11.01.06 - New Taggart Episodes

I heard today that there are still some finished Taggart episodes from last year that have not been broadcast in the UK.  Excellent news!!  I will be informed when ITV have set dates for their transmission

10.01.06 - Tiny In 'Dead Man Walking'

I get some great emails coming into this site, it's amazing who sees it!  A couple of days ago I received one from Scottish funny man Scott Glynn who played 'Tiny' in the recent Dead Man Walking.  He kindly sent me some pictures from behind the scenes to use on the website.  Scott has been described in the Scottish press as 'one of the funniest guys in Scotland'.  To find out more about him visit his website at

The view the behind the scenes photos click HERE

14.01.06 - Next DVD Release

John William Productions have the next Taggart DVD box set lined up for release on 13th Feb 06 - episodes will be 'Mind Over Matter', 'Cause and Effect' and 'A Taste Of Money'

The earlier, Mark McManus episodes are still scheduled for release later in the year.

02.02.06 - Glasgow Evening Times

The Evening Times have been running a special 3 day feature on Taggart this week.  You can catch up on line at Definitely worth a read!

02.02.06 - New Taggart Episodes - UK - Update

I have heard that ITV have pencilled in 2 new Taggarts for the 22nd and 29th March 2006.  Confirmation of this wont be available until the end of Feb so check back here for further news soon.


Two new Taggart episodes are to be televised in the UK as follows:

22nd March 06 - 'Law'

29th March 06 - 'Best and Brightest'



13th October 2006 - ITV1 - 'The Thirteenth Step'


An address for an article about Mark McManus was posted on the Fan Forum recently and I thought it was worth bringing to every ones attention.  It's certainly worth a read and a couple of nice photos accompany it.  To read visit


The prize quizzes currently running on the Quiz Page have had their closing dates extended until the 1st August, so whilst you're lying out in the sunshine get your thinking caps on and have a go!


Having just seen the last 2 new Taggart episodes here in the UK everyone will be pleased to know that they start filming for the next batch this month.  I'm sure you all join me in wishing them well and look forward to more great Taggarts' soon.

03.03.06 - SAD NEWS

Sad news reached us that the writer John Brown lost his fight for life in January.  John wrote some memorable Taggart's during his career as a screen writer including 'Fire, Burn', 'In Camera' and 'A Death Foretold'

 18.12.06 - HOORAY!

UPDATE - 17th Jan 2007 - ITV1 - 9pm - The Thirteenth Step

As most of you will have already discovered, there is to be a new Taggart on ITV1 on 3rd Jan 2007 starting at 9pm. The episode is called 'Users and Losers' and sees the team carrying out investigations at a local stables.  Ross and Fraser should be good at that anyway since they horsed around in 'A Few Bad Men' all those years ago!!


This will be old news to many of you, but Taggart was a winner at this years Scottish BAFTAS.  The show picked up the award for 'Special Contribution To Scottish Broadcasting' and I'm sure you would agree it is well deserved.


Blythe, John and Colin were present at the award ceremony to accept the honour.

05.10.06 - NEW TAGGARTS - UK TRANSMISSION - 2nd Update

I have recently heard that it is quite possible that all the new Taggart episodes will be held back until early next year.  As ever though this is not set in stone so keep checking this page for any further news I receive.


Lloyds TSB, this years BAFTA sponsors have introduced a new category for the best show made in Scotland.  Voting appears to be via voting boxes in brances of Lloyds TSB throughout the UK


I have some fantastic news for all you Taggart fans out there.  At the end of October SMG are launching THE OFFICIAL TAGGART WEBSITE.  The site will contain clips, behind the scenes info and gossip and eventually a Fan Forum.  As yet the site has not been added to the World Wide Web but when it is I will be posting the address here so that you can be the first to view it.  I hope you all find this news as exciting as I do and it can only be a good thing for the show's continued success.

PS:  This site will continue as a sister site to the new one so don't forget to call in here too!!


If you find yourself planning a trip to Glasgow then check out the following website.

21.09.06 - SMG - NEW ADDRESS

For your records, SMG have recently moved offices meaning that all Taggart related mail should now be sent to Taggart Department, SMG Productions, Pacific Quay, Glasgow, G51 1PQ


14.12.05 - Feedback Wanted

A note to all fans.  We have had a really good year here in the UK where Taggart is concerned.  More episodes, new and repeats were shown this year than any other!  Hooray to that!!

So what I would like to do is to prepare some feedback for SMG on fan's opinions of this years new episodes.  I want to know your favourites and why and anything that you didn't like and why.  Be as honest as you want too. Don't forget this Fridays episode.  Give it a thought or two whilst indulging over the festive period.  Email me your thoughts. Thank you

Episodes to consider are - Saints & Sinners, Puppet On A String, Wages Of Sin, Ties That Bind, In Camera, Mind Over Matter, Cause and Effect, Taste of Money, A Death Foretold, Do or Die, Running Out Of Time, Cause To Kill and Dead Man Walking

27.11.05 - Happy Birthday Blythe

It was Blythe's Birthday on the 25th November.  We hope you had a good day Blythe!!

17.11.05 - New Taggart Episodes - UK  - December 2005

News hot off the press:

Do Or Die - 9th December - ITV1

Dead Man Walking - 16th December - ITV1

16.11.05 - Taggart in High Demand

Some of you might have noticed the articles in this weeks Scottish press about Taggart.  Basically The Evening Times, The Daily Mail and The Daily Record have all featured news items stating that ITV currently can't get enough of Taggart and production has had to be stepped up.  Plus episodes that had been put aside for next year have already been broadcast in the UK.  I'm sure you would all agree that this is great news and with 15 episodes shown this year (including repeats) it is the show's best year ever!  Long may it continue!

08.11.05 - Episode Changes - An Update

'Do or Die' will now be held back until the New Year.  Currently it is pencilled in for 5th January but note that this is to be confirmed.  Instead the episode called 'Cause To Kill' will be shown.  ITV1 - 9pm, Nov 11th. Thanks to Mary for sending us the episode guide which is as follows:

'When the body of a young woman is discovered by the Clyde clothed in bin bags, Burke feels like he's stepping back in time.  This copycat killing replicates a 20 year old murder case.  Burke enlists the help of celebrated forensic pathologist Irene Russell in an attempt to solve the case before the body count rises.  However, as the story unfolds, it becomes clear that Russell herself may well be the ultimate target'

05.11.05 - Episode Change

Running Out Of Time was shown last night instead of Do or Die due to current news events.  I will try and find out if Do or Die will now be shown next week - the 11th Nov

04.11.05 - Missing Episodes To Be Released on DVD 2006

Good news, John William Productions are to release missing and classic episodes on DVD next year - visit the merchandise page for full details.  Great news I'm sure you would agree!

27.10.05 - Do Or Die

Ever thought about joining the army?  You might when you see the new recruit!  I have just posted a real treat for DI Ross fans on John Michie's website.  Direct link:  or access via John's news page.

25.10.05 - Lyceum Theatre - Special Offer For Taggart Fans

Lesley Harcourt, Taggart's very own Gemma Kerr is currently appearing in Tennessee Williams's play 'Cat On A Hot Tin Roof' at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh.  The play runs until the 19th November and the Lyceum would like to offer Taggart fans a discount on tickets. The offer is - any ticket for 10 Tuesday- Thursday.  Simply quote TAGGART OFFER when booking.  Bookings in person or by phone only and seats are subject to availability.

Box Office - 0131 248 4848

The Lyceum Theatre, Grindlay Street, Edinburgh, EH3 5AX -

NB - The theatre sent me some photos of Lesley in the play and I have posted them on Lesley's profile.  Click here (they are certainly worthy of a look!)



When I went to meet Eric Coulter and Graeme Green at SMG last week I was told that it had just been announced that a further 2 new Taggarts would be shown this year!!  They are as follows:

4th November - ITV1 - Do Or Die

11th November - ITV1 - Running Out Of Time

This is great news - who can remember the last time we had so many Taggart episodes shown in one year? 

09.09.05 - Cast Guest Appearances

15th September - ITV1 - 13.30-14.15.  LOOSE WOMEN - Blythe Duff

16th September - ITV1 - 10.30-12.30. THIS MORNING - Alex Norton

22nd September - ITV1 - 17.00-18.00. THE PAUL O'GRADY SHOW - John Michie

23rd September - ITV1 - 6.00-09.25 - GMTV - Colin McCredie

06.09.05 - New Taggarts - Media Appearances

The TV Guides covering 'Cause and Effect' are on sale from today in the UK.  I have found the following that might be helpful to you all.  All magazines are dated 10th-16th Sept.

TV Easy - page 3, picture of Burke, page 7 Picture of Burke and article, page 99 picture of Robbie.

TV Times - page 29 article with Blythe, page 89 picture of Burke and write up

TV Quick - Page 74, nice picture of the cast

What's On TV - Page 5 article with picture of Burke, Robbie and Jackie. Page 74. Picture of Burke

TV Choice - page 9, small article. Page 64 picture of cast

Radio Times - page 106. large picture of Burke and article.

ADDITIONALLY - there are to be cast appearances on GMTV, The Paul O Grady Show and Loose Women in the near future.  If I can find out when precisely I will post the info on here.

20.08.05 - Colin is a DAD!!

Congratulations to Colin McCredie and his wife Simonee on the birth of their first child, a little girl who they have named Maisie.  Maisie was born yesterday at the Glasgow Queen Mother Maternity Hospital weighing 6lb 10oz.

If anyone would like to send their best wishes to Colin please email me and I will forward them to him.

20.08.05 - DATE CHANGES

As predicted the UK airing dates for the new Taggarts have already changed and are now as follows:

16th SEPT - Cause and Effect, 23rd SEPT - Taste of Money and 21st October A Death Foretold.  Check back for any further changes.  I will update as and when I receive the information.

12.08.05 - New Box

I have added a new link the the home page to a page that lists airing dates/times for Taggart in the UK and satellite TV. I will keep this as up to date as possible but if anyone as any dates (including non UK) they'd like added please let me know


This is news hot off the press!!

Dates for your diary as follows:

14th October 2005 - Cause and Effect

21st October 2005 - A Taste Of Money

28th October 2005 - A Death Foretold

It's nice to see that these transmission dates are around the time of the Convention.  Brilliant news!

06.08.05 - Further Repeats

Atonement - 9pm - 9th August 2005 - ITV1

Saints and Sinners - 9pm - 16th August 2005 - ITV1

I enquired why Saints and Sinners was being shown instead of An Eye For An Eye or Compensation.  Apparently there is no particular reason.

Keep an eye out on ITV3 for Taggart repeats in the early hours of the morning.

26.07.05 - Reminder

Don't forget to vote for Taggart and Blythe in the National TV Awards.  Voting ends on the 29th July.  See below for more information.

26.07.05 - Finally Some Taggart!!

Sadly not the new episodes we are all desperate to see in the UK but we are going to get a repeat non the less!!  Penthouse and Pavement is going to be shown on ITV1 on Tuesday 2nd August at 9pm.  As yet we don't know if this is going to be a one off or whether further oldies will be shown.

Additionally Blood Money is being shown on ITV3 at 01.00 on Friday 5th August.

20.07.05 - UK Airing Dates

Well, I have some news to report.  Currently the plan is to broadcast the next 3 Taggarts (already seen in Australia) as part of the autumn schedule.  Effectively this means that they could be shown anytime between September 2005 and December 2005.  I should know more in a couple of weeks time. Check back here for updates

20.07.05 - Yahoo Message Board Change

Those of you who are members of the Yahoo Taggart Forum need to be aware that the moderator of the original group has decided to close it.  However all you need to do is re-register with the new one at

You can keep your same user name etc.  Anyone wishing to join in the Taggart chat can also use this link to join the group.

12.07.05 - Taggart Needs Your Vote!!

Taggart has been listed in the most popular drama category at this years National TV Awards.  Only the top 4 or 5 will make it through with a chance of winning the award.  It would be great to make Taggart one of them.  All the voting is done by the public so its up to us!  Blythe Duff is also nominated in the most popular actress category. Even the shows foreign fans can help out here by voting. It's really straight forward and you can even enter the free prize draw to win tickets to the ceremony itself.

Visit NOW!!!!!  Let's get Taggart in the awards.


04.07.05 - Australia Gets First Look

The next 3 new Taggart episodes are currently airing in Australia - the first 'Cause and Effect' sees Burke go on a date no less!!  Sadly there is still no word as to when we'll get to see these episodes!

04.07.05 - Next DVD Box Set On It's Way

You can pre order your next Taggart DVD box set from This one, the 3rd release so far this year will include 'Penthouse & Pavement', 'An Eye For An Eye' and 'Atonement'.

11.06.05 - Clear Vision Slash DVD Prices

Clearvision has slashed the price of it's Taggart DVD doubles to just 8.20 each.  They have the titles from 'Killer' to 'The Friday Event' available.  Take the opportunity to fill in the spaces in your collection now!! Visit (Well done Jane for spotting this)

06.06.05 - Happy Birthday Colin McCredie

I'm sure you will all join us in wishing Colin a Happy Birthday for 8th June.  Anyone who wants to send Colin their good wishes, email them to me and I will make sure he gets them.

25.05.05 - On The Map!

I was lucky enough to spend my Birthday in Glasgow this year with fellow Taggart fan Karen Betts.  We weren't idle and explored the City for more locations to include on this site.  We were assisted by Craig and Gary Stewart who took us on a VIP tour of the City!  The result is that I have been able to update the locations guide and still have more locations to add in due course.  I hope you enjoy looking at them and get to visit them someti

28.04.05 -Radio Ga Ga!!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to be interviewed on BBC Radio Scotland's Good Morning show about the Taggart Convention.  Blythe Duff was also on the line from Glasgow.  Although the piece was short it was great fun and gave the Convention some further valuable coverage.  Blythe was very complimentary about the website saying:

" Well, I think what's nice is that we have a fan's a very nice site and it's quite sweet actually to go on it and it's nice that they're taking it to another dimension, it's a bit like Dr Who really!"

For me however, I will never forget the lovely moment when Blythe answered a question directed at me, Jackie!!

Thank you Blythe for coming on the show with me and thanks to BBC Scotland and the Daily Record for getting behind the Convention.

28.04.05 - 'There's Been A Booking'

The Daily Record produced a piece about the Convention on the 26th April.  it is still available read in an abridged form on line at  Search for Taggart.  There is also a follow up item listed which likens the Convention to the G8 Summit!!!!

28.04.05 - DVD Release

John Williams Productions have released episodes Blood Money, New Life and Bad Blood on DVD.  to buy yours please visit:

Remember this company offers free postage world wide.

31.03.05 - And The Beat Goes On

Filming for the next batch of Taggart episodes starts on 23rd May 2005.

Good Luck to all involved.

27.03.05 - The Patter Of Tiny Feet

Colin McCredie confirmed last week that he is indeed to become a Dad in August.  I'm sure you will all join us in congratulating Colin and his wife on their exciting news.

19.03.05 - New DVD Release - April 2005

Well done to Jane for spotting that Amazon are advertising pre order for the next Taggart DVD box set.  They have the date for release as 18.04.05.  However John Williams Productions have stated that they may not be ready by this date.  I will keep you all updated with any

These episodes will be 'Bad Blood', 'Blood Money' and 'New Life' (see episode guide on this site for more details of these episodes)

*Don't forget to enter the new mini quiz league by visiting the Quiz Page - current questions only available until the end of Marc

22.02.05 - Taggart Commissioned For The Next Two Years

It was reported in the business section of 'The Scotsman' last weekend that Taggart has been commissioned for another 2 years There are to be another 18 hours of drama - that's 12 episodes.  This is fantastic news.

14.02.05 - 2005 Is Going To Be A Good Year For Taggart On DVD.

I heard this morning that John Williams Productions have bought the rights to 17 episodes of Taggart.  The episodes are 56-73 namely: Hardman, Fade To Black, Blood Money, New Life, Bad Blood, Half Way House, An Eye For An Eye, Penthouse and Pavement, Atonement, Compensation, Saints and Sinners, Puppet On A String, Wages Of Sin, The Ties That Bind, In Camera and Mind Over Matter.

As previously mentioned the first 3(Hardman, Half Way House and Fade To Black) are to be released on 28th Feb with regular releases of 3 DVD box sets through out the year.

This is great news for us Taggart fans and John Williams Productions have been in touch expressing an interest in attending the convention and providing box sets for prizes on this site.  Plus I will be informed of new release dates as the year progresses. So check back for all the up to date news.

Visit and place your order today.  Free postage throughout the world.

12.02.05 - Attention All NON UK Taggart Fans

The new DVD release mentioned below is available with free worldwide delivery from

10.02 05 - New Taggart DVD Release are giving you the chance to pre-order a new box set of Taggart DVDs.  The episodes featured are 'Halfway House', 'Hardman', and 'Fade To Black'.  The box set costs 14.99 with no postage charges within the UK.  The direct link is

Pre Order yours today!!

05.02.05 - Top Taggart Rules The Air Waves

Viewing figures for this weeks episode - 'Mind Over Matter' show that Taggart again won it's slot, beating off stiff competition from BBC1's Judge John Deed.  So that's 6 successful weeks and still another 3 episodes to be shown.  I can only wonder when that'll be!

05.02.05 - GMTV With Colin McCredie

On Thursday (3rd) Robert, Valerie and myself were lucky enough to be asked to appear on GMTV with Colin.  We had a fantastic time and it's an experience that none of us will forget.  Our thanks go to everyone at GMTV for organising the day and looking after us extremely well.


 Colin McCredie                                             Robert, Valerie, Jackie and Colin on the GMTV sofa


31.01.05 - 'In Camera' In Focus

The viewing figures for Thursday's 'In Camera', the episode which saw Robbie Ross fall in love were the highest figures of the series so far.  An extra 200,000 people tuned in to see if Robbie would survive a broken heart.  With this highly emotional and moving episode they were not disappointed. Taggart was again the most watched programme of the evening with 27.5% of the total viewing figures tuning in.

25.01.05 - New Behind The Scenes Pictures

Taggart fan Noweia has sent me some pictures taken when the Taggart team descended on Cochno House (part of the University Of Glasgow) to film scenes for 'The Wages Of Sin'.  Noweia was lucky enough to have an 'extra' role in the episode as a soldier.  Click HERE to see the photos of the day.

21.01.05 - Taggart On Top Again!

Viewing figures have been released for last nights 'The Ties That Bind'.  It was the most watched programme of the evening with 5.8 million viewers!  Fantastic news!

Feedback suggests that you all enjoyed this Stuart Hepburn written story as a return to the dark and menacing Taggarts of old.

19.01.05 - Busy Busy Busy!!

Things are a bit hectic at the moment.  Robert and Valerie gave an interview to their local paper in Portsmouth only to find that it had been published in many different publications as far away as Scotland!!  Since then Valerie has been on BBC Radio Scotland and will be appearing with Robert on Meridian news.  It's all good publicity for the website.

12.01.05 - John and Alex On GMTV

John Michie and Alex Norton appeared on this mornings GMTV to talk about the new Taggarts.  Lorraine Kelly was rather intrigued by the prospect of Robbie naked in tomorrows episode and who could blame her!

08.01.05 - John Michie Naked!

John features in an article in today's 'Sun' Newspaper.  The article is about next weeks (13th) episode 'The Wages Of Sin' in which DI Robbie Ross is 'helped' out of his clothes.  If you see this in time, buy a copy.  I have typed the article onto the news page of John's own website - Click here

07.01.05 - Taggart On Top!

Viewing figures for yesterday's 'Puppet On A String' have been announced.  Taggart took 28% of the entire viewing figures with over 6 million people tuning in.  That's what we like to hear!!

Don't forget, we want to know what YOU thought about all the episodes in this series.

04.01.05 - Alex Norton Articles

The two links will take you to two recent newspaper articles about and involving Alex Norton.


31.12.04 - Saints and Sinners

Well, what did you think to last night's Taggart then?  What were your favourite bits, best lines etc?  I want your comments for a new page on the website which will deal with each of the new Taggarts' and include what, you the fans thought plus what the critics had to say.  Be sure to send us your thoughts.  To view what others had to say CLICK HERE

23.12.04 - Spirit Of Scotland Awards

This is old news, but is news which definitely deserves a mention.  Taggart was nominated in the 'Broadcasting' category at this years Glenfiddich Spirit Of Scotland Awards which were held last month.  The star studded evening set out to honour all that's good about Scotland.  Sadly Taggart was beaten by Scottish drama 'Still Game'.  I'm only able to tell you this news thanks to Taggart fan Barry Clements who sent me the ceremony on video.  John Michie fans might like to know that John presented the award in the 'Art' category.  Colin McCredie was also present.  I have managed to capture some screen shots from the event.  To see more (and better) pictures of John in his dinner jacket visit his news page.

Sorry I was un aware of this event prior to it happening, but some things just seem to slip through the net!!

20.12.04 - Taxi!

The Daily Record - 18th December

WONDER if the punters in the taxi queue outside Glasgow Central Station knew they were being skipped by one of the country's best-known coppers the other night. Taggart actor Colin McRedie couldn't face standing in the notoriously rowdy line after the Taggart Christmas party in the city's St Vincent Street.

Rather than facing the usual heckles about being the 'wee gay guy in Taggart' he waited until some of the less well-known crew members had worked their way to the front of the queue, then ran round the corner to jump straight into a hack.

'It's not as if I was stealing anyone's space,' Colin says in his defence. 'I'm not exactly a night bus kinda guy...'

15.12.04 - Good News!

I heard today that ITV are planning to show new Taggart episodes for 6 consecutive weeks starting on the 30th December!!  This will mean that here in the UK we will not only catch up on the rest of last years episodes but also see some of those made this year.  Of course ITV do reserve the right to change there minds!!!  Also I'm reliably informed that there will be an article in The Sun's TV Guide on Saturday 8th January.  Apparently I will like it, so I'm assuming it will be about John Michie.  I will remind you all nearer the time.

10.12.04 - Picture Perfect!

Yes, we can finally relax, Taggart is listed in the Christmas TV Guides for 30th December at 21.00hrs.  A few of you have been emailing me with how the TV magazines have chosen to mark the occasion.  Thank you for doing that.  So far there appears to be nothing more than a picture and write up on the episode - we live in hope of an interview or two!!  However the TV guides that need to be on your list are - The Radio Times, TV Times and TV and Satellite Guide, each has a picture of the cast.  Please let me know if you spot anything further.

06.12.04 - UPDATE - UK Transmission Date For Saints and Sinners

Guess what?  Yes, ITV have done it again!  They've moved Saints and Sinners from 18th December to 30th December 2004.  I have been told by PR company that this is confirmed.  Best way to check is to buy a Christmas TV guide and hope it's listed.  I will have a look next time I'm in the vicinity of a shop!! 

30.11.04 - Photos Of Blythe On Her Birthday.

We have been sent some photos of Blythe on her Birthday - 25th November 2004.  Click HERE to view.  Enjoy!

29.11.04 - The Taggart Trail in aid of Capability Scotland

I've been asked to post the details of a charity event that the Taggart cast will be taking part in by the charity Capability Scotland.  The event will take place at The Corinthian, Ingram Street, Glasgow on 12th January 2005.  I have full details available in PDF format (via email) and also the booking form pro forma.  However if you would like further details visit


I was informed today that there are now plans to show 'Saints and Sinners', one of the new Taggart episodes on Saturday 18th December 2004.  As far as I know this will be on ITV1.  Time is un-specified at this stage but keep checking back for regular updates.

25.11.04 - Happy Birthday Blythe Duff

I'm sure you would all like to join us in wishing Blythe Duff a very Happy Birthday for Thursday 25th November.  Have a great day Blythe and don't let the chaps eat all the cake!!


22.11.04 - Taggart Event In aid Of The Scottish Youth Theatre

Sorry that we were only able to bring you this news after the event, but it seems that a great night was had by all when The Scottish Youth Theatre organised an evening with the Taggart stars to raise money.  The event was reviewed in The Herald and is worth a read!!  The link is: There are more details about the event on The Scottish Youth Theatre website so visit:

15.11.04 - 'Murder Proves Lucrative For SMG'

This article was found by Taggart fan Helen and goes some way to explaining why we've seen very little of Taggart in the UK this year plus plans for the shows future.


28.10.04 - UK Transmissions, Good News and Bad News

Bad news first - the episodes scheduled to be televised in December 2004 have now been moved to next year.  I have no further details at this stage.

The good news is that the new ITV station - ITV3 will be showing Taggart episodes from 4th November starting with 'Hardman'  Keep checking this page for further details.  I will post as soon as I have them.

25.10.04 - Happy Birthday John Michie!! 

I'm sure you will all join us in wishing Taggart's DI Robbie Ross, John Michie a Happy Birthday for Monday 25th October.  Have a great day John!!

02.10.04 - It'll Be Alright On The Night (UK)

TV listing magazines are stating that tonight's 'It'll Be Alright On the Night 18' features a clip or clips from Taggart.  The show is on ITV1 at 21.15 until 22.10.  Lets hope it's a previously un-se

24.09.04 -Glasgow Herald

Saturday September 25, 6pm, Glasgow Royal Concert Hall, Buchanan Street, 5, 0141 353 8000

Have you ever thought about going along to a classical music concert but been put off by the prospect of sitting through a lengthy symphony?
For years, the Royal Scottish National Orchestra has been doing great introductory children's concerts, featuring selections of musical excerpts. Problem was, anyone over school age couldn't see them – unless they had a classroom's worth of 14-year-olds in tow.
However, having realised this format's potential to attract new audiences, the RSNO is staging its first turn-up-and-try concert. Presented by actor Colin McCredie (DC Fraser from Taggart), the concert features a series of excerpts from popular works and all tickets cost only 5. The orchestra's three-man artistic team, led by Principal Conductor Alexander Lazarev, will conduct favourites such as Mendelssohn's violin concerto, Mars from Holst's Planets Suite, and the mighty finale of Shostakovich's 12th Symphony. Concert-goers will also receive a voucher offering discounts on future RSNO concerts.

21.09.04 - Taggart Recognised In Scottish Parliament

We received this email to day from Simon Tiernan who works as a researcher for MSP Rhona Brankin.

I just thought that you might like to know that Taggart has been recognised in the Scottish Parliament in a motion by Rhona Brankin, the MSP for Midlothian.  As you’ll see from below, 20 other MSPs have supported the motion.

S2M-1641# Rhona Brankin: 21st Birthday of Taggart—That the Parliament notes that the SMG TV Productions drama series, Taggart, was first broadcast on 6 September 1983; further notes that it is British television’s longest running police drama; recognises that the series, at ITV’s peak, has achieved viewing figures of up to 18.3 million and remains one of ITV1’s most popular dramas to this day; acknowledges Taggart’s role as one of the UK’s top television exports, bringing Scotland to prominence in more than 80 countries around the globe; applauds the important contribution that it has made, and continues to make, to the Scottish film and TV industry, which employs 5,500 people in 165 businesses; welcomes the fact that the programme brings nearly 7 million into the Scottish economy each year; commends the employment provided by Taggart to hundreds of actors and highly skilled technicians over the last two decades, allowing the training and retention of talent for the benefit of the Scottish theatre and film sectors; congratulates SMG TV Productions, the cast and crew, past and present, for their consistently high standards over the past 21 years, and hopes that this Scottish institution will continue to go from strength to strength in the years ahead.

Supported by: Donald Gorrie, Brian Adam, Ms Wendy Alexander, Mr Jamie Stone, Irene Oldfather, Mike Pringle, Karen Gillon, Helen Eadie, Roseanna Cunningham, Eleanor Scott, Carolyn Leckie, Trish Godman, Maureen Macmillan, Nora Radcliffe, Robin Harper, Tommy Sheridan, Dr Jean Turner, Sarah Boyack, Frances Curran, Marilyn Livingstone

It was fantastic to hear that Taggart got the recognition it deserved.  It was also great that this site was recognised as a suitable place to release the news.

16.09.04 - New Taggart - UK Transmission.

Unfortunately the new episodes of Taggart due to be shown in the UK in September were initially moved to October.  However we learnt today that there are now no plans to show any of the new episodes until December.  This is subject to change but with only 2 weeks notice.  Keep checking this page for more details - we will pass on any information we have as soon as we get it.

16.09.04 - Happy Birthday Taggart!!

Actually, that should really be a belated Happy Birthday since the show was 21 years old on the 6th September 2004.  21 years to the day that 'Killer' (Taggart's pilot episode) was first shown on UK television.  Please excuse the late news entry for this, but we were actually on the set with the cast and crew that day and spent a subsequent week taking Taggart location shots around Glasgow.

We aim to add a new page to this site entitled 'Behind The Scenes' which will feature our observations, news from the visit and most importantly photos of the cast and crew at work and play!!  Currently we are waiting for the pictures to be cleared by Taggart's producer.  But watch this space!

08.08.04 - Charity Taggart Trail With Cast.

The Scotland based charity Capability Scotland is holding a fund raising event on 13th October 2004 called "The Taggart Trail".  The event has been designed to appeal to fans of the show, but I am assured that no previous knowledge is necessary!!  The evening will include a reception with Taggart cast members with a buffet and welcome drink.  The challenges are designed to test your observation, problem solving, logic and creativity and include outdoor clue solving tasks and police photo fits.

To Enter:

You must be in a team of 4

Two payment options: 1) You or your company pay 25/person and each person raises at least 100 in sponsorship. 2) Your company pays 500.


The winners will be treated to a day on the Taggart set with the chance to meet the cast and crew.  One lucky person will be featured in an episode!!  There will be other prizes including DVDs and signed photos.

How To Enter:

25.06.04 - Good Luck Taggart Cast and Crew

Monday 28th June sees the first day of the next block of filming for some all new Taggart episodes.  I'm sure like us you would like to wish all concerned the best of luck and we look forward to the next instalment of classic Taggart drama.  Good luck and we hope it doesn't rain too much!!

If anyone would like to post a message for the cast and crew, email us.  We will post all emails on the Fan Page and I will make sure they are forwarded to the Taggart Production Unit.