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Episode 62 - AN EYE FOR AN EYE

Writer - Director - Producer

Writer - Stuart Hepburn

Director - Partrick Harkins

Producer - Eric Coulter

Additional Information

Lesley Harcourt (now a permanent member of the cast playing Gemma) appears as the first murder victim.

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Regular Cast

Principle Characters

DS Jackie Reid - Blythe Duff

DI Robbie Ross - John Michie

DC Stuart Fraser - Colin McCredie

DCI Matt Burke - Alex Norton


Sheila Crombie (Forensics) - Tamara Kennedy


Roberta Paton - played by Lesley Harcourt

Pamela Gardener - Therese Bradley

Phillip Gardener - Mark Bonnar

Billy Dunn - Paul Cunningham

Audrey Edwards - Vicki Mason

Tony Cunningham - James Cunningham

Bernie Martin - Ken Drury

Walter Renton - Ralph Riach

Nurse Calderwood - Amanda Gilliard

Barry Michael - George McNeilage

Eddie Nestor - Keith Hutcheon

Natasha - Carmen Pieraccini

Pathologist - Graham de Banzie

Roy Barrie - George Drennan

Scott Thompson - Alasdair Lay.

Opening scene:  Brief view of Glasgow's West End. It's night, a figure breaks into a building and rigs up a booby trap using a shot gun and a piece of twine.  We can see past the figure.  There is a name on the outside of the door which reads Dr Pamela Gardener.

The following morning the three doctors, Dr Pamela Gardener, Dr Phillip Gardener and Dr Roberta Paton arrive for work at a women's health clinic.  When they arrive the janitor, Mr Martin is scrubbing graffiti off the door - the graffiti reads 'Baby Killers'.  Pamela heads for her office but the door is stuck, Roberta offers to have a go at opening it for her.  She pushes the door hard, there is a load bang, a splintering of wood and Roberta hits the floor shot - Pamela screams.

When Burke arrives at the scene the rest of the team are already in attendance.  Stuart goes with Roberta in the ambulance.  Robbie takes Burke into the clinic to show him what happened.  They speak to Phillip Gardener and point out that because the gun was in his wife's office it is likely that the gun was aimed at her specifically.  Phillip tells Robbie and Burke about the Beatha group of anti-abortionists who have been targeting the clinic with anti abortion propaganda.

Jackie speaks to Mr Martin the janitor about the attack.

Back at the station Sheila tells Burke that the gun was stolen from a gun club in 1998.  Jackie views the CCTV from outside the clinic, seeing a white transit van parked outside for a short time.

Burke and Robbie go to see Tony Cunningham an ex priest and Audrey Edwards who are the primary movers in the Beatha group.  Robbie tells Burke that Cunningham has form for violence, all related to anti abortion protests.  They each have an alibi for the previous night.

Burke goes to find Stuart at the hospital.  Roberta is lucky to still be alive. Pamela and Phillip are with her.  When Burke walks in it is clear that he has interrupted a heated conversation which results in Pamela throwing Phillip out of the room.  Burke follows.  Phillip tells him that he had a fling and now he and Pamela are getting a divorce.  When Burke returns to the room Walter Renton, Pamela's father has appeared to take Pamela home.

At the station burke holds a briefing.  Robbie tells Burke that Beatha admit to targeting the clinic, meanwhile Stuart has found an identical case from America further pointing out that Audrey has had links with America in the past.

Next we see Pamela pulling into the drive at home, she tries to open the garage door with the remote control, nothing happens.  She gets out of the car to open the door manually, walking in to turn the light on.  As she does so a dummy hung from the ceiling falls towards her - Pamela screams - stuck on the dummy is a sign which simply says 'You're Next Bitch'.

Burke and Stuart arrive to find a very shaken Pamela being comforted Phillip.  Burke advises them to keep a low profile.  Pamela refuses saying she has a talk to give at a local youth centre.  Burke and the team accompany her there.  To meet them is a group of protestors including Tony and Audrey.

Back in the hospital Roberta gets a visit from her ex boyfriend Billy Dunn.  Initially she tells him to leave and calls for the nurse.  Billy tells her that he has some information that she should really know.  Roberta sends the nurse away and tells Billy he has 5 minutes.

The scene then reverts back to the youth centre.  Stuart gets Burke a coffee but forgets Robbie's (poor boy!!).  Robbie notices that Tony has left the protest.

Back again in the hospital, Billy has left.  Roberta is pulling herself along the corridor in a wheelchair, heading for the phone.  She tries to call Burke who isn't answering, she is offered his voice mail, refusing she starts to give out the number of the phone - but footsteps approach, Roberta looks up and screams 'you!'  the figure tapes up her mouth and pushes her wheelchair to a top of a flight of stairs and lets go.  Roberta is found at the foot of the stairs dead from a broken neck.

Audrey is interviewed by Jackie and Burke who states that when she left protest she went straight back to the groups HQ.  She further explains that the group cannot afford to loose the moral his ground by killing others.  She also says that she has no idea where Tony went after he left the protest.

Robbie and Stuart interview Tony who claimed to have left protest to pray.  He quotes from the Bible ' life for life, eye for eye, tooth for tooth'

Burke and Jackie listen to the recording of Roberta's call to the station - Burke realises from Roberta screaming 'you!' that she must've known who her killer was. 

Burke speaks to the nurse at the hospital who tells him about Billy's visit.  Mr Martin is waiting to see Roberta un aware of her death.  Burke breaks the news and asks him if he knows Billy Dunn, he says no but as soon as Burke has left he rings him telling him that the police have his picture.

Burke and Stuart go to see the Gardeners with the news of Roberta and Billy's photo.  Robbie turns up with an address for Billy and Stuart remains behind with the Gardeners.

Burke, Jackie and Robbie break into Billy's flat where Robbie finds some old ferry tickets in the kitchen draw.  Billy was in Holland the day before the shooting.  Jackie finds a bundle of business cards for a health club, The New Black owned by Eddie Nestor or 'Sexy Eddie' as Robbie seems to know him as.

We see Billy arrive at a block of flats, where he is let in by a girl called Natasha.

Stuart makes himself at home with the Gardeners.  He overhears Pam and Phillip arguing.

Burke and Robbie pay Eddie Nestor a visit at the health club.

Burke - 'Ready to pump some iron?'

Robbie - 'Thought you'd never ask'

It is clear that Nestor knows exactly how to rub Burke up the wrong way but he maintains that he doesn't know Billy Dunn.

Burke goes to check on Stuart and finds him having tea and biscuits provided by Phillip.  He tells Burke that he has joined the Beatha chat group on line.  Burke thinks this is a waste of time and tells him to leave it.  Burke asks Phillip and Walter if they've heard of The New Black health club.  Walter says yes and that both Pam and Roberta were members.

Pam sends her Dad home, as he turns out of drive there is a red mini parked opposite the house - occupant is Audrey.  Pam can't sleep and goes downstairs for a drink, she bumps into Stuart. Saying goodnight Stuart goes back to his laptop and within moments he is aseep.

Stuart is woken by Phillip shouting for Pam.  Unable to find her in the house they go to the garage and then the garden.  Looking up Phillip screams - Pamela is hanging from a tree at the end of the garden.  Stuck on her front is a note which says 'An Eye For An Eye'

Jackie gives a distraught Stuart a hug and tells Burke not to be too hard on him, Burke is furious and yells and Stuart before suspending him.  The pathologist tells Burke that Pamela was killed first and then hung from the tree.  Robbie gives Stuart a lift home telling him not to worry about being suspended - he knows about these things!!

Sheila tells the team that the same twine was used in both murders and that the notes found were written on Beatha note paper.  Jackie and Robbie are all for arresting Tony and Audrey but Burke refuses saying they need more to throw at them.  A further visit to see Walter Renton reveals that he saw the mini parked in the street the night before.

Burke and Jackie go to see Audrey at the Beatha HQ.  When they arrive Audrey is expecting them having just reported a robbery from their stationery store.  Audrey tell them that she was at the Gardeners house the night before because she had received an email telling her to go there and learn something to her advantage.  CCTV proved that she was back before Pamela was murdered.

Robbie being the good detective discovers that Nestor was implicated in the trial of a Dr Roy Barrie who got three years  for supplying clinical cocaine.  He was supplying Nestor, could Roberta and Pam have been doing the same?

Jackie goes to see Stuart at home and asks him to have a blood test.  He eventually agrees as long as it's just between the two of them.  Robbie and Burke go to see Roy Barrie who explains how Nestor sat him up and forced him into supplying the drugs.  He too does not know Billy Dunn.

Billy turns up at Nestor's club.  They have a meeting on the roof where Nestor threatens him.

Burke and Robbie put the theory to Phillip that maybe Pam and Roberta were supplying drugs to Nestor.  He throws them out. The phone rings, its Jackie with some information.  Back at the station she explains what she has found.  Pam and Roberta were involved in a fatal car crash when they were students.  The person who died in the car was Thomas Martin.  Thomas' Dad is Mr Martin the janitor.

Mr Martin is brought in. He claims that the accident was just that, an accident and that he holds no grudge with Pam or Roberta as it was them who helped him out of the gutter and put him back on his feet.  He admits that the shot gun was his and that he stole it from the gun club planning to use it to end his own life.  He further states that it was recently stolen from his shed.  Burke, getting no where with the interview is intercepted by Robbie in the corridor - some string found in Martin's shed matches that used in the murders and what's more the colour and batch make up only 2% of national production.  Burke tells Martin this and tells him that he's looking at going down for murder.  Forced into a corner Martin mentions Billy and tells Burke that he thinks he may have taken the gun.

Burke and Jackie go and see Phillip and ask to see the drugs room and records.  They find drugs that have no place in a women's health clinic.  Phillip claims that it makes no sense.

Burke leaves Jackie with Phillip and takes Robbie back to see Nestor.  This time they have evidence that he and Billy were on the same ferry and flight on more than on occasion.  Nestor backs down saying that yes he does know Billy but not in a business capacity and doesn't know where he is.

Jackie and Phillip are back at the station.  It appears from the records that Pam and Roberta were forging receipts for drugs.  Phillip claims he knew nothing about it as the ordering was always done on a Friday, his day off.  The value of the drugs could easily amount to thousands.

Billy's van is found on the roof of Nestor's club.  Jackie, Burke and Robbie attend.  The back door is open, Burke turns the handle and Billy's blood stained body tumbles out.  He was shot with a shot gun and dumped in the van.  Robbie is convinced that Nestor is to blame, but Jackie questions if he'd be that stupid.  Burke interrupts the discussion by asking how long the van is.  From the outside 12 or 13 feet and from the inside 10 or 11 feet.  Taking a crow bar Burke revels a set of shelves built into the bulk head of the van.  What was it used for?  Smuggling cigarettes or alcohol?  Burke bends down and picks up a hair slide and Robbie finds a coin.  The van had been used to smuggle people.

Burke and Jackie go and tell Mr Martin about Billy.  He takes them to see Natasha.  Natasha had been smuggled in from Eastern Europe by Nestor who took her papers and forced her to work in a club.  When she became pregnant he got rid of the baby.  She became very ill and Billy took pity on her and set her up in the flat.  She is persuaded by Burke and Jackie to help them catch Nestor.

Whilst all this is going on Stuart is at home plugging away with the Beatha chat room.  He gets chatting to another member 'Notre Dame' who claims to know who the murderer is.  Stuart sneaks into the station and heads for technical support where he hopes Scott will be able to hack in and get an address for this Notre Dame.  Whilst he is there Robbie comes bursting in shouting for two way radios.  He tells Stuart to leave and that he's barking up the wrong tree anyway.

The police raid Nestor's sex club but find nothing incriminating.  Nestor is his usual smug self until Jackie comes in with Natasha who positively ID's him.  He is arrested.

Scott manages to get an address for Stuart and Stuart rushes out.

In interview Nestor says that he was paying Billy to smuggle the girls in.  He got the idea of the concealment in the van after Customs and Excise started to check or vans for alcohol and cigarettes.  He admits that to keep the girls quiet they had to be drugged.  Billy provided the drugs, Nestor had no idea where they came from.

Back at Beatha's HQ Tony goes to see Audrey clutching a piece of paper which clearly has something written on it that has angered him - he smashed up the office and leaves.  Burke arrives to see Tony.  Asking what's happened Audrey tells him that Tony has cracked up and could be capable of anything.  Burke rushes back to the station and tells Robbie to pull out everything he can on Tony.  Realising Stuart could be in danger Robbie rings him.  Stuart is at Notre Dames' address and is trying to break in through a window.  His phone rings but he drops it, as he bends to pick it up Tony approaches him with a baseball bat telling him to get inside.

Robbie tells Burke about Stuart being in Tech Support.  Burke has a go at Robbie.

Tony assumes that Stuart is there to arrest him and makes him kneel.  Stuart is just getting through to him when his phone rings.  Tony smashes the phone and Stuart knocks his head on the table.  Tony takes Stuart out of the flat and makes him get into the boot of his car.

Meanwhile it's panic stations at Maryhill.  Jackie goes to Stuart's flat and Burke and Robbie head to Notre Dames'.  On arrival they find Stuart's smashed phone and blood on the carpet.  Jackie also reveals that the blood tests show that Stuart was drugged on the night Pam was murdered.

Tony takes Stuart to the clinic and orders him to get out and watch.  They see Philip arrive and then Audrey. Tony shows Stuart the same piece of paper he'd shown Audrey.  It showed that Audrey had herself had an abortion under Dr Philip Gardener.  The information had been sent to him anonymously.

Stuart persuades Tony to let him use his phone and he calls in.  He tells them he needs urgent assistance.  Stuart goes into clinic and can hear Phillip and Audrey talking. Phillip tells Audrey, in not so many words that he set her and Beatha up. He starts to lose the plot throwing books and the contents of the desk on the floor.  Audrey asks him what he's doing and he replies that she's doing it, or at least that's what the police will think anyway.  At that point he produces a knife and starts to slash his torso and arms with it, telling Audrey that she did that too.  Stuart walks in, Phillip grabs Audrey around the neck holding the knife to her throat.  Burke appears behind Stuart.  Phillip lets Audrey go and waves the knife in Stuart's direction.  He persuades Phillip to give the knife up which eventually he does.

So Phillip had killed Roberta by accident as she wasn't meant to open the door and then had to finish the job.  His motive?  He was the one providing the drugs to Billy, it was to be his retirement fund. Pam found out about it.

Stuart lives in a flat over looking Glasgow Green

Robbie obviously didn't listen in his Religious Education lessons at school (probably too busy chatting to the girls!).  He had to rely on Stuart to translate Tony's quotes from the Bible.

Nestor points out that Burke could do with a good work out.  Can you imagine him in lycra?

Only one confirmed for this episode so far.

Stuart's flat - Glasgow Green.  When he is on balcony you can see the Templeton Carpet Factory and People's Palace behind him.  Click to see more