Episode 59 - NEW LIFE

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - Rob Fraser

Director - Andy Goddard

Producer - Eric Coulter

Additional Information

From a locations point of view this episode is one of the most distinct - much of the action took place outside of the Science Centre, Glasgow.

Regular Cast

Principle Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton

Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy


Tara Fischer - played by Jenny Ryan

Alaisdair Greig - Matthew Pidgeon

William Moyles - Hugh Ross

George North - Alaistair Finlay

Dylan Ferguson - Anthony Donaldson

Cameron Walton - John McQuiston

Store Keeper - Graham Crammond

Terence Lloyd - Jason Hetherington

Prof Henry Anderson - Laurence Douglas.

Opening scene: Wenbourne Reasearch Institute.  Three men and a woman - William Moyles, Terence Lloyd, Alaisdair Greig and Tara Fischer leave the Institute.  They are on their way to a conference.  When they arrive a demonstration is taking place against the research that the Wenbourne Institute undertakes.  Lloyd is in his own car, Moyles, Greig and Fischer are in the company Jag.  Greig gets out to help security move the protestors.  Lloyd makes it through in his car, but the Jag is stopped.  Lloyd stops his car a short distance away.  He is running through his conference speech out loud.......he goes to light a cigarette.....BANG...his car explodes into a ball of flames.

The team arrive at the scene.  Sheila tells Burke it was definitely a bomb and a nasty one at that.

Jackie and Burke speak to the conference organiser, Prof Anderson.  He tells them about the cell research that Wenbourne are involved in and that the protestors are more concerned with how the research is funded than the research itself.  He knows of no other violence other than Dr North's car being pelted with rotten fruit.  They speak to Dr North who saw the whole thing.  He tells Burke and Jackie that he didn't know Lloyd well.  They are interrupted by Cameron Walton, a Special Branch Officer known to Burke. Walton tells Burke that it's simply not the protestors style to carry out a bombing.  Burke is less than convinced.

Robbie goes to Terence Lloyd's house.  The bomb squad officers are there checking for any other devices.  Robbie collects some tapes from the desk and is called upstairs.  Someone has written 'how do you sleep at night' with red spray paint on the bedroom wall.

At the Wenbourne Institute, William Moyles, the Chief Exec is moaning about the bomb squad being in his building.  It is given the all clear.  Jackie and Burke go inside and speak with Alaisdair Greig who had worked with Lloyd for 6 years.  They got on ok.  Miss Fischer is also present and tells Burke and Jackie that Lloyd never let them forget who was boss.  Mr Moyles interrupts and states that he believes it was the protectors who were responsible for the bomb.  Miss Fischer clearly doesn't agree.  Jackie wants to access Lloyd's computer but Moyles forbids it.  Burke promises to return with a warrant and posts a uniformed officer in the office to prevent removal of any evidence.

At station Robbie shows Burke photos of the graffiti found on Lloyd's bedroom wall.  Was it reported?

Cameron Walton briefs the team about Glasgow Against Globalisation - the protest group.  He re-iterates that he does not think they are responsible.

Robbie - "so we're talking vegetarian aroma-therapists rather than herd core terrorists?"

The groups mouth piece is a Dylan Ferguson.  Walton gives Burke his address.

Burke and Jackie find Dylan in George Square handing out leaflets.  Dylan is open about the fact that he was outside the conference centre when the bomb went off and yes, he doesn't like Wenbourne or their kind.  What does he think about Lloyd's death? "Just one less parasite in the world"

Robbie and Stuart are at the station.  Robbie gives Stuart a piece of paper that was found amongst Lloyd's things.  Written on it is - UMMPZE.  Robbie is listening to the tapes from Lloyd's house ("techno speak").  Stuart is going over the Special Branch files.  Jackie and Burke return.  Stuart tells Burke that according to the files Lloyd is not the only Wenbourne employee they should be looking at.

Miss Fischer meets Dylan in a pub and asks him what the hell has he done.

Dylan Ferguson is brought into the station and is interviewed by Robbie and Burke.  Why had he not mentioned knowing Tara Fischer?  Dylan tells them that she went to some of the group's meetings and that she had no time for Wenbourne, plus she hated Lloyd.  He admitted that the last time her saw her was today in the pub and that she accused him of the bombing.  Burke can see why because only 5 clicks away from his website are instructions on how to make a bomb.

Jackie goes to see Miss Fischer.  When she arrives she's just leaving home.  She tells Jackie that she has a doctors appointment trying to put Jackie off from talking to her.  They end up walking together. Miss Fischer has worked for Wenbourne for 18 months but is disillusioned  and joined the protest group just to hear what they had to say.

Back in the interview with Dylan, Robbie brings up his record - he broke into an animal research facility when he was 18 years old.  He eventually coughs to the graffiti telling them that it was all Miss Fischer's idea, even what to write.

Robbie - "Attractive young women can be very persuasive you know"

Dylan - "Not to me Inspector, I'm gay"

Robbie and Burke leave the room both of the opinion that he didn't do it.

Stuart is still trying to solve UMMPZE.

The team are having a pint in the pub at the end of the day.  It appears to be Robbie's round!!  This is a great scene:

Burke - "Oh thanks Robbie I need this"

Reid - "Aye it's been a long day"

Burke - "It's not that it's just that I'm getting passively anxious for looking at Stuart's wee worried face. What's got you thinking so hard?"

Stuart - "This, some sort of code, turned up in Lloyd's things.  Trying to work it out but no joy".

Stuart hands the piece of paper with UMMPZE written on it to Burke.

Burke - " spells T LLOYD if you substitute the previous letter of the alphabet.  you don't have to be Miss Marple to work that out son"

Robbie - "Aye, I know get your finger out eh Stuart"

Burke - "First thing tomorrow log onto his bank's website, use those letters as a password and see what you come up with"

Robbie - "you're not having the best of days are you mate - first the old gaydar missed Dylan..."

Stuart - "It must need re-tuning.  I'd better go home and listen to some Judy Garland, that normally does the trick"

Robbie goes on to say that he found a cheque stub in Lloyd's things made out to the Hopkin Clinic for 800.  He tries to persuade Burke to send Jackie to investigate but Burke tells him that it won't hurt for him to develop his own gentle touch!  Burke plans to visit Dr North who appears to be an impartial observer.

The following day Burke speaks to North.  He works for a much smaller research company saying that he would not want to work for Wenbourne where being first is more important than being right.

Jackie goes to Wenbourne's with a warrant to look on Lloyd's computer.  She removes some of his personal emails.

Robbie, reluctantly goes to the Hopkin Clinic.  The cheque was never cashed because the woman cancelled her appointment.  The woman being Miss Fischer.

Back at station Stuart tells Burke that he was right about UMMPZE being the bank password.  Three days ago 320,000 was paid into Lloyd's account by a firm of stockbrokers.  Jackie enters with the emails from Lloyd's PC which she tells them are X rated.  Burke tells her to bring Miss Fischer in.  On her way out Jackie passes Robbie who asks where she's going.  When Jackie tells him Robbie replies "go easy on her she's having Lloyd's child"

Robbie, Burke and Jackie stand looking at Miss Fischer in the interview room.  Burke and Jackie go in to interview her.  They tell her that they have the emails.  Miss Fischer tells them that yes they did have a relationship which was kept secret to safe guard Lloyd's reputation but that she called it off over the baby.  She seems not to know anything about the money in Lloyd's account but yes he did have Wenbourne stock.  The prices were probably high because of the expected announcement at the conference.  Thing is there wasn't going to be one.  So what was Lloyd going to say?

Burke goes to Wenbourne to see Moyles. Moyles is surprised that Lloyd sold his shares.

Jackie speaks to Greig who says that Miss Fischer was wrong and that they're closer to a break through than she made out.  Jackie tells Greig that Dr North thought the same.  Greig tells her not to take much notice of North because not only is he a rival but that he fell out with Lloyd some years back.

At station Burke tells Stuart to dig up what he can about Dr North.

Burke goes to see Sheila in the lab.  She tells him that a rare chemical was used in the bomb - Tetra Chloride Sulphate B.  A cup full can burn a man to death in seconds.  Stuart enters with an article he found online. Lloyd denounces North a conference.

Stuart locates a centre that produces Tetra Chloride Sulphate B (TCSB).  Lloyd was a customer in fact the whole Wenbourne team visit.

In office Burke tells Robbie and Jackie that North has lied to them.  Robbie has some information of his own to add:

Robbie -  "I went to the stock exchange website"

Jackie - "really?!"

Robbie - "Yeah well Stuart showed me how to do it"

He discovered that the shares are collapsing and that the shares that Lloyd sold are now worthless because of his death and the loss of a Wenbourne asset.

North is at the conference lecturing.  Burke and Jackie are in the audience.  At the end they speak to him.  Why did he deny knowing Lloyd?  North's reply was that he was confused.

Jackie and Burke see North leave in a taxi, Robbie is waiting and follows him.  He goes to meet Moyles.

Sheila gives Stuart, Jackie and Burke a briefing about the bomb.  Although the bomb itself was clever the trigger device was simple and could only work within 50 metres of the bomb.  Meaning that the team had met the killer and let him/her go.

Burke gives a team talk. Victims' boss and number one rival.  Both could benefit from Lloyd's death.  Was Lloyd going to leave Wenbourne?

Robbie and Stuart go to North's hotel but he's checked out.

Burke and Jackie are at Wenbourne's.  North is there.  Burke speaks to Moyles - North is to be Lloyd's replacement.  Lloyd was a maverick - North will be much easier to handle.  Jackie speaks to Greig.  he is disappointed that he didn't get Lloyd's job.

Burke and Jackie speak to Miss Fischer again.  She tells them about some office space that Lloyd rented in Trongate.

Robbie and Stuart go to the offices and start riffling through the contents.  Stuart finds a dictaphone which contains Lloyd's speech.  They will finally hear what Lloyd was going to say.

Burke and Jackie go the the chemical company and ask to see where the TCSB is kept.  Burke clocks the security code and when they accept the offer of a cup of coffee Jackie distracts the store keeper whilst Burke enters the secure room. A whole jar of TCSB is missing.  Last person to visit was Greig.

At Wenbourne North and Greg are preparing to leave for the conference.  Greg takes his own car.

Burke and Jackie are on there way to the conference centre.  Burke rings Robbie, they all know who the killer is.  Burke tells Robbie to put his foot down and stop Greig's car.  If they stop the Wenbourne car he'll be able to blow it up.  Robbie and Stuart screech to a halt in front of Greig's car.  The Wenbourne car keeps going and is soon out of the 50 metre range.  Greig gets out of his car and tries to run away.  Robbie and Stuart give chase (Stuart gets left behind) up some steps but he is cornered at the top by Burke and Jackie.  Robbie switches on the dictaphone.  Lloyd was going to denounce Greig at the conference for putting greed, ambition and profit before science.

Burke rented the film Malcolm X on video

Robbie doesn't know how to find his way around the internet without Stuart's help.

The Science Centre and surrounding area. Situated opposite the Armadillo on the banks of the Clyde.

George Square, Glasgow.