Taggart - Love Knot

Taggart - Love Knot

Taggart - Love Knot

Iain Anders

Playing the hard nosed, no nonsense Jack McVitie, Iain was the scourge of the Glasgow criminal classes, but in his life outside of Taggart it was often the police themselves that got the rough edge of his tongue.  Bizarrely you see Iain was a legal managing clerk as well as an actor.  He owned his own firm of solicitors in London.  Many of his clients laughed because he played a copper on TV.

Iain's first acting job was carrying a spear at the Birmingham Rep in a production of Henry V.  He was paid 3 a week!

Iain was a big fan of Glenn Chandler's plots for Taggart and was as keen as anyone else to find out who did it!  Even when he found out, he would tell no one, not even his wife.

So what did Iain think of Jack McVitie?  'McVitie is pompous, bureaucratic, but not without humour and not unsympathetic to his subordinates, although sometimes he gives that impression'

Iain Anders interested fact - he taught Bridge at the London School of Bridge.

Below are some of Iain's TV/Film appearances:

'Diana' - played Reuben - 1984

'Jessie' - played the postman - the play for today - 1980

'A Family Affair' - Harry Bailey - 1979

'A Horseman Riding By' - played Edwin Willoughby - 1978

'3 Clear Sundays' - played a gaoler - 1965

Notable appearances include parts in: Hi De Hi (Vice Admiral Dempster), Juliet Bravo, Shoestring, Softly Softly and Dixon of Dock Green.

We speak of Iain in the passed tense because he sadly passed away in his home town of Chichester in 1997.