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Episodes Featured On This Page: Prayer For The Dead, Fearful Lightning, Fire Burn, Apocalypse


Jim Rings Jean With News Of His Promotion

Jackie is Looking For Mrs McVitie

DI Mike Jardine

The 'Biscuit' Crumbles!

Jackie and Mike Get Orders From Superior

Jean Visits Jack In Hospital

Jim Faces Mrs McVitie

Jackie and Mike

DC Rob Gibson played by Gray O Brien

Mike Jardine

Examining The Evidence

Jackie Reid



Something Amusing?

Coffee Break!

It's A Door Sir

Be Giving you Nightmares, Stuart

A Serious Moment

He Was Here a Minute Ago!!

A Peace Offering

My place, 8.30

DI Ross and DC Fraser

Dr Andrews Misses The Joke

Mike Jardine on the roof

Cheeky Boy!!



Team Meeting

Jackie Arrives Late For Work

Are We Boring You Robbie?

Jackie Cracks The Case!

Jackie Has Never Shone A Light For Burke!!

Something In Her Eye?

Stuart Fraser

Burke and Jackie Square Up

Burke Looks For Another Post!

Something Amusing Stuart?

Coffee's Up!

DI Robbie Ross



 Jackie Reid

Mike Jardine

Jackie and Mike

Stuart Goes back To School

The Biscuit

Mike Jardine

Jackie Reid

Jackie Grabs Mike

Stephen and yet another body

Jackie Finds A Body

Ooooo Betty!!

Friends Forever

Mike Jardine in church

Jackie and Mike

Mike in his Pyjamas!