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Have you ever thought of visiting the home of Taggart?  Glasgow is a vibrant, cosmopolitan and exciting City to visit irrespective of whether you are a Taggart fan or not.  However if you are a fan then this page aims to point you in the direction of those parts of the City used as locations for the programmes many episodes.

This is an on going project and what you see here is not exhaustive.  If anyone knows of any other locations or episodes in which those featured appear please email us.

Location Information          Episodes and Scenes featuring location          

This Page: Glasgow Green and City Centre.  Page 2: City Centre Continued

Page 3: A Walk Along The Clyde & Outside Glasgow  Page 4: Kelvingrove Park & Park Circus

Central Glasgow - GLASGOW GREEN

1) St Andrews Bridge

2) Templeton's Carpet Factory

3) People's Palace & Winter Gardens

4) Greendyke Street

Location 1 - St Andrews Bridge

St Andrews' Suspension bridge is situated in the corner of Glasgow Green, furthest from the City Centre.  It links Glasgow Green with St Adelphi Street on the other side of The Clyde.

Episodes and Scenes

Long Time Dead - Jardine meets his girlfriend on the bridge.

Atonement - Robbie and Jackie run across the bridge looking for Mary and Naysmith

Fistful Of Chips - Robbie walks onto the bridge and throws his MP3 player that he acquired from Billy Whizz into the Clyde.

If walk onto the bridge and look to your left you will spot another location used in Atonement

This building and the wooden steps down to the river were used in Atonement as the scene where Mary shoots Naysmith.  Robbie runs along the bank to get to her but is too late.

You can walk along to the building but the actual river bank and steps is fenced off.

Location 2 - Templeton's Carpet Factory

Arguably this is one of the most striking buildings in Glasgow.  It was built by William Leiper  in 1889 and is a copy of the Doge's Palace in Venice.  Originally used as a carpet factory the building now houses a business centre.

Episodes and Scenes

The Friday Event - The carpet factory provided the location for the home of the featured artist and his family.  There are numerous visits by the team during the episode.  Robbie comments directly about the building.

Location 3 - The People's Palace and Winter Gardens

The People's Palace was built as a cultural centre for Glasgow's workers in 1898 and has concentrated on the history and way of life of the working class as well as kings and cardinals.  Exhibits range from a ring that belonged to Mary Queen of Scots to costumes belonging to the comedian Billy Connolly. The building was refurbished for it's centenary in 1998. 

The Winter Gardens is a large conservatory that butts on to the back of the People's Palace.  It houses a collection of tropical plants and is a popular stop for locals and tourists alike. 

Episodes and Scenes

Wages Of Sin - The Winter Gardens were used as the location for the final scenes of this episode. The team rush to the scene to prevent another murder.


Left - Inside the Winter Gardens

Location 4 - Greendyke Street

Greendyke Street runs along the side of Glasgow Green joining London Road with Saltmarket High Street.  The flats that feature in the photo are visible from The People's Palace and Winter Gardens.  They are private residences.

Episodes and Scenes

An Eye For An Eye - Stuart having been suspended by Burke was taken home by Robbie and later visited by Jackie. Stuart's flat was located at the top of the block and his balcony looked out over Glasgow Green.

Central Glasgow - CITY CENTRE

5) Central Station

6) George Square

7) Scott Street

8) Buchanan Street

Location 5 - Central Station

Central Station is Glasgow's main railway station.  Architecturally it is a fascinating building both inside and outside.  Sadly, I suspect that many people neither have the time or inclination to stop and admire when they're rushing to catch their trains.

Episodes and Scenes

Hard Man - Robbie is following Ian Wilson on foot through the crowds on Central Station, he eventually sees him disappear down the stairs between platforms 9 & 10(left) and follows.



The Friday Event - Burke, Jackie, Robbie and Stuart witness a drug deal taking pace and apprehend the suspects. NB:  Stuart was stood outside a music shop, Tower Records which is no longer open.

Left - Under central Station

Location 6 - George Square

George Square is located between West George Street and St Vincent Street and is only minutes from Queen Street Railway Station.  It's beautiful lawns have in recent years been replaced by red tarmac but it is still a popular place to stop for a rest and for local workers to eat their lunch.  On the run up to Christmas the Square houses an out door ice rink.  The Tourist Information Centre is located across the road from the Square on West George Street.

Episodes and Scenes

Death Trap - Jardine meets woman with information. The square features several times in episode.

New Life - Burke and Jackie find protestors in the square - they interview the leader on a bench.

Location 7 - Scott Street

Scott Street dissects Sauchiehall Street and Renfrew Street and runs up one side of the Glasgow School Of Art.  Looking back down the hill from the top end gives an interesting view of the City.

Episodes and Scenes

Bad Blood - The top of Scott Street was used as the location for the club 'Ultra Violet' (left) Burke and Robbie walk up the hill to the club to avert a gangland battle.  Behind them you'll notice the corner of the Glasgow School Of Art.  The hill and club feature on several occasions throughout Bad Blood.


Location 8 - Buchanan Street

Buchanan Street makes up one part of what is know as the 'Golden Z' with Argyle Street and Sauchiehall Street.  Together they make up much of Glasgow's shopping experience.  Buchanan Street is pedestrianised but is accessible from Central Station (10 mins walk), Queens' Street Railway Station, and it is served by it's own Underground station.  Buchanan Street also houses the bus station with links to Edinburgh and Glasgow Airport.  From Buchanan Street on foot their is easy access to the old Merchant City and Royal Concert Hall.

Episodes and Scenes

Atonement - Buchanan Street featured twice as a location in Atonement.  Naysmith takes Burke to Buchanan Street to tell him about the impending armed robbery.  They stand with their backs to the Buchanan Street underground station entrance.  Later in the episode Robbie is dressed as a street cleaner and Stuart as a security guard both working on Buchanan Street.  A 'Securicor' van pulls up to the grey doors - left.  This is where the robbery takes place.  The doors are on the left of Buchanan Street as you walk down.  They are opposite the underground station entrance.

Half-Way House - Robbie and Jackie are watching a night club.  The club is situated at the bottom of Buchanan Street.  Robbie attempts to follow a man up the street but loses him in the crowds.

Gingerbread - Jardine visits the Argyle Galleries (left) on Buchanan Street to buy an engagement ring for Gemma Normanton an old flame.



Fire Burn - The team set a trap to catch The Taxman.  Money is to exchange hands on the steps of The Royal Concert Hall.  The signal is a yellow carrier bag but the Taxman is too clever, works out that it's a trap and employs a group of students to each carry yellow bags.  He thus slips the net.

Central Glasgow - CITY CENTRE

9) Barrowlands

10) Pret A Manger, Sauchiehall Street

11) Glasgow School Of Art

12) 'Etain' Restaurant, Princes Square
Location 9 - The Barrowland

Barrowland is situated on Gallowgate which runs off of Saltmarket High Street.  It is a little further out of the City Centre, but is still easily accessible on foot from Central Station and is only a few minutes walk from Glasgow Green.  The Barras is home to a vibrant regular street market which takes place at the weekends.  The dance hall itself is still a popular location for pop/rock concerts and attracts a wide range of acts.

Episodes and Scenes

Fearful Lightning - One of the episodes murder victims is manager of the Barras.  He is killed by a flare in the stomach and falls through the ceiling. Lenny who takes a shine to Jackie works there as a lighting engineer and the team make several visits to question him.  There is one particularly good scene with Stuart playing the drums!

Penthouse and Pavement - Gallowgate becomes 'The Drag' and is frequented by prostitutes.  The exterior of Barrowland at night is featured.

Location 10 - Pret A Manger, Sauchiehall Street

You may be wondering why a well known coffee shop chain has been included on this page.  Well, it was actually an easy location to identify and besides you'll need to stop for a drink somewhere!!  It is located on the corner as you turn out of Buchanan Street into Sauchiehall Street.

Episodes and Scenes

Fire, Burn - Jackie and Robbie go for a coffee and Jackie expresses how she is struggling with life and work since Jardine's death.  Jackie sits on the second stool in the window from the right (looking in) and Robbie the third.

Location 11 - The Glasgow School Of Art

The Glasgow School Of Art was designed by Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Building started in 1897 and was completed in 1909.  The school is situated between Sauchiehall Street and Renfrew Street and is accessible from Scott Street.  It is still a working art college but the public can still access the building by way of a guided tour.  The tours usually number 2 a day - 11.30 am and 2.30 pm lasting for approximately one hour.  As Mackintosh has become Glasgow's emblem in many respects, this is a must see.

Episodes and Scenes

The Friday Event - The artist exhibition featured is held at the Glasgow School Of Art and many of the final lecture scenes were shot there.  You are not allowed to photograph the inside of the building but many of the corridors and rooms that the scenes are filmed in form part of the guided tour.  The gallery where the fictional artist hung his work is still a working gallery and would be instantly recognisable to any Taggart fan paying a visit.


Location 12 - 'Etain' Restaurant, Princes Square, Buchanan Street

This restaurant is in the stylish Princes Square shopping complex. It is accessible from the outside of the complex by a doorway next to the Tad Baker store. Princes Square is in Buchanan Street.

Episodes and Scenes

This was the restaurant used as 'Silver' in Saints and Sinners.  Robbie visits it twice in the episode during the course of his enquiries.  he is seen walking into the building past the naked male statue as in the picture.


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