DCI Matt Burke

DCI Matthew Burke arrived at Maryhill at a bad time.  The team's leader, Mike Jardine had been taken off the case and banished to a small, dark office away from the rest of the team.

Quite apart from the nature of his arrival, Burke was clearly going to take no prisoners when it came to managing the team.  He became Glasgow's answer to the Tasmanian Devil and swept through the office leaving devastation in his wake.

His first line to DC Fraser was:

"Do your tie up, I've got nothing against shirt lifters, but I cant stand sloppy dressers"

I wonder if had he known at the time that he would become the team's permanent boss whether he would have approached them rather differently?

Things went from bad to worse after Jardine's death.  Burke seemed to find in difficult to allow Jackie to grieve and he refused to cut her any slack.  An already low Jackie was bombarded with barks from Burke ranging from "the king is dead, long live the king" and being accused of dragging Mike's corpse around with her.

Burke did however seem to take to Robbie, however, this then forced him into the middle of Burke and Jackie.

In the episode Fire, Burn, Burke disarms a bomb with Jackie's help and the ice is finally broken between them.

It would be nice to say that Burke has mellowed during his time at Maryhill, but it's hard to see how.  He still rules with a rod of iron and likes everything just so.  However in the episode "Compensation", we get to see a glimmer of Burke the person.  He becomes fond of an old man who is a suspect and later found to be the murderer.  In the old man he sees his Father, someone who he himself has not seen for many years.

At the end of the episode and with Jackie's persuasion he visits his Father.

Recently in the episode Running Out Of Time Burke was shot in the neck and very nearly lost his life.