25.10.05 - NEW - Photos of Lesley in 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'

Taggart - An Eye For An Eye.  Lesley played Roberta an eventual murder victim!!

Lesley Harcourt

"Which of the Taggart characters would I most fancy myself?  I'm not attracted to any of them.  If they were the last men on earth, then I would have to go without sex."

Lesley, at the age of 26 is Taggart's youngest member of the cast.

Lesley spent her early years in Glasgow's southside, then when she was eight she moved with her family to Harrogate.  It wasn't until she was 18 that she moved back up north to study drama at Queen Margaret University.  Last year she headed for the bright lights of London, only to be told she had got the part in Taggart!

Playing Gemma wasn't the first time she had appeared in the show.  Only a year and a half ago she played a murder victim Roberta Paton..

Lesley was always destined for a future in the limelight, when as a child her role models were Madonna and the actress Meryl Streep.

Should Lesley ever leave Taggart, she would like to break America.  She has already appeared in two movies: Late Night Shopping and My Daughters Face in which she played a drug addict.

Lesley lives in London with her best mate from school Paul.  She is currently single and loving it, wanting to concentrate on her career before settling down to have a family.


The Lyceum Theatre kindly sent me some photos of Lesley in the role of Maggie from 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof'