The Gallery

Episodes on this page - Death Comes Softly, Compensation, Saints and Sinners and Ghost Rider


Examining A Body

A young WPC Reid meets Taggart

Jackie sings in the choir....

.....and so does Mike Jardine

Jim Taggart

Mike and 'The Biscuit' visit court

Mike talks to..........

....Jim on the phone

WPC Jackie Reid

Mike finds some evidence

New girl on the block

Mike and Dr Andrews



Burke out in the country

A Reluctant Jackie leaves the City

Burke and Robbie get heavy in the pub

Burke gets close to one of the suspects

DS Reid in the pub

Stuart and Robbie have to share a room!

Robbie gets lucky........

....and breaks his bed!!

DI Ross

The Team at the farm



Burke and Jackie visit the judge

Gemma Kerr

Nothing much to smile about!

Burke and Jackie visit Adelle

Stuart has news

Jackie shows she is still number 1!

Robbie buys Gemma a drink

Stuart is not impressed with Robbie's humour


Meat Loaf!

Dc Fraser on the case

Gemma tells it like it is to Burke



Mike and Jackie Get Stopped By The Police!

Discussing The Case

Keeping Out Of The Way!

Robbie Dresses Jackie Properly!!

DCI Mike Jardine

DI Robbie Ross is Held At Gunpoint

Jackie Spends the Night With Brian Holmes

Dr Stephen Andrews

Stuart Takes Notes

Near Miss

Mike Sets Tongues Wagging

Robbie Meets Brian Holmes