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Hi jackie,

I have been a fan of taggart for as long as I can remember. I was born in glasgow & lived in maryhill most of my life but now live in nottinghamshire. I started to watch it when my Dad was an extra in some of the episodes, he was one of the undertakers William (bill) Harper, he worked for the company T & R O'Brians. Not one of the undertakers were ever mentioned in the credits why was that ? He loved working with the cast of taggart, when he came home for being on set we wolud as him what was happening & he would always tell us to watch & see. One of the episodes he was at a funeral with his back to the camera & he was smoking, my Dad said he was giving a cast member his or her cue when he put the cigarette to his mouth. Also you filmed at my secondary school Cleavden secondary school but you changed the name to north kelvin side secondary school.  To remind you of what here looked like in his uniform on & off the screen here is a photo of him at work. Lynda


Hi Jackie I’m originally from Rutherglen and moved to Australia in 1983.

I love Taggart – ‘a wee night in we Jimmie and Jean’ – nothing better ye ken.

I still watch it and love the original episodes with Marc McManus.  Can you tell me how many episodes he was in and for how long they ran?

If you know the exact titles that would be great as I’m trying to get them on DVD over here.

Many thanks for your help.

Jackie - all the episodes that Mark appeared in are listed on the Episode Guide and where to purchase teh DVDs on the Merchandise page.


I am hoping you may be able to help me out.  watching Taggart this evening, at the beginning of the episode, DS Reid is in her car alone, driving.  In the background there is a piece of music playing which sounds like a trumpet instrumental.  It's not a long piece, maybe 10 seconds or so, but I have searched everywhere trying to find out the name of the piece, without success.

Can you help?



Jackie - we're working on this one but can anyone else help?


This may have been asked before, but did Blyth appear as a waitress in a very old episode of Taggart, possibly in the Waverley Shops in Edinburgh, and if so which episode was it?

By the way, top site. I am just converting my wife to understanding the Glaswegian accent, and she loves the show.

All the best,

Christopher Gildert

Jackie - this is a new one on me Christopher but can anyone else shed any light?


Please can you tell me how jardine died? i was away at that time and never did know what happened to him. can you please tell me

with thanks from




Jackie - Sure, Jardine was murdered as he stood looking out on the Clyde.  He was hit over the back of the head, the momentum of which sent him tumbling into the water below. Full details can be found on the Episode Guide page for the episode 'Death Trap'


Hi Jackie

Nice website, well done. I am a keen fan of the show and do have a question. Where is the location where Jardine's body was found? The eerie thing about the image I saw was that the beach was punctuated by wooden poles or groyns sticking up from the ground.

Thanks ... also when's the next convention? Need a good excuse to get up North again.

Darren Niman


Jackie - Jardine's body was found on the mud flats at Langbank.


Can you advise where I may obtain episodes 13 to 29 on DVD and the further episodes from 40 onwards.

How much it is to join your Fan Club???  Pensioners rates if they apply.

Thank you for taking time to read this.


David H Abdy

Jackie - The Fan Club exists only line only just now David so all the information the site contains is free. Please visit the merchandise page for help with purchasing episodes


I wonder if you could please tell me the name of the episode in which the showed footage of an old firm game round about 1991- the suspect was at he game & Taggart & colleagues were listening on a transistor radio in the police staion. I'm pretty sure it was aired in 1992 but I'm not sure!

I have narrowed it down to one of the following, episode 18-Double exposure, 19-Violent delights, 20-The hit man, 22-Ring of deceit. this with the help of your website.

I would be grateful if you could confirm the name of the episode & tell me were i can get a copy

Hope to here from you soon Kenneth Bradford.

Jackie - The episode was Double Exposure.  Visit Merchandise page for details of where to purchase DVDs etc


Just to let everyone know I noticed that www.sendit.com have a sale of
British dramas at the moment and it includes some good prices on the
recent Taggart releases.





I'm a relatively new Taggart fan and it was great to find your site - thanks!

I'm really excited about the new epsiodes, the one nest wednesday sounds really good. There was a synopsis in the radio times that said something like at the end of the episode one of the most popular characters suffers a sudden and possibly fatal assault! eep! who is that?! does anyone know? I'm desperate! It's got to be one of the fab four, but I don't think its Burke, because he's already been shot!

Also to let you know that itv3 are running some repeats of older episodes at 10.10pm on Wednesdays - tomorrow it's Rogues Gallery.

Thanks for the great site - keep up the good job!

Ailsa x


First of all can I say both congratulations and thank-you for providing us with such a fantastic website!!

I wanted to know if there will be a Taggart convention this year and if so how would I go about attending?

Also do you know how to go about getting signed pictures of the cast.  I was lucky enough to meet Alex Norton and Blythe Duff outside my University earlier in the year when they were fillming and I would like to complete my collection.  Also if they were filming here earlier in the year (Glasgow University - Offshore cafe) is there a chance that these scences will be in the episdoes showing on either 22nd or 29th March?

Many Thanks


This may be old news but....

while playing around on the Net I discovered that some early Taggart
episodes have been released on DVD in the US.  I noticed that someone
was selling region 1 DVDs on ebay so explored further. I found that a
company called Move Mars is selling 'Taggart - the Killer set'
and 'Taggart - Death Call set'. (They say all their DVDs are region 1
and I wouldn't imagine that a US based company would sell anything
else without making it clear).


Good news for all our North American / Canadian friends.



Finally won my mother round to watching Taggart, which she mistakenly thought was a ridiculous show for carrying on using the name of someone who was dead and has never watched since the Mark Mc Manus era. She admitted to saying the plots were just as gritty as in the Mark Mc Manus days, quite liked John Michie as Robbie Ross( not surprising) and found DCI Burke to be an excellent successor to Jim Taggart as his mannerisms and abrasiveness were similar. Also, unlike some of the studio bound episodes from the eighties, my mother found the production values to be as high as anything the English ITV makes. She'll definitely be watching again.

Glenn Aylett,


Hello Jackie,

I was delighted to see a fan club devoted to Scotland's most enduring detective, Jim Taggart.

I am originally from Stranraer but emigrated to Canada in 1994. Now, I lived and worked in London for some years working in the security field. In 1994 I met a chauffeur in London (Fleet Street) who was from Glasgow. This man was the absolute living image of Mark McManus - even his voice and accent was identical. He was always being stopped in the street and asked for his autograph. I cannot for the life of me remember his name, but I am sure that a little detective work might locate him.  At that time I was an Inspector working for Regent Security Services Ltd. They did parking security for a building in Fleet Street. The client might have been Land Securities or M.E.P.C.  I am sure that if this man was traced he might be a great taggart the 2nd. His personality and easy going manner were so like Mark McManus you would think they were twins. Anyway, enough of my ramblings!

I will be flying home in August for a family wedding. I can't wait to pick up a DVD collection of Taggart!

Best Wishes from Calgary, Alberta!

Bill Gibbons


This photo was sent in by Michael Ferns (centre).  He was lucky enough to spend a day on the set of A Taste Of Money, when the crew used his Gran's property for some of the scenes


hi jackie i am new online and i love taggart just to say i love the website and will visit it all the time keep up the good work im also pleased that itv3 are showing some classic episodes i hope this continues as i was young when they were on tv and its great to see them just like to say hi to all the fans many thanks vinny. lowestoft Suffolk


The programme is great. The theme music is great. ..... but please, please, PLEASE can you go back to the Maggie Bell version?

It was SO gritty! Absolutely perfect for the programme.    Eddie Joint.


Hi there:

"Taggart" used to be screened regularly over here - some great episodes including my favourite where it showed Celtic scoring a goal against Partick Thistle.  Probably the first time a Celtic goal was screened live on prime time U.S.A

Brought back a lot of memories of a Scottish childhood.  The late Mark McManus was a fine actor.

Hail, Hail



I love Taggart even now, but loved it more when it first came out.  Both my parents are from the eastend in Glasgow, but my father joined the army when I was 6 months old (in 1960, a gers not celts) I have lived in Rutherglen for a little over 2yrs up til march 2005, after my ex husband died (but when back to Engalnd to sort my son out  who was nearly 18 as he was self harming) during that time my partner died (the guy I lived with in was in Glasgow) even though I cant go back there as it wasnt my flat but his.  I do miss Glasgow, loved every minute of it and recognise quite a few places on the program which brings me good memories.  I would go back tomorrow.

Anyway just wanted to say that I will not have anyone in England slagging off Glasgow (but will point out that I take it in all good humour) and I really love the program, loved it before I lived there and love it even more that I have lived there



Hello, I've been a "Taggart" fan ever since it first came on the tv, I watched every week with my mam, on memory I don't think we never missed any episodes.  Although I have to say when I lost my mam in February 2000 I did miss about two series because I couldn't bear to watch them without my mam.

Now I'm back on track.  and I've not missed any of the new film lenght "Taggart"  My favourite characters are Jackie, Ins. Burke and Stuart.  

I love the opportunity to talk about my favourite Television Drama Series.  Could you put my name on your fanclub list so I can talk to other "Taggart" fans?  I on;y found your web site tonight while I was browsing the 'net,  also, I've only been on the internet for three months, so I'm enjoying the experience. 

I hope to hear from you soon. 


Hi Jackie

First ... I just wanted to say congratulations to you and the team at the Taggart Fanclub for an excellent website.  I'm a real fan of the show and find your website a great resource.  One of the things I find pleasantly surprising is the way the cast seem to welcome the attention of the fans/fan club.  This is truly reflected through the website.  I'm sure many actors in many other shows wouldn't be as interested or so accomodating.  Keep up the great work with the site.

Secondly...I just wondered if you'd like to add to your news page that very old Taggart episodes are currently being shown on ITV3.  I don't know how long this "run" will last.  It was really strange watching tonight's episode - first broadcast in 1987.  It's all 80's haircuts and the incidental music has such an 80's twang to it.  However it was a good story.  I must admit to being only 16 when this episode first aired & I didn't watch it then - so tonight was the first time I'd seen it.

Tonight's was "Killing Philosophy".  Next week's is "Funeral Rites" - Tues 29th Nov. ITV3 9pm-11.35pm.

Thought you may like to let other fans know.

All the best



Hi Jackie,

    I have only just noticed that ITV3 are broadcasting early episodes of Taggart. Do you know if the missing episodes on Clearvision are going to be shown? For example, will "Knifedge" be shown or have I already missed the broadcast.

                                                    Best Wishes, Mike


Firstly, congratulations on your site. I can see it is a work in progress, but it is already the best Taggart resource on the web IMO.

I have a question: comparing your episode guide to the Clear Vision DVDs listed here:



...there would appear to be a lot of the MacManus & Macpherson era episodes which are not currently available on DVD. Is this indeed the case?

Thanks in advance for your time,

Kind regards


Jackie - Look out for John Williams Productions to release these missing episodes in  2006


Great website guys,

Taggart is simply magnificent- always has been and it hasn't stood still.

The last couple of series have been outstanding. Remained true to the origins without too much CSI MTV superficial stylising The present police

team- a true force to be reckoned with. The best collaboration of detectives that ever was formed. I hope SMG won't TEMPTED to score some cheap ratings by killing one of the fab 4 off. NOT ONE of these greats are expendable.

Here's to at least another decade of Glaswegian crime fighting. Best show on the box.

David Howe



Hi I am currently collecting Taggart episodes on DVD I have most of them and the ones not available are being released by John Williams productions next year I understand,however I have noticed on PLAY.COM There is a listing For a DVD named Taggart-The Classic Episodes due for release on Monday but no details-do you know which episodes these will be?


Jackie - John Williams Productions inform me that they had hoped to get some classic episodes released before Christmas but now feel that it will be in the new year.  I will post release dates as and when I get them


Good morning Jackie ( i'm sorry for my very bad english....)

My name is Harpa Flóventsdóttir and i attended the Taggart convention 19th of october..

I just wanted to send you an email and express my gratitude.. I had loads of fun and it was marvellous to see the cast...an opportunity given by you..

thank you very much... I thought it was a great night and you deserve many thanks for it :) I hope to be there at the next convention..

Best wishes and thanks,

Harpa Flóventsdóttir


Hi Jackie,

Just want to let you know that i like your website.

You clearly have put in a lot of work.  I am a relatively new fan to the show, apart from watching it when i was a kid (28 now...god!!).  I have been going mad over the last few months buying the box sets of episodes.  I wish I was able to go to the convention but hopefully next time.  Is the dvd worth getting?

As it happens I am going to Glasgow (GREAT CITY) on Saturday, cant wait for that, as i live in southern Ireland.  Dont think UTV (ITV Ulster)are showing the new episode this week either.

Kind Regards

Kevin w

Jackie - The Convention DVD features setting up the venue and the cast Q&A session.  Great fun and a must have for any Taggart fan I should say!


Keep up the good work xx 

Hi I am a big fan of taggart and have started to collect the old episodes that I used to watch with my Dad!, and have bought the first or what I thought were the first 12 episodes in 2 box sets, Having looked though the episode number 3 on your guide Knife Edge is not on it-do you know why? also I cannot seem to find my favourite episode Nest Of Vipers available anywhere , why Is this and are there any more episodes that are unavailable on DVD?

Great Site by the way



Jackie - Matt, good news - missing episodes to be released on DVD next year.  See merchandise page for full details


Dear Jackie   I,m a big fan of Taggart as you would expect but can you please tell me where I can get hold of one of the bears that says "There,s been a murder "

Yours sincerely Brian Johnston. 

Jackie - The bear was a one off unique item for the Convention silent auction.  I'm not sure that we planned on creating a Taggart bear dynasty!!


Hi Jackie

Was wondering if you saw the actual edition of the Evening Times for Monday, October 17th, 2005, which contained Vicky Davidson's Feature on Taggart.  When I answered Vicky's questions for the feature, I asked if she could send me the article in print, and yesterday I received the whole newspaper from her.

I had read the online article, but the newspaper has a fantastic picture put together by a talented lady in the Art Department, which would make a wonderful addition to your Taggart_fans website.  Actually, it would make a fantastic poster.  I have tried to scan it, but of course scans from newspapers are never much good, but have put it in here to give you some idea:

The collage in the background of the four stars, with Jim Taggart watching over them - fantastic

I thanked Vicky for sending the paper and this is part of her reply:

"The collage photo was created by our art department - I will pass on your
compliments to the designer, I'm sure she'll be pleased her work is
appreciated on the other side of the world! I thought it was brilliant too,
the ghost of Taggart with the bright new young things in the foreground. And
nice views of Glasgow.

Glad to hear that everyone enjoyed the convention, I must get in touch with
Jackie to hear how she got on. Hopefully now that the ball is rolling it
will become a regular fixture."

Perhaps you could arrange something through her for your site

'Bye for now,



Why don't the producers bring back an actor (who's been properly trained), to to replace Jim Taggart, in a man, that not only is pretty well able to 'talk exactly the same way', use the same accentuated grammar as Mark McManus was in the habit of doing, is able to use 'pretty much the same gestures' as he did, and still able to bring the same 'general gritty feel' to the charachter.

With facial features (make-up department) enhanced, in an exact, yet  temporary way, in every nuance of his face, even going so far as to employ removable 'facial orthoses' (that cannot be re - produced in any other way, i.e., for the nose and chin), with either 'inside -the cheeks' pads to flesh out the face, if necessary, that are removable after production of an episode is finished; or collagen- injections into the cheeks to 'more permanently' correct/ alter the face for the role; Either method should work. 

So as to leave the actor, (after the producer has, for the next week or so, finished for the moment, with him), with pretty much the same face he had, before shooting of that episode had started; (Depending, of course, on whether the artificial, or more permanent method of 'fleshing - out the face had been employed.) And ready to resume the make-up and orthoses for the charachter of 'Taggart' as soon as is required.

In this way, the producers would be able to put 'Jim Taggart' back into the police drama 'TAGGART' in such a way, as to satisfy the TAGGART loving fans.

Yours Sincerely, Cameron James Mc.Kenzie, New Zealand


Hi Jackie,

Since we colonials must get our Taggart fixes from DVD, I thought it might be useful to develop a list of commercial DVD sources, episodes offered, and episodes not available. Using your episode guide, here's what I came up with:

Shock - www.shock.com.au - Pilot and episodes 1-15 in three 3-disc Taggart Collections. Region Code 0, PAL.

Clear Vision - www.clearvision.co.uk - Pilot, 1, 2, 4-10, 12-14, 16, 19, 21-23, 24, 26, 29, 30, 32, 33, 36-40, 44-55 in 2, 4, and 6-disc sets.

Region Code 2, PAL.

John Williams - www.johnwilliamsproductions.com - Episodes 56-64 in three 3-disc boxed sets. Region Code 2, PAL.

Not Presently Available - 17, 18, 20, 25, 27, 28, 31, 34, 35, 41-43, 65-74.

Future Plans - Shock plans to offer three more Taggart Collections, episodes unknown. John Williams plans future releases of episodes 65-73.

Hope that other Taggart fans find this info useful.


Leroy Cubicciotti

Buellton, California



Hi Jackie

I have just come across your Taggart site and want to say it is really great, I am in Australia, and we have just seen the latest series and I really enjoyed each one. I  can't wait for the next series.  This has to be one of the best crime dramas there is on TV.

Your site is really great, you've done a wonderful job putting it together, love all the pictures, and one day would love to come over to your side of the world to see the place. 




Is there anywhere on the net I can download the theme tune for the above TV series. No Mean City Maggie Bell. Thanks for your help.


Jackie - sadly not Hazel, but No Mean City is available on the Taggart soundtrack CD


Dear Taggart-fans

I have to apologize for my bad English, but I'd love to thank you so much for this great fan-page!

I am absolutely fond of Scotland, but except some delicious types of Whisky it's hard to find Scottish things in my country (when I asked in the english bookshop in Zürich for audio-plays with scottish accent, they looked at me as if I've just dropped from the sky).

Thanks to the actor Billy Boyd I heard for the first time of those Taggart police dramas. But when I asked in the shops in Switzerland for it, I was told, that this would not exist!...So I started to search myself and was lucky to find your great work at the Internet. I ordered the six-disc-set...now I am absolutely addicted to this crime stories and hunger for more!!!

In spite of your link to clearvision, I was not able to find the episode with mister Boyd (Dead man's chest). Could you not help me to find this film? This would be so great.

Anyhow, I am looking forward to receive my next order from clearvision and hope you can enjoy lots of new Taggart-dramas.

Thanks again! Cheerio, Tanja Hirschi, Switzerland


Hi Jackie.

I don't know if you remember, but I asked you a while back about an actor I didn't recognise, anyway.

This time, I have some info for you. A film crew, came round and asked if they could use a bit of our land for some filming...it turns out it's for an episode of Taggart!

They will be here on the 13th, 14th July.

Any idea who the guest actors are?

David Nisbet.


The latest Taggart screened in Australia last night.  Not so good as Mind Over Matter but still quite good.  Don't want to spoil it for those who will see it later so I'll give you the spiel from one of the TV guides and a few bits and pieces.

'The discovery of the body of a trophy wife leads the team on a trail of infidelity, blackmail and revenge'

The early scenes in a nice home with polished wood floorboards and glass table remind me a bit of one of the places in Fistful Of Chips - wasn't the same place but had a similar feel on the interior at least.

Gemma in quite a few scenes.  In one briefing she appears weirdly in a skimpy, sleeveless top while every one else is in long sleeves and suits.

Robbie has a few naughty boy moments with a set of binoculars, and the girls do get in a laugh at his expense along the way.

Matt has a date.  He also has some past involvement with a couple of the guest characters.

One person gets killed with a flare gun - nasty way to go!

A couple of familiar faces amongst the guest actors (will have to look back through the episodes etc to work out where I've seen them before)

Helen - Australia



Great site, please keep it up !

As I am sure most Taggart fans are aware, DVD box sets of the series are available through Clearvision Video, with some of the early episodes being issued as "DVD Doubles". However, I have found an online Australian web site that is offering disks under the name : "The Taggart Collection".

These consist of three box sets which contain ALL the first 16 episodes in the series, including "Knife Edge", "Flesh and Blood" and "Death Comes Softly", which, if I am not mistaken, are not actually available through Clearvision. Better still, the box sets are only  around £15-£16 each including postage, which makes them better value than the Clearvsion DVD Doubles. The drawback, of course, is that you need a multi region player to play them ! The web site address is : www.fbo.com.au

Do you know about these disks ? Why are they not being released in the UK ?

Peter Nunez


Apart from being Britain's longest running, and one of our best, crime dramas, Taggart must be unique in retaining the name of its main character years after he died. It could have been renamed Jardine or Ross, but full marks to STV for keeping the name and the grittiness of the Mark Mc Manus years. I was in Glasgow this week and recognised some of the landmarks used in Taggart.

I am also pleased to see another series of Taggart is to be made. The last series was the best for a long time and I reckon Burke is Taggart reborn, as he shows plenty of the great man's characteristics.

Glenn Aylett.


Hi Jackie,

Am definitely back to being a Michael Jardine fan, thanks to TeresaF, who very kindly sent me copies of quite a few episodes that I didn’t have.  Three are from 1990, one 1993 and one 1994 and Michael is just gorgeous in them – must be the blonde hair and blue eyes that we go for over here.  Although it’s a shame that James didn’t look after himself better and put on that weight.  Of course Robbie looks in great shape – no need to tell you that.

We thought we were going to see some new Taggart episodes at the end of April, but our ABC have put on “Murphy’s Law” instead.  Hope there are not too many episodes in that series so that maybe we’ll get Taggart when that is finished. 

Had to buy a DVD player/recorder as Teresa sent the copies on DVD, and of course I will want to record the new Taggarts as and when they come.  Only got it just over a week ago, so am having a lot of fun(?) trying to work out all the buttons and functions etc.  That instruction manual is going to be rather dog eared before I’m through.

‘Bye for now, Peggy

Teresa Runs www.jamesmacpherson.com




Jackie - Hi Alex.  The episode you mention is 'Atonement'. It features in the Episode Guide and there are a few pictures in the Galleries.


Taggart fan Barry Clements was lucky enough to meet Colin McCredie outside of the Perth Theatre where Colin has been appearing in a play called 'Sabina'



Hi again,we mailed you on info about an episode that our daughter appeared in as a member of a dance tap class,just to say I worked at Barlinnie special unit at the time,and Mark would come and visit one of the prisoners there at the time called William "toe" Elliott,this guy used to get Scottish actors/celebs. to visit the unit and i was fortunate enough to have my picture taken with Mark and Toe. I am aware that Mark had problems with the drink but he was a great and genuine type of guy,and it was always a pleasure to meet him.John and Marlene.P.S.,a friend of mine used to have a regular spot on the show as a policeman,I think he spoke once otherwise it was walk on spots. Anyway great web site


Hi there, found the site by accident and it is now marked as a 'favourite'!

I wanted to mention that I saw Colin McCredie open a charity Christmas fete at the end of last year. I really wanted to say how wonderful he was. This is the 'unpaid' part of being in the public eye that is done by such selfless, nice individuals and it never heard about. It was a very cold, very early Saturday morning and he didn't just turn up, say hello, declare this thing open and leave. He hung about for hours, drinking cups off tea and spending time chatting to anyone that wanted to say hello... this was pretty much everyone! He spent alot of time going round the stalls and I saw him buy handfuls of tombola tickets which he handed them out to folk massed around him. To see the looks on folks' faces was wonderful. He made alot of people very, very happy that day and added greatly to the success that the fete was. A genuinely nice guy doing a very good deed indeed!



Hello Jackie

I have just found you site - think it is great. Probably everyone says the same thing, but Taggart is by far my favourite show on TV.

You mention on the site that you might be running a convention - if the date is okay I would like to be there!

Now can you help me with my search for Taggart books? Having watched the show from (nearly) the start, I am sure that I remember Taggart books being published maybe in the mid eighties to accompany the series, or did I imagine this? The only Taggart merchandise I have is videos and the Taggart Casebook from some years ago. I did once ask for Taggart books in a book shop in Glasgow and was advised to read an Ian Rankin instead - shocking or what.

So any ideas of a website or place I could try? Also I noticed you were offering signed photos - I see they have all gone, but do you have any other 'goodies' just lying around waiting for a home?

All the best

Peter Llewellyn

Jackie - The Taggart novelisations are available second hand from www.amazon.co.uk



I read about the website in the Sunday Post, and am pleased to have discovered it! I'm a huge fan of Taggart and have just caught up with all the new episodes having missed them when I've been at uni! A couple of weeks ago they had the base unit outside my flat in the West End for two days, and I saw John and Blythe going away to film. I also walked and found the house they were doing the location shoot in (Athole Gardens, off Byres Road if you are interested). Also know a few other locations from the West End from episodes if you want them for the website, but would possibly have to watch the DVDs again to get which one. Anyway, just wanted to say well done on setting up the website for us fans and also you were lucky to be in an episode! If only John had said hi back to me, maybe I'd have been in with a chance!



Wasnt it wonderful to hear that Alex had won that film role, but my first thought was, oh, will he decide to call Taggart a day.  Hope not.

All the episodes in this series have been fantastic, I would have a job to choose which one was the best.  I am so glad that Jackie stands up for herself and gives old Matt as good as she gets.



I am now hooked on taggart, the new cast is exellant and, as is the program, I can`t wait for Thursday`s to come around so I can set the tape in the video to record Glasgow`s fine.

I am from Scotland myself, and now living in England, and watching Taggart is like a breath of fresh Scottish air brillant, THANK YOU.

I love the way that the hole team work together, but at the same time can follow up lead`s, and then, join what you know to the criminal mind.

This is exellant, I hope that ITV, oh dear I nearly put STV, keep on running TAGGART.

Thank you for giving me the chance to put my comment.


Hi Jackie

I though you might like to see some Behind the Scenes pictures of the episode "In Camera" which I had the pleasure to take part in as an extra.

The exterior police office scenes were filmed at the James Weir Building, University of Strathclyde in Montrose Street, Glasgow City Centre. I attach some pictures for your interest including one of Robbie being interviewed.

The other pictures are a group picture of the extras on set that day, including one of me (with a real police officer in the background..used to control and stop the traffic to allow filming to take place!). All in all a very enjoyable day! I even had a stint at driving a police Mondeo shown exiting the office (I look quite gruff in this pic for some reason!).

Hope this is useful! Keep up the excellent work with the site, it's a mine of really interesting information.

Kind regards and best wishes




We love receiving stories and photos like this so if anyone else out there has anything they'd like included on the site please email us.


These photos were sent in by Taggart fan Louise Brady.  They were taken at a charity event in aid of the Scottish Youth Theatre in November last year.


Left:  Louise with John Michie. Right:  Louise with Alex Norton


Left: Louise with Colin McCredie. Right: Louise with Blythe Duff

Hello dear Jackie!

I must admit that through all the years I have deeply enjoyed watching the Taggart show on Danish Television, including this evening. The episode was the one with the supermarket girl pretending to be a law student, who killed her father's killer!

So, I had to find some more information, finally, because I have considered this many times before. I am just an ordinary (married) man, but nevertheless I feel very inspired watching Lesley Harcourt (plus Blythe Duff and other actresses). Of course I looked for pictures of Lesley, which brought me to your fanclub, via Google. Now, I have spent more than one hour reading some of your interesting information. Thank God, and thank you!

You write on the Taggart Facts page that any missing information is welcome.

I am not that kind of expert, though, so probably I won't be able to add anything at all, but I will allow myself to correct a spelling error that appears twice, namely the possessive pronomen (if this is the English name for what I know from Danish and Latin), third person, singular, "its". It appears in the following sentences:

The show makes it's money several times over in foreign sales alone.

....but it was beginning to lose it's edge.


Once again, thank you very much indeed for your fanclub. I wish that you will keep having the energy to maintain it. Good luck!

Best regards,

Jesper Kaae


Hi there,

I am i big Taggart fan and have only recently discovered your website. Do you have any pictures of the cast left at all and if so would i be able to get hold of any?


Andrew Greer


Classic Taggart and a cracking episode. I've come to the conclusion that I've led a very sheltered life and have certainly never invited my friends round for a game of Strip Monopoly!! Beats the hell out of Pictionary I suppose!! I nearly joked on my glass of wine as my in-laws have a stone, ornamental hedgehog on their front lawn .....surely not?????!!!! They also have a mole, but not sure what that means!!

I noticed the scene at the burger van was where Jardine met his end.

As you say, this location is obviously to be avoided at all costs.

Do you think the rather sinister new Assistant Chief Constable is going to be a regular character or just a one-off last night brought in as a red herring?? If we're going to be seeing more of him I get the feeling he could make life difficult for Robbie who didn't pull too many punches in his dealings with him last night.

As we had to have the gratuitous shot of Gemma bouncing/running down the corridor in her tight t-shirt, I thought they could have evened matters up a bit my getting Robbie into a pair of rubber trousers!!

Karen xx


hi jackie, great to see 'taggart' get the recognition it so richly deserves! well done you! apart from being a long time fan of arguably the best detective series around, i adore the voice of maggie bell whom used to sing the titles - 'no mean city '. i have tried for years to obtain a copy of her singing this, but up present, without success.....please, please, tell me where i might sate my quest! kind regards portsmouth



Hi Jackie

May I just say this is the first time I've been on your website and i think it's great !!!!!

I am building up a collection of taggart videos and now have over 20!

Just wonder if you have any idea how I can get hold of wonderful episodes like the Hit Man which clear vision do not seem to have on their product list.

Many thanks

Mark Murray

Jackie - Mark, this is one of life's little mysteries - for some reason there are gaps in the episodes released.


Hello Jackie!

I'm an American fan of the show. I would love to attend a convention about the show, but it is a long way for me to travel. I'm also planning on being in Glasgow in early August for the world science fiction convention, so probably couldn't make another trip there this year.

On another note, you might want to add to the merchandise page the information that Clearvision won't mail to the US. Although a friend has offered to 'broker' them for me, I've been spacing out the purchases as they show up on other web sites. So far, the vol 1-6 box set is supposedly exclusive to HMV (www.hmv.co.uk). They have the other sets too. Amazon UK

(www.amazon.co.uk) has some of the DVDs.


Melita Kennedy


Last week's episode was great.  Do hope poor John didn't get frost bite etc when he was starkers with all the turkeys.

Jan Dore


Hi Jackie,

Heard you on the Fred McAuley show this morning. I had a look through your site because I was looking for an episode where a scene was filmed on 12 September 2000 at Strathallan airfield in Perthshire.

The episode was about a skydiving murder and I was one of the stunt skydivers at the airfield. Just wondering if you could tell me what the episode was called and where I could possibly get a copy of the episode or the skydiving scenes so that I can annoy my wife by continually bragging about it!


Bunny McGeechan

Jackie - The episode was 'Falling In Love' and can be purchased from www.clearvision.co.uk


Hi Jackie

I have just found your website and am enjoying looking at it.  I have actually put it on my favourites so I can go back to it at a later date when I want to.

Would it be possible for you to send me the photos you have up on the cast and then also the group one please?  I have every intention of writing to the production office when I actually find the address.

My favourite is Matt in the show along with Alex who I also think is great. 

I have watched Taggart since it started I think, certainly in the early days when Mark was at the helm.  I have to say I am really looking forward to watching this weeks when Matt us suspended.

Take Care and I look forward to hearing from you regarding the photos

Best Wishes



Hi there,

Did you happen to get the cast list for last thursdays Taggart? I was interested to see who that was playing Marco as he looks familiar but the usual thing happened with TV credits and they went to fast then they started spliting the screen so slow readers like me didn't stand a chance. Marco's mother also seemed familia

You might be interested in this piece of Taggart trivia. There was an episode about a fertility clinic a long time ago. The country house featured, beside a bit of water where there was an incident with a boat, was filmed at Lochend House at the Lake of Menteith. You can clearly see Ben Lomond. The house was badly damaged by fire a few years ago looks a bit different. What is more odd is that the current occupant of the house is Victoria Nairn who did a bit of acting and appeared in an episode of Taggart (Nest of Vipers I think) playing the wife of a victim. She was also in Shallow Grave as one of the prospective flat mates.

In the fertility clinic episode there is also a bit where there is a video from Canada, that is also filmed at the Lake of Menteith.


To Jackie,

I must say I think this has been so far one of the best series of Taggart I have watched. 'Puppet on a String' last week had again a great story line with some very good funny one liners especially to do with the Ear.

But last night 'The Wages of Sins'  was the best so far I loved the partnership between Jackie and Burke they work well together. I feel sorry for Stuart he always gets the boring jobs to do. But of course the most hilarious part was Robbie in with the Turkeys "the only time I wouldn't mind being a turkey if you know what I mean !!!!!!!! "my daughter even texted me after that scene telling me  to put my tongue in my mouth don't know what on earth she mean't, could of showed a bit more though !  Burke, Jackie and Stuart laughing and Burke "saying good job we got here before Christmas"  its nice to see burke with a sense of humour. I couldn't stop laughing at the Pub scene  when Robbie says he wants to go after Mcgregor but isn't allowed and Stuart says might knock the Stuffing out of you'I think I willing be watching that a fews times on my video. The close connection of the team comes through which I think is great, although Robbie likes to tease people but doesn,t like to be teased. But my John is looking really corr!!! sexy this series

 Hope Taggart keeps up this good work and should have more reconition then they get

 Do you know if Smg is releasing any new DVDs of Taggart as its been a while since the last ones.

Best Wishes  Julie



I have been watching some of the original episodes on the Hallmark Channel and I am positive that Alex Norton, now starring as DCI Matt Burke, played a murder suspect in the episode titled Knife Edge.

The character was a butcher named George Bryce who went from being a murder suspect to being a murder victim.

I watched the episode a couple of weeks before watching the first of the Matt Burke episodes on Danish television but I am sure that Alex Norton played George Bryce.

You probably already know this but I noticed that Lesley Harcourt’s earlier appearance on the show was mentioned in her biography where as Alex Norton’s appearance is not mentioned.

Nice site, by the way



Dear Jackie,

Love the website ! How long have you been up and running ? I have watched the show since about 1985 and it has always frustrated me that the programme hasn't had the coverage or exposure it deserves. Justice has now been done !

I think Alex Norton is a tremendous asset to the show and has given it a new edge not seen since the Mark McManus heydays. The last episode was fantastic entertainment - great mix of drama and mystery and a storyline that was gripping. Why have ITV left it so long - prior to the episode on the 30th December it must have been over 6 months since the last episode ?? I would be interested in the convention this year if it goes ahead depending on when you plan to do it - my wife is expecting a baby in April so that would be a no-go then obviously !!

I was wondering if the set of autographs of Alex, John, Blythe & Colin were still available ? If so could I request a set please ?I will gladly reimburse you any of the costs involved, please let me know.

In the meantime, keep up the good work and I will look forward to keeping abreast of the latest news etc.

Kind regards



Dear Team

Stumbled across this site today and am having a lovely time browsing. Love the accounts of the day at the studio. Am very envious! I'm from Australia but I was in Glasgow in July 2003 for the Screen Conference. I stayed at the Halls of Residence in the West of Scotland Science Park. I caught the bus on Maryhill Rd every day and kept hoping that someone from Taggart - preferably James Macpherson - would leap out and accost me, but no such luck! I really enjoyed being in Glasgow and found the Glaswegians so friendly. Am hoping I can get back there soon!





Where can I get a copy of Maggie Bells theme tune to the program?

Many Thanks, Gary

Jackie - The soundtrack CD featuring 'No Mean City' by Maggie Bell is available from www.amazon.co.uk.  The catalogue number is 5219422.


Hi Jackie
Hope you had a good christmas and have an ever better Hogmany
What a christmas present for us all, Taggart shown next Thursday and I
believe the following one too.


Jackie - That's right Jan, Puppet On A String follows on the 6th Jan and then it's The Wages Of Sin on the 13th January 2005.


Dear Jackie,
I would like to wish you and all the cast and crew a Merry Christmas and a
fantastic New Year, I hope everyone enjoys the festive season.
Once again thankyou for the great site and I'm looking forward to no doubt
some fantastic new episodes next year.
All the best from downunder.


Greetings from Russia!

My name is Mikhail and I am a huge Taggart fan. Yes, the drama is shown here as it is said in _Taggart facts_ and it successfully competes with numerous Russian and American cop-shows. I was very glad to discover your site. Many thanks for the good work done. I started watching Taggart back in 1993, I can say I grew up with this drama. In 1995 I scribbled a fan letter to the production crew. They must have been surprised to learn that they got viewers in this country. Drama producer Robert Love personally answered me. It  was great.

Taggart is still first class. Actually I think It is the personalities rather than the plot twists that make us love this drama.

Mikhail Vasiliev


My Dear All,

Wishing all of you (Taggart fans) everything you need (let your dreams come true) in New Year A.D. 2005. I hope that it will be a Great Year for all of us. And in this festive season I send to you my warm thoughts, love and many kisses.

To Japanese Taggart fans: Maybe Daiki Ito will win The Ski Jumping Competition next year. He's really good. Notabene Funaki, Kasai and Miyahira too ;-). I'll keep my fingers crossed for Malysz, of course ;-).

Best wishes

Agnieszka (Agnes)


Hi All,
This is after the fact, but thought some of you would be interested to know that according to his website on November 16th James Macpherson was honored by his old drama school the Royal Scottish Academy of Music & Drama.  Along with actors Denis Lawson & Bill Paterson, James was made a Fellow of the prestigious institution.  Well done James.
Gilli Hale

Jackie - He did indeed Gilli and thanks for your email. I think the subject is further covered on James' website:  www.jamesmacpherson.com


My Dear All,

We're celebrating Blythe Duff's birthday today!!! I really like it. I can
practise telepathy. well... I tried to sent my warm, nice thoughts to Mrs
Duff using my mind but it didn't work, I think, unfortunately. So I'm trying
another way:
Happy birthday to YOU, happy birthday to YOU
Happy birthday DEAR BLYTHE
Dear Mrs Duff,
Many happy returns and whatever you want
With lots of love
Agnieszka (Agnes) 


I went to the Scottish Youth Theatre charity night the other evening what a fab night - entered the raffle for tha special Taggart alarm clock -didn't win it though! Won a trip for two in Radio Clyde's eye in the sky helicopter and when Blythe read my name out and asked who I'b be taking I replied John, so spoke to him later on and he said he would like to come if his insurance allowed - you know all that boring stuff about not being able to go skiing.  I'll need to show you the pictures had a great evening and there was even free wine yeahhh! Whats the news on the taggart convention that would be fun.   Speak soon, Louise xxx

Jackie - Lucky you Louise!!!  Can't wait to see those pictures!


My name is Shinji Kawai and I'm 31 years old and I'm from Japan.
I'm a male Ph.D course student and I live in Fukuoka, Kyushu.
Do you know Kyushu and Fukuoka City in Japan ?
Kyusyu is famous for hot springs in Japan.

I'm interestied in your homepage very much and it's interesting for me..
My parents and I often watch Tggart in Japan though the cable television of
It's a very interesting detective story.
We like Taggart very much.
I watched all episodes !

By the way, my mother would like to know Anne-Marie Timoney as DSI Val
My mother often wonders if she is from France because her first name,
is one of French names.
My mother is learning French.
Could you tell me about Anne-Marie Timoney ?
I remember she appeared Episode 'Gingerbread' and she was a murderer.
My mother thinks Anne-Marie Timoney is a very good actress.
Don't you think so ?

I knew Glasgow several years ago because I'm interested in Charles
I have plan to go to Scotlad in my summer hoilday (It is next year).
I want to go to Glasgow, and see Mackintosh' works.
I also want to visit Loch Lomond. I heard it very beautiful lake.
Is this true ?
I want to visit The Willow Tea Room.
When I go to Glasgow, could you tell me about sightseeing in Glasgow ?

If you're not interested in my e-mail, please delete it and do not answer.

Best regards,

Shinji Kawai
From Japan

Jackie - Anne Marie Timoney will soon appear in the Cast and Character section


any news of past characters such as taggart's wife jean ?


Jackie - Nothing new Cliff, but I will be adding Harriet Buchan to the Cast and Characters page.


Many thanks for all your hard work in producing this site. It takes a lot of time and commitment to maintain these things.

 I have been a Taggart fan since the series started and I was instantly hooked, partly because the story was in three parts and it was so much fun trying to guess who did it. I don't think I ever got it right though because there were so many red herrings! It has been very enjoyable watching the characters evolve and of course sad when some have departed. I think it is great that there appear to be so many new Taggart fans as well as us more mature ones!

I noticed that the Geoff Tibballs book "Taggart Casebook"  the first ten years is still available (at least n Amazon). This is a must for any fan who has not got a copy.

Like everyone I am really looking forward to the new episodes later in the year and it is so good to be able to go somewhere to find out when they are going to be on and to get some background info.

Keep up the good work and thanks again.

Irene Kirk



Hi Jackie,

Thanks for the signed photo, I received it in the mail
on Friday and am rapt. I met up with Megs on Saturday
and she gave me a bunch of DVD's to watch so I finally
saw "Deathtrap". I would have been really shocked to
see a leading character killed off like that had I not
already known, so that kinda spoiled the experience
for me. Having said that, the scene where Jackie
uncovers Mike's face and tenderly picks off debris
from his hair while tears silently fall down her
cheeks, I was gone, tears streaming down my cheeks;
then again when she gives such a touching eulogy.
Bravo Ms. Duff, to be able to reach out and move
people by your performance, and thank you, I'm an even
bigger fan now!! :)

Keep up the good work on the site folks, thanks.



Dear Jackie,
How good to discover that there is now a website devoted to 'Taggart'.  So good to see that they ARE other fans out there and I'm not the only one!
I have been a huge fan of the series since it started all those years ago and although I do not think it is the same since James Macpherson left, I still think it is the best of the British TV detective dramas.  Long may it continue.  You have been SOOOO lucky to have gone on the set and met the cast.  I will definately been looking at the website regularly from now on.
One question  - well lots actually!  But I'll just start with:-
Does anyone have a complete copy of the "There's Been a Murder" documentary that was only shown in Scotland that they could copy for me?  (Will supply tape & postage)  I know you can get it in 'parts' on the end of DVD episodes.  I don't have DVD and would not wish to splash out on 4 episodes just to get the complete doc!  Any ideas anyone?
Gilli Hale


Hey Everyone!!!

Guess who i bumped into today!!!!!!!!!  Only colin mcredie lol and robert love talking in byres Road.  i was heading for the tube station after my lectures at uni. And there they  where standing talk. i was like OMG!!! so i continued to walk to the station but i'd kick myself if i didnt go back so i did lol and i said to him i just wanted to say hi and he shook my hand and asked my name lol i was so excited and he said this is robert he used to produce and i said oh yes robert love and i shook his hand. i broke the ice, as it were, with do u remember those three u had one the set the other week ago (a scottish expression for any length of time lol) he said yes so i was saying that we converse on here and told him about the pictures and told him jackie had sent me a signed photo, colin was saying thhat they were just talking about the scotish paraliment recognisition and i said yes they put it on the website lol and then robert was saying there trying to get an exhibition togther for all the epsiodes and he's working on it lol i told them about ur convention idea , i told colin that you three said he was the more eager for the fans he smiled and nugded robert and said "see i'm a nice guy"

then he said that its good that younge people are watching the show and then robert was saying how he and mark had when to prag and got the all start treament limos and bodygurard and thats when i told them about going to hong kong and getting a taggart video to watch from jardine lookout in aberdeen robert though that was funny lol. we stood talkin for at least 5 minutes lol l and said i was at the uni he said that "you'll probably see me around" i smiled and then i thanked him for talking to me lol shook their hands again and got on the tube and went home lol

u can imagine how giddy i was and how happy i am now! i'm glad i went back lol i would have kicked my self if i hadnt he was a really nice guy and i think robert was impressed that i recognised and knew his name lol

just thoguh u'd like to know!

sorry for talking so much i was just so excited!!


lisa xx  


Cheers from Down Under Jackie :-) (I'm from Melbourne,

I'm responding to your site because I have just
started watching the show and there is obviously a lot
for me to catch up on! Thank you SO much to those who
have created and contributed to your site, I was
searching for a while for biography info on Blythe
Duff and character details for Jackie Reid; you
supplied both on your site only it leaves me hungry
for more!! :-O I have been keen to know what she has
done outside of Taggart, particularly any other
TV/Film work which I might be able to get hold of. I
love Blythe Duff's work and would love to hear her
sing if you know of anyway to get hold of a
recording...I also love the chemistry between
Jackie/Robbie and Mike and am sorry to read that
Mike's character has been killed off, (I haven't seen
that episode). What hooked me was watching "Falling In
Love" which aired only a few weeks ago and so far I
have only managed to see "Flesh and Blood" and "Death
Comes Softly" (on hire), "Legends", "Black Orchid" and
half of "Hellfire" (due to VCR malfunction -
Aaaaahhh!!) I'm looking for anyone who can tell me
exciting plot info about Jackie's character and also
anyone who has episodes on tape and would be willing
to copy them, ( I would be happy to cover postage,) as
there is basically nothing available in Aus at the
moment, (it's not even screening on TV or cable,) and
there are so many episodes to see; (I'm *especially*
keen to see "Ring of Deceit"). 

Thanks for your time and any assistance would be
greatly appreciated. :-)
Bye for now.


My Dear Jackie, Mr. and Mrs. Godwin,
I'm very calm and restrained. Now, I can write this letter without screaming
I really needed it. I had got to be sure that people I respect and admire
(OK, I'm keen on them, I'm mad about them, too;)) don't work only for money.
That the cast and crew need a contact with viewers and fans nearly as much
as we with them.
Isn't it optimistic and hopeful if that contact is so warm and friendly?
I want to thank Mr. and Mrs.Godwin for their account of the meeting and chat
with Mrs. Blythe Duff. I have to confess that Jackie Reid is my favourite
character after Taggart, dr Andrews and Jardine's death (but about it in the
future;)). I'm very attachted to her. She's some kind of bridge between old
and new, past and present. [Faithful till the end!!!!];).
I was strenghtless when I read about the 'Tigger' from 'Winnie the Poof''.I
just couldn't stop laugh when I imagined that. I laughed till I cried.
Would you be so kind to me and send me Mrs. Duff and Mr. McCredie's photos,
please...It wouldn't be fair to ask for Mr. Michie  and Mr. Norton's photos
'cos I don't deserve it (yet;)).
I wish I were with you during that day..I didn't realize that I'm able to
feel so strong emotions thinking about the events which were going on so far
away (and concurrently so close)
I have to sincere: I was really afraid that the cast will be 'untouchables',
you know: 'I'm sorry, I have no time, talk to my menager' or something like
that. Hopefully, that they are human's, warm-hearted and friendly people,
all of them. Don't be hidden behind their status and caravans.I wasn't sure
if it is possible when they've been popular and loved by  millions fans for
so many years , but I hope so. I wasn't disappointed.
I was truly touched. It was very important to me to hear that Mrs. Blythe
Duff is so enchanting and warm-hearted woman, that Mr. Colin McCredie is so
cude and really sweet , that Mr. Alex Norton seems slightly shy and very
nice person (I still don't like Burke), and Mr. John Michie is so friendly
and truly charming.
It was real pleasure . Thank you
P.S. You look great!!!!! I like your smiles very much
With love



Dear Jackie.


 My name is Sigridur Jonsdottir, a gigantic Taggart fan from Iceland. A few months ago I stumbled onto your website and what a stumble it was. Definitely impressed with the amount of time you and your team have spent on the site. As I said earlier I am a gigantic fan of the show and have been since I remember myself, as the show started the same year that I was born.


 Am now currently studying in Edinburgh, only a stone's throw away from Glasgow. Will never forget when I first saw the Clyde Auditorium, or the first time I saw it up close. Anyway, won't go deeply into details as it would probably take too much of my time. To make a long long story short I summoned up the courage to write to you because of one reason: My friend back in Iceland. She, like me, is a great fan of the show, one of the few people I know that likes it as much, if not more than me.


 When I saw that you had signed photographs from the cast I knew that I had to write, if only just to congratulate you on the website.



Sigridur Jonsdottir.




What an execellent behind the scene view. Looks like you all had a good time. Do any of the current cast keep in contact with James Macpherson?

Jackie - It would appear that James doesn't have much at all to do with the programme now - I guess he just wants to move his career on.


Dear Jackie,

Hello.  My name is Makiko, i'm from Japan.
Please excuse me for this unexpected e-mail.
Am i the first Japanese to write to you?
I hope so!!!

Recently, i'm crazy about "Taggart"(i can watch the program on the
satellite TV) and I found your websites about John Michie and Taggart.
I really love your sites!
Thanks to you, i could get much information about not only "Taggart"but
John, whom i like as you do.
He is so cool and i can't believe he is nearly 50!
(in my country, almost all men in their 40s/50s are rubbish.)

Although i want to see John as Robbie in Taggart more and more,
unfortunately, the recent works are not available in my country...."The
Friday Event" is the last one for me.
So, now i'm thinking of buying DVDs from the U.K. via Internet.
If you know, could you tell me whether or not English subtitle can be shown
on the U.K. version DVDs???
Scottish English is very difficult to understand for me (maybe for
Japanese), so i need English subtitles...
I would appreciate it if you would reply to me.

Thanks for your attention.

Best regards,


Jackie - I suggest that you email www.clearvision.co.uk and see what they recommend in regards to subtitles.  Thanks for your email, this is becoming a truly international site!!


Dear Jackie, Valerie and Robert,
I've promised myself that I give all of you a break for a while but I just
Sorry, but when I check the site every morning and I still find so many
surprising changes on the pages I've known, so important, official news (Ave
Rhona Brankin and The Scottish Parliament!), I just can't be quiet.
Congratulations Jackie, Valerie and Robert! You've made something special -
expected and necessary. I feel very proud that I've joined the group of
people (Taggart's fans) who love Taggart, have excellent taste [unlike
Lesley Harcourt ;)]and strange sense of humour. But, as we know, de gustibus
et coloribus non est disputandum ;)
With love

Jackie - We love to hear your comments Agnieszka, so carry on emailing us, we don't mind a bit.  That's what we're here for!!


Dear Jackie,

Thanks for the information you provided me with regarding "There's Been A Murder" being attached to the episode "The Friday Event" , I will be able to purchase this through amazon.

My other dvds arrived last week and finally I have got my collection (all be it small at the moment) under way. I will be ordering more of my favourite episodes soon. I have to have surgery soon which will lay me up for a few weeks so at least I will have something decent to watch whilst I'm unable to do much else.

Thanks once again.


Jackie - Only too glad we could help Megs.


Hi jackie, just looking at the website, it sooo good especially the John Michie website, think he's brilliant and sooooo good looking!  Just thought I'd say hello to someone who has some taste!  Please keep in touch, 'cos this stuff is really good.  Thanks Louise Brady xxx 

Jackie - Thanks Louise!  You're right of course John Michie is very good looking - and might I add even better in the flesh!!


Hello Jackie!
Thanks for your answer. It's really important to me that you didn't brush my mail (full of panic, of course ;)) aside.
You know, this webside and the drama are my best motivation for learn English. I haven't got any talents for it. It's really hard work. So, I've started my adventure with English again some time ago. And maybe this time I will survive it with good results. It's a high time...
By the way, I'm an engineer and I need  know foreign languages at work. What a shame.....
But if I want to go to the british islands and feel the celtic spirit some day, I have to get to work very hard (blood, sweat and tears ;)).
OK. It was some kind of prologue, I think...Sorry.:0
Now - the main part.
I feel a strong attachment to this drama and the characters. Specially to the earlier cast. If you give me a chance I try to explain it to you. I hope I can do it.
Reason no.1:
Mark McManus as Jim Taggart was so real. Common, ordinary man (not a hollywood hero who's political correct, always nice and good-looking even after a second sleeples night) with unusual sense of humour. He was my favourite charming grumbler. He could talk with people, didn't lie to them (except forthose cases when he had to;)) They believe him, respected him.
Jim Taggartwas homely. He and his Glasgow.. He resembled my father ("What's happened with this city?!?"). Katowice where I born (1977 - it was a good year ;)) it's a miners' city. We lived beside colliery called 'KWK Katowice'. It's closed now, like everything else. Well, everything changes...
And what about the dialogues? Those were amazing!!! Conversations between Taggart and Livingstone, Taggart and Jardine, Taggart and Reid, and Taggart and anyone else. It's brilliant!
I love it and I miss it so much.
I think that both of them, Jim Taggart and Mark McManus will be eternal.
 Reason  no. 2:
Michael Jardine. It was some kind of love, I think. Sometimes he makes me furious. Another woman, another affair. (For God's sake, honey, think for a while, she usesyou!!). Nowi'm confessing: I was jealous. But what could I do, his smile was so cute ;). It doesn't matter, that he's put on the weight a lot (There's a huge heart inside a big body).
When I think about Death Trap, I still getting cry. It makes me so sad and unhappy...Such stupid and unnecessary death. (But whose death is necessary? Doesn't matter...). I couldn't believe in it.
I'll tell you something silly: always, when I watch DT ep I hope that this time his friends won't leave him alone. Maybe Jackie (with some sixth sense) will comes to that ugly, bloody bridge and rescue Mike. But always is only pain...("He was the best friend and the worst boss. We loved you..I loved you").
And then I drink, because I don't want to be sober at that time. Cheers, prosit,zdrówko..The first tear is breaked on the edge of a glass.
Then my boyfriend Andrzej (Andrew) holds me and laugh at me. Very quiet, of course, he doesn't want to hurt me. But doesn't understand it. He's totally different to me. In spite of thisI love him. Isn't it strange? ;)
Now you see, I'm in too much.
And Jackie Reid. She's still in the drama. I can't imagine Taggart without her. But we know, that there is everything possible in Maryhill.
So, maybe some day I will realize that I attachted to Robbie Ross as much as it's possible.;))

I wish all of the cast (earlier and current)many happy returns.
If you don't mind, I'll try to write letters to you, sometimes.
If someone other Taggart's fan want to write to me you have got my e-mail address.
I can't wait, when you put them on the site. (Lucky, lucky you!)
With love
Agnieszka(Agnes if you want

Jackie - Nice to hear from you Agnieszka, feel free to write to us anytime to like.  We love receiving your emails and we know for a fact that at least two members of the cast visit the site and enjoy reading the mails too!!


My name's Agnieszka (Agnes if you want) and I'm from Poland. Hallmark Channel in Poland gave mi wonderful gift: KILLER and the six next episodes. So, I have got KNIFE EDGE but with a polish speaker, unfortunetly. You can hear sexy scottish accent and polish translation :(.
But THE KILLING PHYLOSOPHY was fantastic: Jim Taggart, Michael Jardine and Peter Livingstone - a magic triangle. It was like a gentle touch after DEATH TRAP couple weeks ago. Michael Jardine sometimes makes me angry, but when I look at him (it doesn't matter when: early 80-ties or late 90-ties) everything is better :)
My e-mail address:
With love


Hello ,

I am writing you from Nantes in Brittany (France). I am fan of Taggart since 1989. I would like to find the lyrics of the song "No mean city" . Where could i find it ?

thank You


Jackie - Hi Pascal, we've also been looking for the lyrics to 'No Mean City'.  We are planning to get them the hard way by listening to the track and writing them down as we go along!!  Once this is done I will ensure you get a copy.


I'm Lisa. I'm from Belgium, this is my first mail in English and it isn't easy for me.
I like your site very much!! But at the 'Taggart Facts' I would like to see 'Belgium'
at the list of countries where Taggart is sold. Taggart is here very populair, but
on the web, you can't find anything in Dutch. So I want to thank you for this
Lisa  ( Do you understand my English??? )


Dear Jackie,

Since the first time I saw a Taggart episode on Dutch TV I have been a big fan.
When Dutch TV stopped broadcasting new episodes I got videotapes from a Scottish girlfriend.
Her father sent them from Scotland to my friend so she could see them. And then I borrowed them.

When I saw the episodes were available on DVD I started my own collection of Taggart episodes.
However I saw on your website that there are much more episodes then Clearvision seems to publish on DVD.
Some examples of missing episodes are:
3. Knife edge
11. Flesh and blood
15. Death comes softly
17. Nest of Vipers
18. Double exposure
20. The hit man
and so on...

Do you have any idea why Clearvision skipped some episodes?
Do you know if they will be available at a later time?
Or are they available from another company?

Thanks in advance for your answer and keep up the good work with the Taggart fanclub!

Greetings from a Dutch fan,

Edgar de Waal.

Jackie - Many other people would like to know the answer to that one!!  We are going onto the set next week so I will see if anyone there can shed some light.  However in the meantime, keep an eye on Ebay.  Nest Of Vipers in particular, quite often turns up!!



Dear Jackie,
I just wanted to congratulate you on the fantastic site that you have set up, it's absolutely brilliant.
I was having trouble trying to purchase dvds of the series and I like other Aussie fans couldn't buy them through clearvision, however, I was able to purchase some episodes from Amazon.co.uk, if this is any help to you and other Aussie fans. Unfortunately we can't purchase them anywhere in Australia.
I was wondering do you know if you can purchase the documentary "There's Been a Murder" on its own can you only get it in the box set.
I think all the cast are brilliant in the show and once again thanks for the fanatastic site.

Jackie - "There's Been A Murder" features on the end of 'The Friday Event'



love the site! im a big taggart fan from australia, but have only been watching for the last few years, think robbie and jackie would be brilliant together. can't wait for the news eps to start



Hi Jackie
Thanks for finally setting up a great site for a great show, I've been waiting years! As Clearvision don't ship to Australia, does anyone know of where we can get DVD's??????

Jackie - Try www.choicesdirect.com.  They are recommended by other Australian Taggart fans.



Hello Jackie - all you fellow TAGGART fans!..
First, a quesion to Alison (the last post). Is the episode that you're having problems tracking down KNIFE EDGE by any chance? This is the only one that I've been unable to find available ANYWHERE. I noticed that they "skipped" it out of sequence when the videos were first released in '96 when I started to collect them... anyway, 8 years later, and still mystified and annoyed by it's absence, I emailed Clearvision for an explanation... And the answer??... Well, basically, they couldn't get music copyright clearance for that particular episode (though they didn't go into detail about which specific piece/s of music they were having problems with). So there you go - that's the answer. Hopefully they'll sort the problem out one day (soon) and release it, as I seem to remember it being a particularly good episode (and it features Alex Norton, who now of course now plays DI Burke)...
I love TAGGART - have done since it first started. There isn't room here to waffle on forever, but I will just say that, although I have never actually met any of the cast, I HAVE had the the pleasure of interviewing creator/writer of the show Glenn Chandler in my home, where he quite happily did a video interview for me! I started writing to the guy 10 years ago and we sorta became pen pals for a while... very nice bloke - friendly and down to earth - and he was only too happy to do the video interview - and travel all the way up from London to my home in Lancashire to oblige!.. if anyone wants to know more - including you, Jackie, I'll be only too happy to tell you more...
Cheers - and here's hoping that TAGGART continues for many more years to come (though I did prefer the 3 parters - more complex, and I loved the cliffhangers - making you wait until "next week" to find out what happens next...And why hasn't Mr Chandler written ANY for absolutely AGES??!!
And now I'm off to join the Yahoo group...
Best wishes all,
Chris Harvey


Dear Jackie
I am trying to find the above episode on VHS or DVD as a gift for my Mum who
is a big Taggart fan and does not have this episode but it does not seem to
be available - eg Clearvision as recommended by your site (& others) seem to
skip over it.  Do you know why this is and wteher this episode is available
to buy.
Love the site - keep up the good work
Kind rgds
Alison Gardner

Jackie - Leave that one with us Alison


Dear Jackie

I am Chiharu Kono, Japanese and live in Tokyo.

This May, watched Taggart at satellite broadcasting TV
very first time and found out it's very interesting drama.
And want to know more about Taggart, serched at yahoo,
and fount your website.

As I can't speak English well, so can't understand without
superimposed dialogue, but enjoyed Scottish accent.

Mystery Channel(satellite broadcasting TV) in Japan,
Taggart is on air on Monday, as "request hour".
"Wavelength" broadcasted on 4 July.
I am very sorry DCI Jardin will disappear soon.

But this August, will start again as a new series "Taggart 3"
(I love Robbie Ross anyway, this is no problem)

Maybe, this is difference from Britain, in Japan
#1 - #31 called "Taggart", #32 - #52 called "New Taggart"
and after that called "Taggart 3".

It's very sorry that I don't know Taggart before "Bloodlines".
So I requested Mystery Channel to repeat, and they will
start again as "request hour" from "Fatal Inheritance".
(I don't know why they don't start from first episode.)

Anyway, I am very enjoyed your website and appreciate you.

I hope you understand my English.

Best wishes

Chiharu Kono

Jackie - Thanks for your email Chiharu.  In Britain Taggart has always been called Taggart, except for the pilot episode back in 1983 which was called 'Killer'.


Hello -
I've found your address online, and I really hope you do answer. My TV broke down exactly during the final 10minutes of 'Killer', the pilot episode.... so I don't know who the killer is and why he did it.
Would you mind telling me? I don't even know where to look to be able to watch the episode again.
Thanks a lot. I'd really appreciate it.

Jackie - I've emailed you the info you are after Andreea.  Normally I will post replies here however I have now included a synopsis of 'Killer' linked from episode guide.  Hope this helps everyone.


Dear Jackie. Robert & Valerie,

I just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic site and to say thanks for all your hard work on behalf of us fans! 

I would also like to wish the cast, crew and all those behind the scenes every continued success as Taggart embarks upon it's 21st year - a simple fact in itself which surely says everything about how loved the show is.  Whereas other series have long since fallen by the wayside, Taggart just continues to get better and I am already looking forward to the new episodes despite it now being only day one of filming!!!

Well done once again,

Karen x


Hi Jackie,

I think it is a great idea. 

Could you just wish the cast and crew, (especially John) all my best wishes for a successful series and I look forward to seeing them again on my screen soon.  Also anything they can do to have the videos/DVDs of Taggart released in Australia would be great. (Save the fans in Oz heaps of money so they can buy more! Thus creating more royalties etc.)

Thanks so much.




To the creators of Taggart Fan Club

I've just been on the website, yous have done a FANTASTIC job!  Thumbs up to yous all!!  I luv it!!