Episode 61 - HALF WAY HOUSE

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - Stuart Hepburn

Director - Ian Madden

Producer - Eric Coulter

Additional Information

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Regular Cast

Principle Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton

Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy

'Wisnee Me' McGhee - Jake D'Arcy

Pathologist - Graham De Banzie

George Henderson - Billy McElhaney

Fiona Grant - Molly Innes

Brenda Johnstone - Lorraine McIntosh

Pete Bell - Niall Fulton

Steve Lamont - John Kazek

Danny Grant - Brian Ferguson

Sinclair Carrick - Grant Smeaton

University Tutor - Jane Hensey.

Opening Scene:  Young guy is looking through some old newspaper clippings in the college library.  He prints of something of interest to him and heads home to the hostel.  He goes to see another of the residents and tells him about what he has found.  He hands him a copy of the article. The second guy goes mad and throws the lad up against the wall demanding he hand over any other copies.  They are interrupted by the care taker and the lad runs out.

Scene Two: A woman in a blue sports car pulls up outside Club X and picks up her boyfriend.  They drive off together.

Scene 3: The young lad from the college is standing in a park, looking out over the city reminiscing.  Behind him is a flag pole, the wind blowing the chords against the pole startles him and he turns around.  Seeing what it is he turns back, but they rattle again, more loudly this time, he turns around again - BANG - a gun goes off and blood appears on the lad's chest.  A gloved hand removes some paperwork from his ruck sack and leaves.

Burke, Jackie and Stuart arrive on the scene.  The body has been ID'd as Daniel Grant aged 18.  He had been shot at close range and despite it being the middle of the day there were no witnesses.

Robbie turns up late, shirt un-tucked, tie un-done and hair all over the place

Burke - "Don't I recognise that shirt from yesterday?"

Robbie - "Aye, I've got a matching pair"

Un convinced Burke walks away.  Jackie walks past and does Robbie's tie up, grinning as she goes!!

Burke, Jackie and Robbie go the address found for Danny Grant - a hostel.  Robbie tells them that its a half way house for people trying to sort their lives out.  They speak to caretaker George Henderson, telling him they need to speak to Fiona Grant (Danny's sister).  She appears at the door behind them.  Jackie takes her to her room. Robbie and Burke go to look in Danny's room and are interrupted by Brenda Johnstone the hostel's owner (also the women in the sports car).  Burke wants to speak to her further and goes with her to her private rooms.  He asks her where she was at the time of the murder, she tells him she was out alone in her new car (lie).  Jackie tells Fiona what has happened.  The caretaker tells Robbie about the argument between Danny and the other resident, a Peter Bell.  He also tells Robbie that he himself was in the Paras for 15 years.  Robbie wants to see Pete's room and George Henderson takes him.  He's no sooner through the door when Brenda pops up and tells him to get out stating that they'd need a warrant to search any residents rooms when they're not present.  The team return to the car, Pete Bell sees them leave from other side of the street.

Back at the station Stuart tells Robbie what they've found about the gun used - it was a converted model.  Jackie is keen to get on with the briefing.  Stuart tells Robbie that Jackie and her husband Brian split up 6 weeks ago.  Robbie didn't know.

At the X Club Miss Johnstone goes to see her boyfriend, who turns out to be the club owner, Steve Lamont.  She tells him they need to talk.

Back at briefing, team discuss what they know so far.  No clear leads except Pete Bell.  Burke decides to have his mother's house watched as he thinks he is bound to turn up there eventually.

Back at the hostel a masked and gloved figure enters with a crow bar.

Next morning Bell's Room is found wrecked.  Burke tells Stuart to take the room apart.  Miss Johnstone again lies to Burke about her whereabouts the previous night saying she was home alone.

Jackie goes to the college to speak to Danny's lecturer.  She tells Jackie that Danny had only been at college a few days so was not well known there.

Back at hostel Burke speaks to Henderson but Stuart interrupts, he found a gun in Pete's room.  It is a converted 38 Revolver.  Burke tells Robbie to team up with Jackie and Bell's mothers.

Robbie joins Jackie in the car.  After an awkward silence Robbie asks Jackie about Brian.

Robbie - "you kept that one quiet"

Jackie shows him her left hand - no ring.

Jackie - "call yourself a detective"

Bell appears outside house, a car pulls up it's a blue sports car.  Bell gets in and Miss Johnstone drives away.  Robbie and Jackie follow.

Stuart speaks to Burke - Fiona's alibi was that she was at an alcoholic anonymous meeting at the time of Danny's murder, this was not the case.

Johnstone drives Bell to Club X and he is bundled inside.  Robbie and Jackie remain outside and ring Burke.

Burke and Stuart visit Fiona again about her alibi - it turns out that she and Henderson have been having an affair.  Why the secret?  If Henderson was found to be sleeping with any of the residents he'd lose his job.

Burke sees Sheila.  The gun in Bell's room was the one used to kill Danny and it's covered in Bell's prints

Back in the car Robbie and Jackie are still sat outside Club X.  The atmosphere is still no better between them, but eventually Robbie asks Jackie if she is ok:

Jackie - "Yeah, thanks for asking"

Robbie - "I thought we were a bit closer than that"

Jackie - "Your idea of being close is me being around when you need support"

Just as Robbie is about to pronounce his innocence Bell emerges from Club with Steve Lamount.  It's clear Bell's been roughed up - he runs off.  Robbie gets out of car to follow him on foot, but loses him in the crowds.

Back at the office Robbie and Jackie get a stern talking too from Burke.

Burke goes to Club X to speak to Steve.  His lawyer is in the office playing computer games.  Burke asks Steve about Bell's visit.  He gets no straight answers, gives up and leaves.  Miss Johnstone appears out of the dancers and Steve tells her that she has a lot of explaining to do.

In the hostel office Henderson tells Johnstone that the police have found a gun.  She tells him to say nothing.

Burke goes to see his informant, 'Wisnee' who tells him where Bell is staying - in a squat with a friend.

Burke and Stuart go to the squat, Bell runs off.  Burke and Stuart give chase (well, I suppose you could call it that!!).  They catch up with him by the road.  Stuart tries to persuade him to talk to them but Bell turns to keep running.  He is mown down by a blue sports car.  Alive but criticle.

Robbie and Jackie go back to the hostel to look in Miss Johnstone's flat.  She is in debt.  Stuart looks at her phone records and finds numerous calls to Steve Lamount.  They bring him in, Burke interviews him.  Where was he on the day of the murder?  He confesses to being with Miss Johnstone and that he lied to cover up the affair from his wife.  Burke tells him that Miss Johnstone was skint and had been using him so when burke asks again if she was with him all afternoon on the day of the murder, he replies no.  Further adding that he beat Bell up as a favour to her.

Robbie tells Burke in the corridor that there was never a George Henderson in the Parachute Regiment.  Robbie goes to see Henderson about it.  He tells Robbie that it was a little lie that got out of hand.  Whilst there Robbie asks who is in charge of the pensions and dole cheques.  Miss Johnstone is.  Stuart rings DSS and gets them to check some photos for him.

Back at the station, the team are in Burke's office.  They discover that Miss Johnstone is still claiming benefits for residents that have moved out of the hostel.  They are interrupted by Sheila who has found another print on the gun.

At the hospital Bell is wheeled into a side room, alseep.  A figure enters the room and picks up a pillow from the chair - he places it on Bells' face and suffocates him.

Next morning Burke tells Jackie and Robbie that he wants hospital room swept for prints in the hope that one will match that on the gun.  Stuart appears with news from the DSS.  They have matched one of the photos - its Fiona Grant.  They bring her in.  She tells Burke that Miss Johnstone asked her to play the role of the women residents and Bell the men.  In return they lived rent free.  Sheila checks Fiona's print for a match.  Fiona tells Burke that Dany knew nothing about the scam so he cant have been killed because of it.  Prints - no match.

So why did Danny and Bell have to die?

Jackie heads back to the college to speak to lecturer again.  Danny was studying Sociology which involves criminology - current course work is on un solved crimes.

Back at Miss Johnstone's flat Henderson hears voices and enters.  The voices are on the answer phone, he tunrs it off.  Fiona appears at the door telling him she needs a drink.  He agrees to get her just the one and then pops out, leaving her in hostel.

Meanwhile a uniform car spots Miss Johnstone's car in a hotel car park.  Burke orders an Armed Response Unit and they raid the hotel room.  It's empty.  Next they try her car, which is un locked.  The boot is opened and Miss Johnstone is laying dead inside.  What's more she has been dead for two days so cant have killed Bell.

Shiela tells Burke that there was a print at the hospital matching that on the gun.  Jackie tells Burke about Danny's project on un solved crimes.  Danny uncovered a piece about a man who murdered his girlfriend 10 years ago.  The case was never sold.  The man's name - Robert Harrison.  Sheila runs the name through the computer and his fingerprints match those on the gun and in the hospital.  But who is he?

Meanwhile Henderson drives past hotel car park and sees Miss Johnstone's car being taken away.  Burke tells team that George Henderson used to be Robert Harrison and that all was well until Danny found the article.

Fiona is still at hostel, drinking her way through a bottle of Vodka.  The phone rings, its George/Robert.  He tells her that his car has broken down and that he needs his wallet to pay for breakdown recovery.  Can she bring it to a car park in town.  Fiona gets into a taxi and goes.  The team turn up at the hostel but find place deserted.  Stuart checks phone and finds out where Fiona is heading from cab firm.

Fiona meets Henderson on car park roof - he tells her she's drunk - he loses his temper - he makes a comment that tells Fiona that it was him who killed Danny.  He throws her on the car bonnet and strangles her.  Team arrive just in time to pull him off.

Jackie and her husband Brian Holmes have been separated for 6 weeks.  Some would say that this was expected after the problems they had following Jardine's death.

Robbie arrives late for work half dressed...well clothes thrown on anyway!!  Must've been a good night - the murder took place in the middle of the day and Robbie hadn't been home from the night before to change his shirt!!

Robbie is hurt that Jackie didn't confide in him about her marriage break up - muttering the immortal line "nobody tells me anything".  Bless!!

One for this episode so far.  Club X is actually a club called 'Room' which is at the bottom of Buchannan Street and is frequented by footballers.