21) Flats, Clyde Street 22a) Suspension Bridge 22b) Suspension Bridge 23) Steps, Clyde Street
Location 21 - Flats, Clyde Street

Instead of heading along the Clyde towards the Armadillo and Science Centre. Come out of the City Centre by the St Enoch Centre and turn left.  Cross over so that you are on the same side of the road as the river. You will almost immediately come to the Suspension Bridge that links Clyde Street with Carlton Place.  The flats are just beyond the bridge on the left hand side.

Episodes and Scenes

The Ties That Bind - Final Scene.  Burke is attacked on the balcony.

Location 22a - Suspension Bridge, Clyde Street

The directions to the bridge are as above.

Episode and Scenes

Puppet On A String - This is the view of the bridge that Jackie and Stuart have whilst watching Dr Finn

Location 22b - Suspension bridge, Clyde Street

The directions to the bridge are as Location 21

Episodes and Scenes

The Ties That Bind - Burke meets John Ferguson on the bridge and picks up his cigarette end.

New Life - Robbie observes the two scientists meet on the bridge.

Ghost Rider - Stuart loses the woman he's tailing after she has a taxi waiting on the other side of the bridge

Location 23 - Steps, Clyde Street

Walk past the Suspension Bridge on your right and you will see the stepped area down to the Clyde walk way.

Episodes and Scenes

Puppet On A String - These steps can be seen behind Jackie and Stuart at they watch Dr Finn on the bridge.

City Centre............

24) University Building, North Hanover St. 25) Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road 26) 27) Royal Exchange Square
Location 24 - University Building, North Hanover Street

North Hanover Street leads off of George Square and runs up the side of Queen's Street Station. Walk up the street with George Square behind you.  The steps are on the right hand side just before the junction with Cathedral Street.

Episodes and Scenes

In Camera - This was the exterior used for the building where Robbie went to examine the speed camera photos of Eve's car.

Location 25 - Caledonian University, Cowcaddens Road

Continue up North Hanover Street and Cowcaddens Road joins from the left.  Walk along this road back towards the City Centre.  The University campus in on your right.

Episodes and Scenes

Half Way House - Daniel Grant is seen in the library and is later murdered.  Jackie visits his tutor at the University.

Location 26
Location 27 - Royal Exchange Square

Back into the City Centre, Royal Exchange Square is in the Merchant City. Accessible from Buchanan Street.

Episodes and Scenes

In Camera - Jackie, Burke an Stuart sit and have a coffee in the rain, discussing the case and the absence of Robbie.

City Centre..........
28) Rotten Row 29) Rotten Row 30) James Weir Building, Montrose St. 31) Blytheswood Square
Locations 28 & 29, Rotten Row

Still in the vicinity of Queens Street Station and George Square is Rotten Row.  It was the site of a maternity hospital until a few years ago when the building was removed and a park built in it's place. The original arch way into the hospital with it's inscription still remains as do some of the marble/stone pillars.

Episodes and Scenes

In Camera - 28 - Robbie meets Eve during the day.  They sit on the steps between the top terrace of the park and the level centre of picture.

29 - These pillars are where Robbie met Eve after dark.  This is where she scratched his face and where they made up!!

Location 30 - James Weir Building, Montrose Street

The James Weir Building is part of the University and can be seen clearly from the park at Rotten Row.

Episodes and Scenes

This building should be instantly recognisable to any Taggart fan as it was used for the exterior police station shots for many episodes.

City Centre..........
32) Legs & Co, Howard St. 33) Belmont Lane, off Gt Western Road    
Location 32

Legs & Co Lap Dancing Club is situated behind the St Enoch Shopping Centre on the corner of Howard Street.

Episodes and Scenes

This was the location used as Eddie Nestor's Lap Dancing Club in 'An Eye For An Eye'.  The team are seen arriving in cars from above - right of shot is the St Enoch Centre.  They pull up outside Legs and Co.

Location 33

Belmont Lane is off the Great Western Road.  The turning is right after Kelvinbridge.  The building itself is used for local art projects.

Episodes and Scenes

Atonement - This location was used as Anna's Flower shop where Naysmith worked.  The pictures shows the exterior of the shop and at the far end of the building is where the cars pulled up.  The garden and green house where Burke was knocked to the ground by Naysmith is clearly visible as is the back gate which he climbed, knocking the dustbin over and discovering the bullet proof jacket.  Looking around you can also see where the marks men were placed on top of the houses and where the ambulance pulled up to take Naysmith away at the end.