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K1) Garden, Kelvinbridge

K2) Robert's Bridge

K5) Audotorium

K4) Hunterian Galleries

1) Garden, Kelvinbridge

2) Robert's Bridge

3) Granite Steps, Park Circus

4) Hunterian Galleries

K5 is not marked on the map.

Location K1

This location was found entirely by accident.  Exit the underground at Kelvinbridge leaving via the station car park.  You will already be on the outskirts of the park.  Walk with the river on your right.  On the opposite side of the river are the backs of a row of houses.

Episodes and Locations

Puppet On A String. Robbie and Stuart chase the newspaper journalist who they now know to be the killer out of the house and into the back garden.  They corner him and he threatens Robbie with a syringe.

Location K2

Continue to walk into the centre of Kelvingrove Park following line of river and you will come to Robert's memorial statue and bridge.

Episodes and Scenes

Watertight - The body of a young girl is found on the river bank below the bridge. Robbie and Jackie are seen walking over the bridge at the end of these scenes at the start of the episode.

Location K5

This location is sadly not marked on a map but you will walk past it if you follow the footpath from Robert's Bridge. It is now derelict, fenced off and unused.

Episodes and Scenes

Watertight - Jackie speaks to one of the prostitutes who gathered on the bridge about the girl's death.

Location K4

The Hunterian Galleries are part of the University of Glasgow and sit on the edge of the park.  They are open to visitors and are marked on all of the tourist information signs dotted around the park perimeter.

Episodes and Scenes

Puppet On A String - Jackie meets the 'husband killer' at the Hunterian Galleries.  He is arrested exiting the building.

K3) Granite Steps      
Location K3

Park Circus sits above Kelvingrove Park and the granite steps lead down into the park.  They are marked on tourist information boards in the area.

Episodes and Scenes

In Camera - Robbie meets Jack Stobbal on the steps at night.  About half way up there is a gate that leads off into a garden - this is where Jack appeared from.  Having been there at night it is quite a creepy and atmospheric place!