This page is for you!  We want the photos of you with the cast and your thoughts too!

Jenny with Alex Norton

Jane with John Michie
David Nisbet with Alex Norton                                                     David with Harriet Buchan

The convention was fantastic. The cast and guests all seemed up for it and that came through, I got the feeling that they might have actually enjoyed it.

I had a long talks with Alex, Colin, Glen and Harriet. Alex and Colin was because there seemed some sort of blockage around Michie.

Alex: I didn't know he was in Dr Finlay's Casebook...I was in two episodes of this as a kid! That was a major icebreaker and I told him about the cast staying at the Lake Hotel where he (Alex) was filming the new series and Mark McManus had stayed there in the 60's. I also asked about the bit with the ice cream and if this was some reference to Comfort and Joy...he had never thought of it but seemed to think was funny.

Colin: I had a feeling that he might know Vicitoria Nairn and he did. She was at drama college with him. Victoria was in Nest of Vipers. I forgot to tell him the best bit though...Victoria now lives in the country house that was used in Forbidden Fruit! If you get a chance you can tell him this one. Colin also only uses Apple Computers at home.

Glen: He would talk all night to anyone, what a great guy. I still don't know how he comes up with this stuff and he didn't seem to know either. You must run out of motives and ways to kill people but he seems to manage. I should have asked him about the Edinburgh-Glasgow divide, this has come up in a few episodes and is one of the really funny bits, but may not be funny out of Scotland. He is from Edinburgh!

Harriet: she was great. You could always tell she had some voice training at some point, I had no idea the reason behind this was so strange. Before I got to her, I was telling Blyth about the link with Mark and the Lake Hotel and Harriet was listening in. There was a load of people that stayed there in the 60's and some came back to visit my parents years of which was Marius Goring. I told her about me opening the door and he introduced himself as if I wouldn't know him. (Actually I should have mentioned his role in The Expert)

Blyth: What a great girl, you can see she holds the whole cast together off camera, I had no idea what she was really like. She seemed interested in everything anybody had to say. I told her about Alex and the Dr Finlay stuff and she knew that Alex had been looking for the old episodes, as have I. She also new about the BBC loosing all this stuff.

On the whole, the cast just seemed to forget they were going to be dealing with a bunch of geeks and really went for it.

You'll have to help me out with the minor people. I didn't know there was a forum, I had a quick look last night but because it's a Yahoo one I couldn't find my way through it. I'll have another look later.

If you are doing one next year I have a few ideas. For the silent auction 'Get your picture taken as a corpse with one of the cast' basically this is lying under a blanket with a member of the cast looking on.

David Nisbet

yeah hey all it was a fantastic night theres an article about it in today herald with a picture of valerie it was brilliant thanks jackie, robert and valerie also to the cast who were fan bloody tastic lol really down to earth and talked to us the question and answer portion was brilliant really funny answers and i managed to get some stuff from the silent auction which was brill !!

very impressed you guys it was fantastic i did take photos so i'll post some of them alot where backs of heads and blurry lol but did get some good ones! sorry for the long email was just such a brilliant night !

hers the link for it but the photo isnt in it !

anyways the excitement has got to me now really trying to contain it lol

oh there were programs that we got signed and oh harriet buchanan was there so that was brilliant to see here she was really lovely !!!!

right of i'm away for now before i put you all to sleep

love lisa x

Many thanks for a great night.  I was so pleased to see all of the cast and so many members of the team.  They were so friendly and took the time to talk and have photographs taken.

 My friend stayed until the end (I had to go home to the kids) and she talked to lots of other fellow 'Taggies'.  She thoroughly enjoyed the night.

 Here's looking forward to the next Convention.

 Many thanks again.

Sandra MacLaren

(my friend: Heather McKenzie, the world's BIGGEST Taggart fan).


Just a note to say I enjoyed the Convention very much. My main reason for attending was to

meet the lovely John Michie. I am still trying to concentrate on my everyday things after meeting

him. He is so nice, especially when he came down from signing autographs to let me have my photo taken with him. Can you tell me if John accepts mail through yourself as I would love to

send him a thank-you note ?

Thanks again

Dianne Barnwell

Hi everyone,

I am still on a high after having such a great time in Glasgow! It's taken me a while to get my thoughts together before sharing my experiences. I have put some of my photos in the photo section in a folder called Mary's Photos. They are not very good as I think nerves got the better of me. I was shaking like a leaf!!

I suppose I should start at the beginning. I arrived in Glasgow on Wednesday afternoon. After checking in to my hotel, and having a badly needed cup of tea, I set off to find where the Piping Centre was located. I found it very easily and then went for a walk round to get my bearings. Glasgow is a great city and I fell in love with it. I will definitely be going back.

I arrived at the Piping Centre at 7.00pm and then the fun really began. It was great meeting other fans face to face. I am not very good in social situations but I soon felt comfortable in the company of other Taggies. There was a question and answer session with the following list of guests!!

Glenn Chandler, Robert Love, Eric Coulter, Blythe, John, Alex and Colin and the big surprise of the night was Harriet Buchan.

The question and answer session was great fun and everyone was very open with their answers.

It was great to see the closeness of the cast who were teasing each other all the time!! They really are like one big happy family! I plucked up courage to go and talk with them and they really are the nicest people you could meet. They took time to talk to everyone who asked for autographs asking where you were from and how long you were staying. Answering individual questions and you didn't feel pressurised to hurry up. I don't think anyone would have left the Convention with anything but good memories. I did thank the cast for coming and making the event so special for everyone. They were all wonderful and I hope they enjoyed themselves as much as I did.

I came away with a mountain of souvenirs which will be a constant reminder of a truly memorable evening.

I would like to thank Jackie, Robert and Valerie for their exceptional work in getting the Convention organised. They really did a magnificent job!

On Thursday morning I joined the location walk and this was a wonderful experience. We even saw Glenn Chandler just as we were setting off so that really got things off to a great start! It was great to see where familiar locations fitted in around Glasgow. It will make watching the series even more enjoyable. There was a location used in In Camera where Robbie meets Eve on a couple of occasions that I thought was in a park but in fact was on a piece of wasteland just across the road from the building used for the police station exterior. The magic of television!! Seeing all the bridges across the Clyde that have been used on many occasions was wonderful. I also liked the Winter Gardens at The People's Palace. I really enjoyed the walk and it was a great way to see Glasgow from a Taggart perspective!

On Thursday afternoon my new pal Heather and I visited the Buchanan Tea Rooms for lunch and then spent the rest of the afternoon in the Athol Pub. We even got accosted by a wee Glaswegian drunk which gave us some idea how Stuart felt in Atonement!! I have never talked so much about Taggart to anyone in my life before and it has been brilliant. I have also never drunk so

much  and the whiskey measures are bigger in Glasgow too!! I also enjoyed meeting John and Julie in the hotel bar on Wednesday night. It was a great way to and the evening.

Well I think I have gone on enough. I think it's obvious I had one of the best times in my life and my first visit to Glasgow will be one I remember for a very long time.

I will look forward to 2008!!

Best Wishes


This is Robert McGuire with Alex Norton.

Robert is a huge Taggart fan and says that he has a fantastic time at the Convention - it made his day.

These pictures of John and Alex were sent in by Eilidh Shona MacDonald.  Very good they are too!!


"After all the anticipation, the convention was GREAT. It was fantastic that all of the current cast, along with Glenn
Chandler and the other attendees. It was probably the only chance to see them all in one place. It was
fabulous to meet them all and without exception, they were all charming, friendly and down to earth. It was so
good of them to stay so long, chatting, signing & posing for photos. That's how REAL stars treat their fans! It was
great for me to finally meet up with Glenn Chandler, Mr Taggart himself, who greeted me like an old friend even though
we hadn't meet before. Glenn, you're a sweetie!

The location walk was very interesting and we saw parts of Glasgow I wouldn't of thought of going too.

Well done to Jackie, Robert & Valerie for all your hard work"

Gilli Hale (left and below with cast)

I’ve just come down to earth (and back to work) after the Convention.  I got my photos developed, but they were on “poor man’s” camera so I’ll try and get then digitalised and sent to you.  They have come out really well.  Anyway, some comments for the Convention page . . .

The Convention was simply amazing!  Like many other people, I just didn’t know what to expect beforehand, but it exceeded all my expectations.  From start to finish the whole event was an outstanding success, made so by (1) the organisation of Jackie, Valerie and Robert; (2) the special guests; and (3) the other “Taggies”.  It was something of a relief meeting and talking to people with the same knowledge of and passion for Taggart!

The highlights for me were meeting and talking to Alex, Colin, Blythe, John (I didn’t realise he was such a nice guy), and Harriet.  I was especially impressed with Glen Chandler and Robert Love.  I spoke to them for ages and it was amazing just talking to them!  Everyone gave so much time and seemed so interested in the fans.

Another highlight was the Taggart walk in the morning.  It gave us a chance to talk more “Taggart” and to see the places where it all happened.  It was really well organised and very informative.  We even bumped into the real thing (Glen Chandler) on the walk which was unbelievable and made it very special.

Well, its back to the real world I suppose.  Just hope it’s not too long before we can meet up again!

Heather McKenzie

dear jackie, just a sort message to say how much we enjoyed the convention and location walk. meeting the cast was great what a great lot they are.
a big thankyou to you, Valerie and Robert for a fantastic two days. hope we all meet again some time.

sarah and georgia (midlands)