Additional Character Snippets. Episode 11 - FLESH & BLOOD


1) It is Christmas time and the episode is full of baubles, tinsel and festive cheer.

2) Jim Taggart stuffs the turkey

3) Jardine whistles 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' around the station.

4) Maryhill has it's Christmas party.

5) Two of Jean Taggart's Aunts, Hettie and Peggy come over for Christmas day.

6) The McVities go to a fancy dress party - Jack as a Chinese Mandarin and Marjorie as Helen Of Troy.  their host is Bernie Sullivan (played by Jimmy Logan), who entertains his guests by singing whilst dressed in full regalia kilt and all!

7) Jardine has a fling with Ferm McCulloch, a social worker, but she two times him and he loses out AGAIN!

8)Jim Taggart is 'blown up' in this episode.  It happens inside a Custom's building. Jardine dives through the flames to save him but cant reach him.  The team begin to face up to the fact that he is dead when he emerges from the side door, "Happy New Year" .

9) The school band used in this episode were from St Andrews Secondary School, Glasgow.