Peter Livingstone

Peter Livingstone was the opposite of his boss Jim Taggart in virtually every sense.  Jim had come from a working class background, had worked his way up through the police ranks and was a true Glaswegian, whereas Peter was born in Edinburgh, had been to University and came from a respectfully middle class background.

Peter had been to Edinburgh University and graduated with a M.A honours in history and economics, not the usually background for a policeman you would think!

He did his police training in Lothian and Borders and when promoted to Detective Sergeant was moved to Maryhill.

Unlike most of the other male Taggart characters, Peter at least was lucky in love, turned down by an Edinburgh girl who didn't want to be married to a policeman, he met and married a Portuguese girl, Marta.

Peter's relationship with Jim was always strained and eventually Peter left the police to start his own security business.  He returns to visit Jim and Jean Taggart after the birth of his son, Xavier and asks them to be God parents.

Additional Facts:

He smoked cheroots

He wore his University scarf while on duty, well he did until he lost it!!

He towered over Jim, measuring 6ft 3" tall!!