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Episodes featured on this page: Hardman, Watertight, Fade to Black, Blood Money


DCI Burke leads a 'pants' investigation

DS Jackie Reid

A trip to the book makers

Stuart in disguise!

Robbie Sulking!

Bosses are there to offer support!

What did you just say?

DI Robbie Ross

It's a team thing

Nice Hats!



Jackie and Stuart Discuss Robbie

DCI Burke and DI Ross


Jackie Has Her Eye On Robbie

Burke Makes Things Clear To Robbie

Jackie and Robbie On the Roof

Burke Grabs Robbie Off Of Mo

Stuart Has News

Stuart Tells The Team What He's Found Out

DI Robbie Ross

The Penny Starts To Drop

Robbie Is Shot

A Bloodied Robbie Is Patched Up

Jackie and Robbie Interview Kate.



I'm Not Doing That!

After Me, 1,2,3

Protesting His Innocence

You Smell Nice

DS Jackie Reid

DC Stuart Fraser

Go On, Let Me In


Robbie Yells At Jackie

My Finger's Stuck!

Nice Beard!

Nice Top!

It's Amazing What You Find

DCI Matt Burke

The 3 Wise Monkeys



DCI Matt Burke

Nice Bruises!

'He's On the Roof Sir'

DC Stuart Fraser

DS Reid Looks Surprised

Robbie and Jackie

DCI Matt Burke

'Listen Here You'

DS Jackie Reid

I See No Ships!!

A Smug Looking Stuart

'He's Dead Sir'


'They Seek Him Here....'

Sheila Crombie

Jackie, Burke and Robbie

Sheila, Stuart and Robbie

Bottoms Up!!

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