Episode 57 - FADE TO BLACK

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - John Brown

Director - Brian Kelly

Producer - Eric Coulter

Additional Information

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Regular Cast

Principle Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton


Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy


Jim Campbell - played by Finlay Welsh

Sandra Mailer - Lindsay Lee Wilson

Karen Redpath - Carolyn Bonnyman

Adam Gillespie - Gilly Gilchrist

Jean Gillespie - Kathryn Howden

Tom Ballantyne - Iain Wotherspoon

Pathologist - Graham De Banzie

Danny Smith - Peter Robertson

Alex - Raymond Short

Taxi Manager - James Ramsay

Mrs Donaldson - Anne Downie

Opening Scene: Busy hospital.  Drugs overdose is being brought in.  The nurses rush out to meet the ambulance.  It's clear that one of the nurses, Sandra Mailer is being filmed from the bushes.  it is also clear that Sandra is more distressed about this particular female patient than you might ordinarily expect.  The victim dies.  Sandra is clearly upset and rushed from the hospital.  A cab is waiting for her outside.  The driver, Jim Campbell is quite familiar with her, he tries to make conversation but she refuses to talk. Her phone rings, she says: " alright you can come round, but it won't do any good, you realise that"  Cabby takes her home.

The viewer can see through the eyes of the person with the video camera as they make their way up some steps to a flat and knock on the door, the door opens its Sandra.  She clearly knows who is behind the camera but won't let them in - they barge in anyway - camera still rolling.

Following morning Burke and Robbie arrive at Sandra's flat.  She's been found dead.  Robbie is having a rant about all the paperwork that keeps turning up in his in tray.  Inside forensics tell them when death occurred and that she was stabbed possibly with a kitchen knife.  Burke tells Robbie to ring Jackie and get her and Stuart over here.

Jackie and Stuart are at the flat belonging to the heroin overdose admitted to the hospital.  Sheila arrives.  Jackie's phone rings, it's Robbie.  Just as she and Stuart are getting into the car a 4x4 drives past.  Jackie tells Stuart it's Danny Smith a local drug dealer.

Back in Sandra's flat Burke is looking in the bathroom cabinet.  Robbie walks in and tells Burke that Sandra must've been expecting company - they go into sitting room.  There is a bottle of wine and two glasses.  Burke's comment: " You don't get this stuff for 1.99 at Asdas"

The name of the woman who found the body is Karen Redpath, also a nurse at the hospital.  Burke talks to her.  She doesn't know who the expected visitor could've been.

Robbie winds up forensic photographer Alex about being hung over - he tells Robbie he thinks he's got the flu coming on.  Jackie and Stuart arrive.

Sandra's body is carried out of the flat.  Sat watching up the road is Jim Campbell.

Burke tells Jackie and Stuart to search flat whilst he and Robbie go to the hospital.  Stuart searches the bedroom, under the bed is a shoebox full of money.  Jackie speaks to a neighbour and learns that despite being a nurse Sandra was not the sympathetic type.  Stuart shows Jackie the money, almost 1,200 plus designer clothes.  No sign of a mobile phone but home phone used numerous times to call taxi firm.  Jackie rings Burke to tell him, he sends them to taxi office.

Burke and Robbie arrive at hospital.  Dr Adam Gillespie is comforting Karen but they are interrupted by his wife, Jean.  Robbie and Burke walk in.

Jackie and Stuart are at cab office.  Taxi manager tries to call Jim Campbell in but gets no reply.

Back at hospital Dr Gillespie takes Burke and Robbie to look in Sandra's locker leaving them with Tom Ballantyne, Pharmacist.  Inside Sandra's locker is a holiday brochure with a letter inside, its addressed to a false name but care of Sandra's address. Burke asks Ballantyne how he got on with Sandra.  He tells them that a few months ago they had a fight.  There had been an outbreak of the super bug at the hospital that traced back to some dirty equipment.  Ballantyne held Sandra responsible and she made a complaint against him.

Back at taxi office Jackie tries to communicate with Campbell, he ignores her and turns off radio.  He heads back to the hospital and videos Karen.

At station there is a briefing.  No sign of murder weapon.  Where did cash come from?  Who was Sandra's mystery man? (It wasn't Robbie!!).  Stuart tells team that he's found quite a bit out about cabby Jim Campbell.  Two prison sentences in last 3 years both for harassing women and one was a nurse.  Two months ago he was arrested for assaulting a prostitute.  Stuart goes on to say that due to his stalking tendencies he was referred to hospital for psychiatric treatment - working there at the time was Sandra Mailer.

Robbie - "Stuart my son, as soon as we've got this one wrapped up, you're having one on me"

Stuart - "Thought you'd never ask Sir"

Burke tells Robbie to organise a search warrant for Campbell's flat as soon as he can.  Burke and Jackie head back to the hospital.  They meet Sheila on the stairs.  There were no finger prints in flat.  Whole place had been wiped with surgical wipes.

Campbell is watching Danny Smith

Burke and Jackie arrive at hospital.  They are met by Mrs Gillespie who pre-empts an alibi for her husband saying they were together.  Burke's phone rings, it's Robbie, he has a warrant ready.  Burke tells Jackie to stay at hospital and speak to nurses, he goes to meet Robbie.

At Campbell's, uniform officers break the door down.  They start a search.  Robbie and Burke search living room whilst Stuart starts in another room.  He opens the curtains.  Burke finds Sandra's mobile.  Stuart comes to get Burke and takes him to the room he was in.  One wall of the room is covered in photos of Sandra Mailer.  The forensic photographer, not Alex is brought in to take pictures.  Robbie enters room with news of a video tape, they watch it.  It's clear the tape shows footage of the night Sandra was killed and seemingly reveals the killer when Robbie rewinds tape to discover an image of the man with the camera, the man who pushed his way into the flat revealed in the mirror.  It's Jim Campbell.

Burke send Robbie and Stuart to the hospital fearing Campbell might've headed back there.

Campbell is already there.

Burke and Jackie are back at the station.  Jackie tells Burke what she learnt at the hospital - Adam Gillespie is a ladies man.  She also tells Burke that it was Sandra's phone at Campbell's.  The last place she called was to order flowers - out of character for her.  Burke and Jackie go to see the receiver of the flowers.  It's a Mrs Donaldson, the mother of the heroin overdose victim that Sandra treated at the hospital.  Why did Sandra send flowers to someone she hardly knew?

Just as Burke and Jackie leave Danny Smith pulls up.

Campbell is following Karen at the hospital, he sees Robbie and Stuart in the corridor and follows Karen into the pharmacy.  Adam Gillespie is in his office, he opens his desk drawer.  Inside is a blood stained knife.  There is a scream - it's Karen.  Campbell runs but straight into a trolley and knocks himself out.  Burke and Jackie arrive but are told they can't talk to him until he's been checked out for concussion.  Instead Burke talks to Dr Gillespie.  Was he having an affair with Sandra?  He's adamant that he wasn't. Burke also talks to Jean Gillespie, does she know who the mystery man was in Sandra's life?  She doesn't, but believes that it's not Adam.  Burke points out to Jean that it seems her husband likes a gamble.

Dr Gillespie is seen in the hospital basement with a briefcase.  He opens it, pulls out the blood stained knife and hides it with the clinical waste.

The following morning, at the station Robbie and Burke are interviewing Campbell.  Robbie takes the lead.  Campbell comes up with a weak story for why he was at the hospital yesterday.  Why did he run?  Was it because he killed Sandra?  No, but he knew they'd come looking for him because of his record.

Meanwhile, Jackie is in the office sorting files, she opens one: "Oh for God's sake Robbie".  She rushes out.  Robbie is making progress with Campbell.  Door bursts open it's Jackie demanding to see Burke now.  Burke leaves room but re-enters wanting to speak to Robbie.  Alex's name was listed on the warrant as photographer, not Fiona White who did the job. Robbie tells Burke that by the time he'd realised that Alex had gone home with the flu the warrant had been signed and there wasn't time to do it all again for the sake of one name.  Burke is furious and tells Robbie that if he actually read some of the paperwork he moans about he'd know that anyone not named on a warrant has to be supervised at all times.  Fiona wasn't.  Thus making the evidence from Campbell's flat in-admissable.  Burke tells Robbie to let him go and return his stuff.  Robbie has a go at Jackie for dropping him in it.

Scene flashes to hospital - waste is being taken to incinerator - knife is sticking out.

Burke goes to see Sheila in the lab.  He asks her what perfume she's wearing and wants to know what her interest is in the heroin overdose.  She tells him about a synthetic prescription drug called 'Diacodamol' which when used in a certain way can be more powerful than street heroin and cheaper too.  This was the 3rd overdose on the drug in the last 3 months.  This time in the victim's flat part of the packet was found with a batch number visible.  Burke asks Sheila to trace it urgently.

Campbell is by the Clyde burning his photos.

Burke returns to office where Jackie tells him that Dr Gillespie had a serious gambling problem.  Sheila enters with news on batch number - it traces back to the hospital.  Burke suddenly remembers seeing two packets of the drug in Sandra's bathroom cabinet.  Stuart enters room.  The knife has been found.  Burke wants to works done to it.

Campbell is in the City centre on his mobile.  He's organising a meet with someone.  Robbie is following him.

Burke and Jackie are back at the hospital talking to Dr Gillespie about the pharmacy system, a system he helped to set up but that is now run by Ballantyne.  Gillespie tells Burke that it was set up to prevent abuse which is backed up by Ballantyne.  He adds that although the odd packet might go missing it couldn't happen on a regular basis..........but then he thinks for a bit....two people in theory could work false prescriptions, but it would have to be Dr Gillespie and a nurse.

Jackie speaks to Karen.  Eventually Karen admits that Adam and Sandra were having an affair.  Ballantyne spots a pattern in the records.  Maybe Sandra was killed because she wanted out?

Dr Gillespie is waiting for Campbell - they meet.  Campbell hands over a tape in exchange for money.  Sound of siren is heard, police arrive and both are arrested.

The tape contains images of Gillespie with Danny Smith.

Burke and Jackie interview Gillespie. They tell him they know about the drugs and Sheila has found his prints on the knife.  Gillespie claims he has been set up and that the knife was planted.  He blames Campbell and anyway he has an alibi - his wife Jean.

Robbie and Stuart interview Campbell, he was used to deliver the drugs to Smith.  He again claims that he did not kill Sandra.

The team chat in the corridor - reluctantly Robbie believes Campbell.  Burke goes to speak to Mrs Gillespie who has arrived at station.  She confesses to knowing about her husbands affair with Sandra and that she discovered about the drugs whilst tidying up the pharmacy records.  She tells Burke that Adam can't have killed Sandra as he doesn't have the courage to stab someone in the back like that.  How did Jean know that Sandra had been stabbed in the back?  Only the killer could've known that.

Back in the office Stuart tells Robbie that he knows of a bar that's still open for that drink he promised........even Robbie looks amazed!!!!!

Burke mentions his Father twice and imparts some of his words of wisdom to the team.
The Clyde and Science centre are visible when Campbell is burning his pictures