Episode 60 - BAD BLOOD

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - Michael Jenner

Director - Andy Goddard

Producer - Eric Coulter

Additional Information

The team gained a fifth member for this episode, but was she all that she seemed?

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Regular Cast

Principle Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton

Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy

DS Hannah Fairchild - Pauline Knowles

Eddie Calder - Stephen McCole

Frank Calder - Stuart Bowman

Martin Maclean - Brain McCardie

Erwin Baxter - Brian Larkin

Hasan Osman - Richard Saade

Mary Osman - Trish Mullin

Alec Corrigan - Joe Collins

Opening Scene: Two packages are given to a taxi driver by a man at a restaurant.  The taxi drives off.  A short time later he finds his route blocked by a van. The driver gets out to see what the problem is and is jumped on by two men wearing animal masks.  They open one of the packages which contains a large sum of money.  The taxi driver runs away and hides.  The masked men follow, looking for him, one gives up and heads off with the money, the other persists, finds him and stabs him.

The following morning the team attend a scene on wasteland, Hasan Osman is slumped dead in his taxi.  Sheila tells Burke that the murder can't have been committed on the wasteland because there isn't enough blood.

Burke...'he drives himself here, why?'

Ross - ' mortuary would've made more sense....cut out the middle man'

Jackie visits the taxi office only to be told that no one with the name Hasan Osman works for them.

Back at office, Burke is about to brief his team but there is a strange face in the room, he tells her to go and do her typing elsewhere, she introduces herself as DS Fairchild and states that she has been seconded to the team for this enquiry.  This news brings a brief smile to Robbie's face at least!!  Burke is not happy, but is forced to allow her to stay on.  She is introduced to the team and the briefing gets underway.  Stuart says that checks on the taxi found that it had been written off 2 years ago and sold for scrap.  Jackie shows Burke a bag that was found in Osman's taxi.  It is from a restaurant off George Square.  The team discuss the motive.  Robbery?  Racial?  Burke is un happy to accept either.

Jackie and Fairchild are told to work together, on the way out Fairchild tells Jackie about her previous under cover work in a university.

Robbie and Burke go to speak to Sheila.  She asks Burke to sit in the taxi as he's about the same height as Osman was.  It is clear from the seat and mirror position that Osman was not the last person to drive the taxi, meaning someone else drove it onto the waste ground.

Jackie and Fairchild go to the restaurant and speak to the owner, Mr Baxter.  He gives them a list of reservations from the night before and details of the taxi company the business uses to call cabs for guests.  As soon as Jackie and Fairchild leave he rings someone and tells them that the police had been and were asking questions.

Robbie and Burke go to see Mrs Osman.  She tells them that although they live in a nice house in a nice area they have no mortgage and that Hasan got a loan from someone he works with.  Robbie finds a photo of Hasan with Eddie Calder, taken at a charity football match.

Back at the station Robbie tells the team that Eddie Calder has been quiet for 5 years.  Stuart says that the name Calder has come up in relation to the taxi, Burke tells them that one of the Calder businesses is scrap and that Eddie's brother Frank is an all round gangster.

Frank and one of his heavies fire bomb a club - the 'Ultra Violet' belonging to Maclean.

Robbie meets Eddie at the zoo. Robbie tries to get information from him about Frank and the murder.  Eddie is reluctant and walks away.

At Macleans club Stuart is asking him about the fire bomb damage.  Maclean does not seem bothered saying that is was probably kids.  Stuart doesn't believe him but leaves it at that.

Back at the station Jackie attempts to look up Mr Baxter's file but is blocked from doing so.

Robbie and Burke are in the corridor brain storming motives.  Loan sharking?  Did Frank lend Osman the money for his house? Or maybe Osman was on Frank's payroll as he moves his prostitutes around in taxis.  If thats the case, why kill your own man?

Jackie and Fairchild get to the bottom of why Baxter's files were blocked.  Baxter is not his real name.  He assumed a new identity after leaving prison.  He was locked up for his part on a racial attack.

Robbie and Burke pay Frank Calder a visit at his scrap yard.  They ask him where he was on the night of Osman's murder.  Eddie provides him with an alibi.  Getting no where Robbie and Burke return to the car.  They are just about ot leave and Robbie's phone rings, it's Eddie.  He tells Robbie that Frank used Osman whenever he needed someone he could trust.  On the night he was killed he was collecting protection money, money that was not in the cab the next day.

Jackie and Fairchild stop for a drink in a bar.  Fairchild tells Jackie more about her time undercover, saying that she was found out, but when the heavies came looking for her it wasn't her they found.  Another innocent student was seriously injured.  Jackie decides they should give Baxter another 'shake' and leaves for the car.  Fairchild follows after making a phone call.

Maclean gets a phone call from someone telling him to meet them at the restaurant.

Jackie and Fairchild arrive at Baxter's restaurant.  It's all locked up at the front so they go around the back.  A shutter door is open enough for them to duck under.  Still no sign of anyone they head to the kitchen.  Jackie spots something on the floor - a meat chopper covered in blood.  She looks up and sees Baxter dead and hanging from a meat hook.  Fairchild runs out and is violently sick.

The team arrive on the scene.  Burke is not sympathetic with Fairchild who appears to be a little shaken.  Stuart sees Maclean drive past the scene.

Jackie takes Fairchild back to the station. She gets out of car telling Jackie she is ok on her own but leaves her cigarettes behind.  Jackie follows her in to return them, but she's on the phone.

In the office Robbie sums up what they know so far. Burke tells them that he's certain someone is trying to move in on Calder and that the murders are either to get Frank to come out fighting or wave the white flag.  Stuart throws Macleans' name into the pot.

The next scene is in a chip shop.  Eddie goes to meet Maclean.  Eddie tells him that Frank won't let go without a war.  Eddie tries to leave but Maclean's heavies prevent him from doing so.  Maclean decides to send a message to Frank and his heavies dunk Eddie's hand in the hot chip fat.

Back at the station Fairchild is reading a file which she puts in her desk when Jackie comes into the room to return her cigarettes.

Jackie can't find the post mortem report on Baxter's body so she goes to see Sheila who tells her that she's had the report, she put it on her desk.  Jackie, thinking she's going mad thanks Sheila but before she can leave Sheila asks how Fairchild is as she knows her from Officer Training.  She did not expect Fairchild to react the way she did when she saw Baxter dead.

Robbie meets Eddie again at the zoo.  Eddie confirms Macleans take over bid.  Eddie is in fear for his brother.

Jackie, still looking for the missing file finds it in Fairchild's desk.

Robbie and Burke go to see Maclean.  He comes clean about being called to restaurant staing that had he not been running late he's have been set up for murder.  Maclean calls Robbie a 'cheap suit' and tells them if Frank wants a war he'll get one.

Fairchild gives Jackie the report and Jackie asks her to hand the meat chopper down to the store for her.  Whilst she's gone Jackie gets her mobile phone out of her handbag.  One number seems to crop up frequently, she rings it, Frank Calder answers. 

Jackie tells Burke about Fairchild.  Burke tells her that for now they keep quiet about it.

Burke goes to see Frank about Maclean and warns him off.

Jackie checks Fairchild's phone bill and tells Burke that since the enquiry began there have been 12 calls to Calder.  They decide to let her run in the hope that she'll lead them to the killer.

Fairchild is seen on the fire escape making another private call.

Burke tells Robbie and Stuart about Fairchild.  Robbie is livid that a corrupt cop is going to be allowed to continue.

Back at Calder's scrap yard, Frank and his heavies are seen getting into a van armed with baseball bats.  The team and uniformed back up leave the station.  The van arrives outside Ultra Violet where the heavies are met by Macleans' hench men, also armed with bats.  Robbie and Burke arrive in time with the backup and Frank and Maclean are arrested.

Jackie and Fairchild interview Calder.  Burke is expecting Fairchild to try and get Calder off the hook and out of the station.  She appears not be doing this, but when the interview starts to get heated she calls a halt and Calder asks for his brief.  Fairchild tells Jackie she needs a breather.  Jackie follows and hears her make another secret phone call on the fire escape.

Back in the office Fairchild tells Burke that she feels un well and leaves to go home.  The team follow her, she heads straight to the scrap yard.  Waiting for her there is Eddie Calder.  It becomes clear that Fairchild has been paying back a favour.  it was Eddie who arranged for an innocent student to get hurt at the University instead of Fairchild, now it's pay back time.  Amongst the heated discussion Eddie admits to being the murderer to force Frank's hand.  Unfortunately for him he is over heard by Burke and the team.

I'm struggling to find many in this one!!

Robbie was livid when he found out that Fairchild was corrupt, but allowed to continue.  Really though who can blame him?  He'd been accused a few times himself, suspended but was innocent!

Two confirmed for this episode.

1) Robbie met Eddie at GLASGOW ZOO which sadly is no longer in existence.  The land is now home to a housing estate!

2) The location of The Ultra Violet night club.  When Burke and Robbie interrupt the fight between Maclean and Calder the GLASGOW SCHOOL OF ART is behind them.  I will check the name of the hill they are standing on.