This Page: A Walk Along The Clyde, Outside Glasgow

Central Glasgow - A WALK ALONG THE CLYDE
13) Railway Bridge Between George V Bridge and Glasgow/Jamaica St Bridge

14) The Armadillo

15) Armadillo and Bells Bridge

16) The Science Centre

Location 13 - Railway Bridge Between George V Bridge and Glasgow/Jamaica Street Bridge

This location has been the subject of much debate amongst Taggart fans for some time.  George V Bridge is located at the bottom of Oswald Street and Jamaica or Glasgow Bridge is located at the end of Jamaica Street.  The railway bridge coming from Central Station runs between the two.  Start your walk from Central Station down Oswald Street and when you get to the Clyde turn right.  There is a tow path which will take you to locations 14, 15 &16.

Episodes and Scenes

Death Trap - This is the location of Mike Jardine's demise.  He arranged to meet someone under the bridge, waiting he leaned on the railings, footsteps are heard approaching, Jardine turns but is hit over the head.  The momentum tips him over the railings into the water.

When Death Trap was originally shown both George V Bridge and Glasgow Bridge were mentioned by the press as the location used for the murder.  However it is much more likely that the filming took place between the two bridges under the railway lines (see picture)

Location 14 - The Armadillo

The Armadillo (as known) is used to hold shows and events.  It's distinct shape has led it to become one of the most recognisable buildings in Glasgow.  It is on the banks of the Clyde, City Centre side.

Episodes and Scenes

Bloodlines - When Susan is released from prison she meets her sister outside the Armadillo.

Death Trap - The team set a trap to catch Jardine's killer.

Location 15 - The Armadillo and Bells Bridge

This will be instantly recognisable to any Taggart fan, as it has for the last few years been shown in the programmes opening titles.  Most recently pictures have been released to the press of the cast standing on the bridge with the Armadillo behind them.

Location 16 - The Science Centre

On the opposite side of the Clyde to the Armadillo stands The Science Centre and a building known as 'the slug'.  It is accessible using Bells Bridge.  The Science Centre is a popular tourist attraction.

Episodes and Scenes

New Life - Much of the exterior locations in New Life were filmed around the Science Centre.

Jackie sat and interviewed a suspect after the car exploded at the start of New Life.  This is right beside the main entrance to the Science Centre itself.

A Walk Along The Clyde Continued
17) Finneston Street 18) Moat House Hotel 19) Highland Lane  
Location 17 - Flats, Finneston Street

If you walk along the Clyde heading towards the Armadillo, as soon as you reach the SECC complex turn and look behind you.  Standing behind the Rotunda (pictured) you will see a block of flats with balconies that overlook the Armadillo and Clyde.

Episodes and Scenes

These flats were used for the scenes of Eve Hamilton at home in In Camera.  When Robbie rings her she is stood with her back to the window.  Behind her is a superb view of the Armadillo.  The flat is also seen when Eve arrives home and speaks to Tony Strang.

Location 18 - Moat House Hotel

If you continue your walk past the Armadillo you will arrive at the Moat House Hotel. It's tall tower block and distinctive glass windows in the lower section make it a very distinct landmark beside the Clyde.

Episodes and Scenes

Ghost Rider - Jardine drops Jackie off at the hotel to meet Brian Holmes who she spends the night with.

Location 19 - Highland Lane

Cross over the Bells Bridge and head to the Science Centre.  Continue along the Clyde to the Science Centre Tower.  Pass this on your left and keep walking as far as you can go.  Ahead of you is a patch of waste land and some river inlets/docking areas.

Episodes and Scenes

The Ties That Bind - This is where the red mondeo goes into the river at the start of the episode. The team are seen at the location after the car has been brought back onto dry land.

NB: There is a possibility that this land is going to become a BBC car park so it may look different to visitors in the future.

Outside Of Glasgow - GARTMORE

A) Gartmore Village Street

B) The Black Bull, Gartmore

C) The Black Bull, side door

D) Bench, Main Street, Gartmore

Location A - Gartmore Village Street

Gartmore is a conservation village in the country of Perthshire.  It is situated 25 miles north of Glasgow.

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - Gartmore was used as the fictitional village in this episode. The Main Street featured throughout the episode but the shot featured hear best depicts the scene where Robbie and Stuart follow one of the farmers out of the pub after the public meeting.

Location B - The Black Bull, Gartmore

The Black Bull is situated in Gartmore's Main Street and offers good food and accomodation. 

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - The Black Bull was where the team stayed whilst away from their nativc Glasgow.  The pubs exterior was used through out the episode.  The bedroom that Robbie and Stuart shared has since been re-decorated and although the landlord was happy for us to take a look it would be, in reality un recognisable as the room in which Robbie broke the bed!!

Behind the bar in The Black Bull is a picture of the landlord Jim Hamilton with the cast.  Jim kindly let us copy it for use on this site.  if you go to the Black Bull don't forget to look for it behind the bar.

Location C - The Black Bull, side door

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - This door was used for all the comings and goings from the pub during the episode.  It had a sign on it saying 'bar' which is not there in reality.

Location D - Bench, Main Street, Gartmore

The bench in the above picture is across the road from The Black Bull

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - This is the bench that Jackie found Burke sitting on one morning.  The building beyond was used as the police station in the episode.

Outside Glasgow - THE CARBETH INN

E) The Carbeth Inn

F) Carbeth Inn, Interior 1

G) Carbeth Inn, Interior 2

H) Behind The Carbeth Inn

Location E - The Carbeth Inn

The Carbeth Inn was established in 1816 and is situated on the Stokiemuir Road, Blanefield.  It is actually marked on most road maps.

Episodes and Scenes

Love Knot - The Carbeth Inn featured as the meeting place for the climbing club

Compensation - The interior was used for the interior shots of The Black Bull featured in the episode. (see more below)

Location F - The Carbeth Inn - Interior 1

This is a shot of the fruit machine in the bar of The Carbeth Inn

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - The Carbeth Inn bar area was used for all the interior pub shots in Compensation and with the powers of editing the characters could step out of the Carbeth Inn in Blanefield and find themselves in Gartmore. We wouldn't have been unaware of this had we not been informed by Colin McCredie. 

The fruit machine featured in a bar scene where Robbie was chatting up the local ladies.

Location G - The Carbeth Inn - Interior 2

Episodes and Scenes

Compensation - This is where Burke and Jackie sat to have their drink whilst watching Robbie at the fruit machine.

Location H - Behind The Carbeth Inn

There is a track that goes up to the left of The Carbeth Inn which takes you too a small community of weekend log huts and chalets.

Episodes and Scenes

Ghost Rider - This was the location of the hut where Robbie and Stuart were held at gun point.  Stuart also paid a visit to the hut with a local uniformed officer.  I walked right around the site but could not identify the actual hut used.  However it is likely I missed it as there are huts situated all over the site and I stayed on the main circular track.