Extra's Tales

Have you ever been an extra in an episode of Taggart?  If you have we want to hear from you!


The pictures below were sent in by Craig Stewart who along with his brother Gary have been lucky enough to play extra roles in several Taggart episodes.  Craig normally plays a policeman but dressed up as a forensic scenes of crime officer in Penthouse and Pavement.  Check out more of the brother's extra work at www.candgstewart.co.uk

'Evening All!'

'Now then...which car do I fancy taking today?'

Gary Stewart

Spoilt for choice behind the scenes

'Now that's better!  so much paperwork on the job!'

Night shoot - Paisley

'Wouldn't like him as my boss'

Night shoot - Paisley

'Flat Feet!'

Thomas Coates Memorial Church, Paisley

Night shoot until 4am - 20.01.05

'It's A Fair Cop!'

Unit Base - Govan

Modeo Crashes into the Clyde

'The Ties That Bind'

'What's going On Here Then?'

Behind the scenes at unit base - 'The Ties That Bind'

Now that's what I call a hat trick!!

A great behind the scenes shot from 'Saints and Sinners'