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Harriet Buchan


Many people who have met Harriet have been surprised to see her walking - such is the power of television and the popularity of Mrs Jean Taggart, Jim's long suffering wife. To research the part of Jean, Harriet met Betty Wilson a Glasgow lady who had been in a wheelchair for about 20 years.  Betty told Harriet how to sit and how to look in a wheelchair.

Harriet commented that the lovely thing about Jean Taggart is that she's so positive (maybe you'd have to be living with Jim!) and proved to be an inspiration.  Harriet was once stopped in Sauchiehall Street by a woman who had given up her job as a nurse to look after her husband who was in a wheel chair.  She told Harriet that he'd been ready to give up on life until, in one Taggart story Jean takes herself off to Canada.  He'd never been on holiday before but decided to give it a go, it turned their life around.

Harriet was born in Glasgow and trained at the Royal Academy of Music in London.  She began work as a music teacher, but turned to acting after a severe case of laryngitis left her without a voice for some months.  However in 1981 she was almost forced to give up acting too when she was diagnosed with Cancer of the left vocal chord.  It took a year for her recovery.  Her role in Taggart was her first job after her illness.

Harriet runs her own voice workshops as a form of therapy for people in a similar situation to Jean's.  She says 'you cannot sing and be sad'

Oddly enough not everyone thinks that living with Jim Taggart would be difficult and an equal number of people say 'Why do you let that old so and so treat you like that' as 'will you not stop nagging that poor man!'

Whilst researching Harriet for this site, it became clear that her therapy workshops are now how she fills her time and any reference to her on the internet is in relation to this work.

Below are some of Harriet's other TV appearances:

'Take The High Road' - Miss Symonds - 1980

'Sutherland's Law - Gail Munro - 1973

'Tutti Frutti' - Receptionist in the episode -'On the Road Again' - 1987.