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Episodes on this page - Nest Of Vipers, Death Call , Mind Over Matter & A Taste of Money


Dr Andrews, Mike and Jim examine the skulls

Mike and Jim talk to the Professor

Mike looks for a spider

An expert reconstructs a face

'The Biscuit'

Dr Andrews and Jack McVitie at Burns Night

The cat joins Jim and Jean for breakfast

Jim and Dr Andrews examine the skulls

Jim and Mike

Jackie Reid

Jackie teases Mike about the snake

Jackie and Mike are shown a snake



A Bruised Peter

It's A Bit windy!

Jean Taggart

Jim Taggart at the Russell's House

Jim In Edinburgh

Jim, Kenny and Peter

A Smiling McVitie

Peter and Jim find some evidence

Peter, Kenny and Jim get out of the office

Dr Andrews

Time of death

A smiling Jim Taggart



3 sane friends?

Burke works late

Gemma with murder weapon 1

DS Reid and DCI Burke

Jackie returns to Langbank

Ds Jackie Reid

Murder Scene - Swimming pool

Murder Scene - The Clyde

Robbie finds an 'interesting' book

Robbie and Stuart visit the parents

Two brains are better than one!

Robbie concentrates!




Does Stuart know the victim?

Luckily not

Being a Detective - it's all leg work!

Disapproval of Edinburgh Entertainment!!

Burke turns his back on the evidence

Robbie follows 'his Editor woman' upstairs

Scary Pair!

Blinded by the clues!

Hello down there!!

Ahhh.....bless him

DS Jackie Reid

Getting straight to the point!