Episode 58 - BLOOD MONEY

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - Martin McArdle

Director - Brian Kelly

Producer - Eric Coulter

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Regular Cast

Principal Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton

Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy


Sammy Cassidy played by Tom Cotcher

Jimmy Sullivan - Stephen Duffy

Andy Corbett - Paul McCole

Donna Ford - Michelle Gallacher

Elaine Walker - Julie McCahill

Bobby Walker - Frank Miller

Mickey Sullivan - Simon Tait

Dr Brian Heron - Robin Thompson

Caroline Taylor - Kathleen McDermott


Opening Scene – Boxing match. Burke, Robbie and Stuart are having a night out and are watching ring side. Burke is bought a drink by Sammy Cassidy who is also present at the fight. Burke tells Stuart that 20 years ago Cassidy was the top man in the City.

The fight ends and a winner is declared. Not a popular winner and there is clear friction between the two fighters. Robbie obviously bet on the loser as he hands money to Stuart and Burke.

The fight promoter Bobby Walker speaks to fight Doctor, Brain Heron. He shouts at him and accuses him of being drunk and of no use.

One fighter (the loser) Jimmy Sullivan demands his money from Walker, threatening to kill him if he doesn’t get it. Walker goes to his office, his wife Elaine is present. They fall out and she leaves.

Mickey Sullivan, boxing coach has taken Doc Heron home. Clearly drunk Heron tells Mickey that he knows secrets and throws files onto the bed. Mickey takes a look.

Back in Walker’s office someone enters. Walkers’ response ‘what do you want now?’ The safe is open. Walker backs into corner, fear showing on his face.

Next morning at the hotel that had staged the fight the night before Jackie and Burke arrive.

Burke ‘Doesn’t look much in the daylight’

Jackie – ‘Story of my life Sir’

The body of Bobby Walker was found by the cleaner. He’s lying on his back with his mouth stuffed full of money. The safe is empty.

Burke sends Robbie to see Walker’s wife and Stuart to find Sammy Cassidy. Outside of the hotel Cassidy drives past and sees police activity.

Burke and Jackie go to see Doc Heron in his wrecked room. He tells them that Mickey Sullivan was there with him the night before.

Robbie goes to see Elaine Walker. He meets her on the street outside the flat. Robbie wants to tell her the news inside she refuses and wants to know what’s happened now. Robbie tells her. She throws herself into a reluctant Robbie’s arms.

At the gym Burke and Jackie see Mickey Sullivan. Jimmy is there too and wants to know what will happen about his money now that Walker is dead. Both appear to have alibis. Jackie amazes Burke with her knowledge of boxing which she tells him came about because she grew up with 3 brothers. Burke tells her she should’ve come to the fight, Jackie tells him she wasn’t invited.

Second boxer, Andy Corbett speaks to Caroline, staff at the gym and asks her to give him an alibi.

Robbie is in Walker’s flat with his wife Elaine. She is in tears and Robbie is doing his best to be understanding. He tells her that the body needs identifying. She agrees.

Doc Heron talks to Mickey at the gym. Doc is worried because he can’t remember anything about the night before. Mickey tells him that when he left he had passed out.

Burke talks to Corbett and Jackie speaks to Caroline. Both are lying but why? Did they have anything to gain from Walker’s death?

Back at station the team are discussing the case. Burke tells Robbie to watch Elaine Walker. Stuart tells them that death was caused by a blow to the head – possibly a punch resulting in Walker falling and banging his head. Burke sends Stuart to a hotel to find Cassidy.

Doc Heron is on his office shredding documents. He cancels all of the days appointments.

Stuart goes to hotel and finds Cassidy who won’t talk to him. He tells Stuart to send Burke back with a 10 year old malt.

Jackie meets Caroline from the gym in a café. Caroline tells her that she lied about being with Andy Corbett on the night of the murder.

Back at station Jackie tells Burke the news. The phone rings, it’s Robbie he’s found Andy Corbett. He’s with Elaine Walker. Robbie can see them through his binoculars kissing on the roof terrace.

Burke and Jackie talk to Corbett at the station. Where was he at time of murder? He admits to being with Elaine and to hating Walker but denies killing him.

Sammy Cassidy goes to see Elaine whose out – ‘she better not be out spending my money’

Elaine is at the station being interviewed by Robbie. She is continuing the grieving widow pretense. Robbie makes it clear that she needn’t bother any longer. Robbie asks her about her husbands will. She is main beneficiary.

Stuart goes to see Doc Heron who is already drunk so rather than interview him whilst he’s making little sense Stuart leaves his card promising to come back after he’s slept it off.

Burke goes to see Cassidy. He takes a minature bottle of whisky with him. It’s clear they have a history. Cassidy tells Burke he went from the fight to a casino. There is no love loss between them and Cassidy tells Burke that the cigars he smokes cost more than Burke earns in a month. Burke tells Cassidy that he wants him out of the City by the end of toady.

Jackie goes to see Walker’s solicitor where she learns that Walker was in the process of changing his will so that his wife would only get the mere minimum should anything happen to him. The will was to be counter-signed by Doc Heron. Elaine Walker was therefore a signature away from losing everything.

Cassidy goes again to see Elaine. She doesn’t want to let him in but Cassidy tells her that Walker had something that belonged to him. He pushes past her into the flat to have a look.

Back in the Doc’s office, he is still drinking – he screws up Stuart’s card.

Back at the station Jackie tells the rest about the proposed changes to Walker’s will. Robbie tells them that yes Elaine and Corbett were in a hotel on night of murder but the night porter confirms that she wasn’t there all night.

The Doc is on the phone – he’s clearly speaking to the killer. He tells them that half of the money is his.

Robbie goes to see Elaine. She tells him about Cassidy’s visit and that he was looking for money.

Burke and Jackie go to see Doc Heron. There’s no answer but the door’s open. They go in. Doc Heron is dead in his chair. His mouth is full of money. In an ash tray on the desk Burke spots a cigar butt.

Burke goes to see Cassidy again. He questions him about trip to see Elaine and Doc Heron. Cassidy does not fall easily to Burke’s harsh manner so Burke goes prepared with information form the America. Cassidy’s residency is up for review and the American authorities wish to know of anything dodgy Cassidy is involved in.

Sheila Crombie is in the Doc’s office trying to rescue some documents from the shredder.

Burke talks to Cassidy further. How did Bobby Walker end up with his money? Cassidy finally confesses to Burke that Walker was fixing fights and if people betting worked an accumulator system they stood to make a lot of money simply by having the key fights rigged. For his part Cassidy was over from America to see if the scheme was going to pay. He had given Walker £25,000. Burke tells Cassidy that he will be watched 24/7 and not to make a move.

At the gym Robbie and Stuart collect Corbett and Jackie and Burke pick up Jimmy Sullivan and take them back to station.. Robbie and Stuart interview Corbett and Burke speaks to Sullivan who claims that it was a fair fight. He knows of Cassidy.

Jackie speaks to Sullivan’s girlfriend, Donna. She’s upset. Sullivan wants to give up boxing to look after her but boxing is his life. On night of first murder Sullivan went for a run and was gone about 2 hours.

The team decide to let the boxers go. They meet on the stairs on the way out. The friction is still high between them and they want to fight there and then. Outside Sullivan tells his Dad, Mickey that he must go on fighting as he needs the money.

Jackie requests all the medical records relating to boxers from Doc Heron’s office.

Cassidy is in his hotel room on the phone to someone, demanding his money back.

Burke meets Jimmy Sullivan in a café. He asks him about the run he went on on night of murder. He did go, he couldn’t sleep. He admits to Burke that he threw the fight for the money and a chance at a title fight in the future. Now Walker was dead how would he get his money. Only three people knew about it – himself, Corbett and Mickey Sullivan.

Robbie goes to see Elaine…again. She tells him that Corbett has dumped her and that he was just a gold digger. Robbie asks her where she was when not in her hotel room on night of Walker’s death. She was at a casino in the West End where she owes a large amount of money.

Jackie and Stuart are back at the station. Jackie is curious to know whether any of the insurance policies relate to any of the medical records.

Burke goes to the gym to speak to Mickey Sullivan. He tells him that his son has admitted to throwing the fight. Mickey tells Burke that Walker was a very persuasive man.

A holdall is delivered to Cassidy’s hotel room. In the bag is a large quantity of cash.

Robbie goes to check on Cassidy. The uniformed officers outside tell him that a bag was delivered. Robbie breaks the door down and enters room. The room is empty and the window is open. Robbie leans out. The window allows access to the fire escape. Robbie rings Burke to tell him.

Burke rushes to the airport

At the gym Sullivan is in the ring wanting to spar. His father, Mickey won’t allow him. They fall out.

Burke finds Cassidy at the airport. They sit down to talk. Burke sees money in bag. Burke wants to know who sent him the money back. Who did he lean on to get it back? Cassidy replies that he leant on Elaine and the two boxers. He thinks the one who buckled was Sullivan.

Stuart goes to the Insurance Brokers about Walker’s insurance policies. He is told that one particular policy stands out. It relates to the boxer Jimmy Sullivan who is insured for £2 million against dying in the ring. What makes the policy even odder is that the boxer passed a medical with flying colours. Stuart asks who the Doctor was who carried out the medical – it was a Doctor Brian Heron.

Jackie takes the boxer’s records to show Burke. Amongst them are two x-rays taken at two different times. Both are healthy but they are not of the same skull. They take them to see an expert. Sullivan’s x rays had been tampered with and in reality he has a fatal condition. One blow to the head could kill him. This means that Walker et al were sitting ring side waiting for Sullivan to die and claim the pay out.

Burke, Robbie, Jackie and Stuart all go looking for Sullivan. Donna tells Burke that he’s gone to met Corbett for a re match at Corbett’s gym.

Already fighting in the ring Mickey Sullivan turns up and breaks up the fight just as the team arrive. Mickey tells his son about his brain tumor and that he had been set up to die. Burke and Robbie arrive. Burke walks straight up to Mickey Sullivan and arrests him for murder.

Mickey had seen the files in Doc Heron’s room the night of the fight when he’d helped the Doc home. He killed to avenge his son.

Jackie has three brothers - her excuse for knowing so much about boxing.
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