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Taggart Documentary - 'There's Been A Murder'

Taggart - Fire, Burn

Taggart - Fire, Burn

Taggart - Fire, Burn

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Alex Norton


Place Of Birth: Glasgow

Date Of Birth: 27th January 1950

Lives: Stoke Newington ('Stokey')

Status: Married to Sally. 3 sons, Jock, Rory and Jamie.

Alexander Hugh Norton son of a plumber and fervent unionist was brought up in Glasgow.  He discovered acting at the age of 14 via an out of school drama group.  This led to his part in the TV series 'Dr Finlay's Casebook' and with it the decision that acting was what he wanted to concentrate on.  Because of his background and his father's lack of approval of his chosen career, Alex decided to avoid the traditional route into acting and instead worked from part to part. Something which has really paid dividends for him.

Alex has appeared in numerous films including Gregory's Girl with Bill Forsyth, Little Voice, Orphans and Hollywood blockbusters such as Patriot Games with Harrison Ford.

Probably a little known fact is that Alex has won two awards for writing, something he very much enjoys.  He also has an interest in directing.

Nowadays of course, Alex is concentrating on playing DCI Burke.  Alex describes his hardman character as a 'perfectionist' and like himself both like to get the job done properly. His role in Taggart  sees him working in Glasgow for half the year.  Although a Glasgow native it's Stokey he misses!!

Speaking of places to feel at home Alex and his family have a home in the French medieval village of Olargues which nestles in the mountains with a river running by.  Having fallen in love with the village, there was only one house for sale but they new it was the right one for them!!  Needing to be completely restored it will become the family's dream holiday destination and a place they can escape to whenever possible.

It looks like there might be the next generation of Norton actors on their way too - Alex's son Jock got to the final 3 for a part in Harry Potter.

To read a full list of Alex's TV and film roles visit:


Did you know?  Alex played a prank on fellow cast members and turned up to work wearing stockings and suspenders!!!!


17.02.05 - Article in TV Times about Alex's new role.

January 2005.  It has been announced that Alex has won a role in the follow up to Hollywood Blockbuster 'Pirates Of The Caribbean'  Click on links below for more details. 

27.03.05 - Alex and family were featured in a STV programme called 'Home For The Holidays'.  You can view a clip by visiting:

There is also an article about Alex on the Strathclyde Police site