephen's assistant) are seen making eyes at each other.  They both attend a support group meeting for rape victims.

2) Jackie decides to cook dinner for Colin in her flat.  They get on very well.

3) Following the successful meal, Colin hides in Jackie's car and surprises her with champagne.  he is rewarded with a kiss.

4) Jackie is set up as a decoy to trap a serial rapist, but almost becomes his next victim.  Colin saves her life.  Jackie is taken to hospital and Colin buys her flowers, offering her his spare room whilst she recovers.  Jackie turns him down and stays with the Taggart's.

5) Whilst chasing a criminal Jardine lands in a pile of rubbish, leaving Jackie to catch the man!

6) Jim Taggart pours Jardine a whisky and tells him to drink it.  A normally tee total Jardine does as he's told!


Additional Character Snippets - Episode 23 - DEATH BENEFITS


1) Michael Jardine is propositioned by Sonia Cummings, the widow of a murder victim.

2) "Sex and Disablement" by Jean Taggart is published.  She is looking radiant and is always out when Jim phones, making him think she is having an affair.  Really, she is only having lunches with her publisher.  When Jim finds out about this and the book he is all smiles.

3) Jackie and Colin Crawford have a falling out over a colleague.  Colin takes Jackie to dinner at a restaurant but they argue at the table. 

Colin disappears from Jackie's life after this and is never seen again!!